Funky Thursday

Today is one of those days..I'm in a bit of a funk and my tummy's doing flip flops. The issue is that I have more than a couple of things going on at work and home where I'm not in control and I hate that. Not major stuff but things like "what is the date of our bonus checks this month?" "what hotel are we going to stay in in Chicago" "will they rehire Pam in marketing" "will mom chill w/ the lists of things I need to do for her""will I be able to schedule time to meet w/ the St Louis girl bloggers""do we have time to make outbound phone calls"
I hate it when I let myself worry about stuff, I think it's strange how I can go day by day w/ no worries then all of a sudden there they all are..still there but they eek to the surface. Uggghhh.

In other news:
Aquafina bottled water comes from the Missouri River. St Louis was awarded the best tap water in the country. I drink it ALL the time. The only other tap water that was close in taste was in Aruba. What did we do without water bottles. I have one in my purse most of the time. I refill w/ tap water..it's cheaper that way.

We are rebuilding one of our interstates. The progress is mindblowing. They have ripped out older brick houses, torn out trees, demolished overpasses...BOOM all of a sudden there is an on ramp..it's wild watching it happen. This is something that needed to happen years ago. They are going to replant the trees but it's funny..the wild life is freaking out. I never new so close to the city there are beavers, fox, wild turkey's. J thought I was bonkers the day I saw the beaver on the hill right near the intersection of Highway 40 and Interstate 170...it was confirmed though, many people saw the little booger. Hope he finds a new home.

Yes tonight is American Idol. I'm sure I'll get out of here and home..then we'll park at Union Station and walk to the concert camera in toe. I'll try to post pictures later this week.

PS...if you want to save a few bucks..SKIP Daddy Day Camp. It was horrible. Of course the 8 year old loved it. What the heck happened to Cuba Gooding Jr..he is an academy award winner!!??


Jenn said...

At least they aren't pumping it out of the Mississippi, because that would just be nasty.

It's been a long, long time since I've had actual tap water. We are on well water and it is the best, cleanest water I've ever tasted.

I've often wondered where the wildlife go when they start major construction projects like that. I disturb tons of wildlife just when I mow, I can't imagine the thousands of little lives they are disrupting with this particular project!

slouching mom said...

Y'know what I just noticed? That your blog color scheme and mine are very, very similar.

Great minds think alike. ;)

That bottled water thing has me really upset. Tap water is fine. The USA's tap water is the best in the world. And think of all the waste generated by millions of plastic bottles.