What in the world is going on???

It just seems like everywhere you turn lately there is crappy news.

Last night I did my running around, got the hairs cut, visited w/ mom and dad and got mom's glasses. Actually that didn't all go as planned. I had time to kill before my hair appointment so I went there fist. The dog was happy to see me...mom and dad were having dinner so I grabbed a plate. Typical mom dinner..stewed tomatos and hot dogs. I skipped on the tomatos and had a hot dog on FRESH bread. Vitale's and Mo Bakery were closed so Dad went by Ameghetti's yesterday and got a fresh loaf of Italian seed bread. Yummo..I'm sure that was a million points and I'm going to gain 3 lbs..give me a freekin break. It was fresh!!

I have to go back a step. Before I left the office mom called to tell me the story about how Aunt Norma was pissed at dad cause they didn't go to church Wednesday night. It was 105 degrees, dad is 86 and mom's 81..Aunt Norma is 80. I really don't think it was a good idea for the 3 of them to go to church. Mom told me this story 3 times between Wedneday night and yesterday afternoon...I reminded her she was getting old. She thanked me.

I took this opportunity to tell mom: "Jeremy and I are going to Sedelia this weekend"

M: Missouri?

Me: Yes

M: Why?

Me: Remember that TV Guide thing I wrote, they gave me free American Idol Tickets.

M: You just went last week.

Me: I know but this includes a "meet and greet with the contestants"

M: Is Drew going with you?

Me: NO

M: Oh...

Me: Speaking of going out of town, we're going to Kansas City the first week in October for Chris's BBQ competition.

M: That means another weekend you can't take me to church!!!!

Me: Yeah, but mom it's not like I should quit living.

M: I know, you're right. You probably should do all these things while you are young and still can. You're not getting any younger. You'll be crippled soon.



Back to afterwoork...I then went and got my hairs cut and brows waxed. I'm hot now :-)

I went back to get mom so we could pick up her snazzy glassed. OMG...she went to the bathroom..for 20 minutes..had to get her jewelry, her lipstick...it went on and on. I kept yelling "MOTHER!! LET'S GET GOING"...I mean it was after 7pm already. YO PATSY CLINE..BUST A MOVE... So she comes out with the cane and then sits and has me retie her shoes..we had the whole discussion about if dad should come with us..it was decided not..he didn't have an imput...then if she should bring her walker or the cane. THEN she started worrying about rain. I have to tell you there was SOME lighting and sprinkles... She stands..then sits again. Her knees aint takin her anywhere. I just jumped in the jeep hoping that they will just give me her new glasses, they did... It took 5 minutes to get there, 5 minutes in the building and 5 minutes back home....NOT a big deal.

I got home and J and I watched Big Brother. AWESOME show. Dustin is GONE... Sweet. I love this America's Player thing.

So...I got on the internet and looked at http://www.ksdk.com/ which is our local news channel. The flippin "Rock" church is on fire!! This place is in a border neighborhood..near SLU, the ghetto and urban renewal.. Black and Whites...neighborhood people and visitors pray and go to mass here every weekend. This place is a church for catholics that like to have a little fun and get into their service. There is rowdy singing and hand clapping. You would think you were down South. Lightning struck the roof. They will have to rebuild. I'm sure they will.

Then..you have the search team looking for 6 miners in a collapsed mine. Then there is a bump in the mine and 3 of the rescuers are killed. How completely wrong is that?? I read that and my jaw just dropped. They are searching for what more than likely is just bodies... What do you do at that point if you are the family of the original 6?? How do you feal if you were from the family of the 3?? What do you do if it's your mine and your decision on if there are any more rescue attempts. How do you tell the families of the 6 that you are not going to have a body to bury, and if they are alive we're going to leave them in there to die of starvation. I would not want to be in their shoes, that is for sure.

Then there is Peru. That death toll is just going up and up. When New Madrid hits we are TOAST.

Hurricanes are finally here. Carribean is getting pounded and Texas has some flooding. I can't wait to go to Aruba..have I mentioned they are below the hurricane belt?

I've added the Woman's Remote cause I figured everyone should see that..I want one!!


Anonymous said...

wow aren't we just a barrel of laughs !
I tell ya...

Glad Mom got her glasses and that she's okay with you and hubby having a life after all!

Have a great weekend!!!!!

Jay said...

The world is a rough place, but with comments like "yo patsy cline , bust a move" you're still making us smile.