humpity hump hump

It FEELS like a Wednesday. I can smell the weekend but I know that I still have stuff to do around the house that I normally do every week. I didn't do anything really last night. I ran by and picked up a pair of pants that mom sewed for me.
+I don't know what to do with a needle and thread, so sue me.

J was in pain. He had a killer tooth ache..so while I was out I picked up his meds,oragel too. I mentioned the dentist 30 or 40 times but was able to stop before it became nagging. I'm just going to have to be patient until it's his idea. Honey if you read this post..I'm not nagging..I just know you don't like to be TOLD what to do. You'll do what you need to when you need to do it..you don't need me to mother you. ;o)

SO..I made myself some dinner..chicken breasts..none for J..the tooth.
Then I crawled in bed and watched chick movies. I watched something about Killing John Turner and then for the 2nd time the Uma/Meryl movie where Uma is having great sex w/ the 23 year old.. That is a great movie.

Then my downfall. I KNOW KNOW I need to turn off the lights and go to sleep...but I don't. I turn on Showtime and watch Big Brother. Alot is going on and I have a little crush on Eric. He's America's Player in case you aren't following. The other night I watched them play quarters. I really got into it..it was like I was at the table with them. I had forgotten the rim rule. I SUCKED at quarters..I remember one of my friends having the "roll down your thumb" shot, or something like that. I could NEVER chug the beer in one drink. Then think about it. That quarter could have come out of a dog's ass...and we all touched it..all put it in our mouth..then touched it again, dropped it on the table..on the floor etc. What a gross thing to do. J chimes in that it was in the beer and that beer kills germs.. OK..I'm not quite buying that.
THEN...I'm still at the party with them. Jess...w/ too much make up (I knew girls like her too) does the NOSE trick!! You know when you have to much foam and you touch your nose then touch the beer. Eric then laughs and Jameka says, "How you people learn about this stuff?"..to which Eric replies.."I went to college".. SO..we have the ass quarter, fingers, the table and nose grease... No WONDER I was always throwing up after playing quarters.

Tonight I am going to dinner w/ my mother in law then we're going to see a chick flick. I'm so excited. I love to go to the movies...and go out to eat...and I love my mother-in-law.. SO I'm pretty lucky.

Drew started school today. Dana (J's X) said he was SO excited. New school and all he just got out of the car and went in the building w/ the rest of the kids. Teachers he met once and kids he doesn't know at all. I can't WAIT to hear all about it.

(I'm typing and I keep looking at my title..now I have the Peter Rabbit song in my head cause I'm singing "humpity hump hump Easter's on it's way"...and that is just not right)


Jenn said...

My sisters are Big Brother fanatics as well.

And I sit there, outside the conversation, wondering what the heck they are talking about with such passion.

Lucky Gem said...

I don't have Showtime. I would be in so much trouble if I did. Big Brother would keep me up. Oh, wait, DVR. I forgot, but I don't have Showtime anyway. We have HBO instead. Crush on Eric? Not me, his facial expressions get on my nerves, but I like him.