Time for the MeMe First List!

First Memory:
Being in my crib and figuring out how to crawl over and get out. I think I was 2 years old.

First Friend:
Laura across the street.

First Toy:
Raggedy Ann

First Bike:
Black Tricycle, I think it was a hand me down.

First Movie at the Theater:
Apple Dumpling Gang at Ronnie's. I believe I was with mom and Auntie.

First School:
Mom was teaching at St Elizabeth of Hungry. She used to bring me with her. I was only 4 but they let me go to the Preschool class. I LOVED it.

First Sleepover:
Nana's House. We would take Nana to 5pm mass at St Luke's. Finally she talked mom and dad into letting me spend the night. I LOVED being at her house. She had a triangle shaped sunken blue tub in the bathroom. The bed was SO comfortable. She made homemade food from scratch. She and I watched Carol Burnette together. She would let me put my face on her lap and she would tickle my cheeks w/ a kleenex. She had a red wagon; I could go to the top of the hill and go down. Everytime I drive by her old house I just want to go in!

First Trip Away from Home:
DuQuoin IL. Mom's cousins'; Leota and Allen lived outside of town. Mom and dad would sleep in the trailer and Nana and I would sleep in the "boys room". They didn't have inside pluming in the house. The outhouse scared me..or I could go in the trialer. Allen's mother Nan also lived in the trailer. She made homemade pies. They had barn kittens in the barn...I loved them.

First Real Boyfriend: Mark H. I was 15 and he was 18. Hmmm, and my mother KNEW this. I liked him but I didn't love him. Last time I saw him was about 15 years ago. Yuck.

First Kiss: Tony. Spin the bottle. We both had braces. How more cliche can you get?

First time seeing the Ocean: Daytona Florida when I was 7 years old.

First time visiting another country: Mexico...on the other side of Brownsville TX. South Padre Island Spring Break, 1986. You could buy Corona cheap!!

First Car: Mom and Dad's 1977 Yellow Buick Riveara. I remember being in it w/ my friends signing, We all live in the yellow Riveara...yellow riveara...

First Job: Filling in for Mary Ann at dad's work. I was a "secretary" for Kaiser Electric. I had to answer phones, type bids..usuing carbon paper, white out... Some of the people there scared me.

First Pet: Peter, the parakeet

First Album: Rush "Fly By Night"

First Concert: Police at the Checkerdome

First Pro Sports Game: YOUR St Louis Blues at the Arena. Dad and his cousin John used to take me on Saturday nights. It was around $5 to get in. Barclay Plager..Gary Unger. Wow those were the days.

First House/Apartment: The house I'm living in now!

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