End of 2007

So today is the day. Buh Bye 2007..and good riddance.
No, it wasn't all bad and I don't want to be cynical. It's just nice to start a new fresh year..

2007 in the news was a waste. Too much politics and celebrity crap.
Anna Nicole Smith's baby, her son's overdose, her death/overdose then the battle over her daughter.
Britney Spears and her drama..which leads to her sister.
Paris Hilton going to jail.
Lindsy Lohan and her rehab..
Speaking of rehab..Amy Winehouse please go

Politics though wasn't as bad as it will be this year. I'm already sick of it though..I just can't wait for this to get over so Hillary will be out of the news. That woman makes me sick.

2007 started off rough for the family. J's step-dad got sick, REALLY sick at Christmas and after a long hospital stay passed away in Feburary. This was a huge blow to J's mom and it's been a long process.
In early April we headed off to Aruba..This was a highlight of the year. J and I LOVED Aruba so much we want to marry it. I will use this time to have you note the sidebar...where you see the countdown.. Yep..it's coming up again soon!
Soon after we came home from Aruba we got the call that J's Uncle died. Heart attack on his drive home from Chicago for business. This was like a punch in the gut. I miss him so much I can't image how his wife and daughters feel. He was my favorite..and I'm not shy about admitting it.
This summer began the yo yo of where Drew would be going to school. It took all summer but was finally decided that he'd go to the Academy..and he loves it.
Late summer also brought us the arrival of our dear little Jack.
Mom and Dad have been having their health issues this year, I'm sure this won't get any better since they are getting older..and that sucks. But at least I still have them, right?
J's Grandma has really been going downhill. She wrecked the car..thank God no one was hurt and she's giving her daughters a really hard time about losing any independance and moving to a retirement community....she'll be 90 this year.
This year I've really gotten into taking pictures. I'm not very good and have a lot to learn. I love my flickr friends and have tons of fun!

Happy New Year to all and to all a good night.. Oh wrong holiday!?! Opps...


sunset through the screen

sunset through the screen
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
I took this today..I really like how it came out. I snapped it from the kitchen looking out of the window.

Sunday Weekly Winners

Go on over to Sarcastic Mom for the list of other Weekly Winners!

These are the ones that I love the best from the past week..but of course you can go to Flickr to view the rest..link on side bar...

Macro Shot of MY ornament on my mother-in-law's tree.

my ornament

Holiday Candy

holiday candy

Drew at Grandmas...I love that the tree is the focal point and he is a little blurry.
fun at grandmas

OK..J took this..cause that is my unmanicured finger..I love this shot!
(J's Aunt got two kittens the week before Christmas)
i didnt do the right thing

Ike and Tina..Yes I took this one :-)
ike and tina

I love this portrait of Dad
dad christmas eve

Same cat that got in the bar on Thanksgiving..got in mom's wheelchair on Christmas Eve.. (can you tell our families love animals) LOL
kitty on a wheelchair


What day is it??

Oh right... It's FRIDAY!?!?!

Holidays just confuse the heck out of me..then when you through in a vacation day..Man on man I don't know if I'm coming or going.

SO..I bring you MP Movie Review!

Waterhorse: Do NOT bring pre-kindergarten children to this movie. It will scare them a little and it will bore the socks off of them. DO go with your primary and up children..although children are not required. If you like stories of the Loch Ness Monster then you will love this movie. It is the story of Angus, a young buy living with his mother and sister in the servants quarters of a beautiful house in Scotland. WWII soldiers move in as well as a new handy man. Angus only dreams of the Sea and his daddy who is away fighting in the war. Angus though cannot swim and is terrified yet mesmerized by the water. During an afternoon collecting shells Angus finds an odd shell/rock/egg. This of course hatches and The Water Horse is born. The story is a bit predictable and does run a full 2 hours. I am glad that we saw it. Drew was VERY excited about the Water Horse/Monster and wondered what else we haven't told him about. Last night we spent quite a while reading stories on the Internet of Yeti, Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.

I have a new favorite wine! White Truck. Have you people heard of this before?
It is smooth, dry, NO after bite...AND it's $8.99 a bottle at my grocery store! My in laws are all white wine drinkers, I turned them on to it too!

I'm trying to decide what kind of End Of Year Hoopla I want to do... Any ideas??


Pioneer Woman ON TV!

I totally can't hear the volume on this..I'll have to do it at home. Ree is totally my favorite blogger that doesn't know I exsist..and I don't care!

My Christmas Vacation by MP

* Friday night was a quick Target run, then home to get ready for the party at the country club. You saw the pics..I got to dress up and eat AWESOME food. Here is what happened next.

  • Saturday morning we started the day quite lazy. Then we did some power shopping. We headed out to Macy's at the mall..then did some mall shopping. We purchased gifts and I also found some SUPER SKETCHERS...that I love. Now they weren't my fake fur lined Croc's but I'll get those later. As we were leaving the shoe store I started to feel faint..and I was sweating like a pig. Don't know what that was all about, must have been since it was day #2 of that time of the month. Then we headed off to Best Buy. We found some games and got some gift cards.
  • Saturday night I got gussied up in my outfit from the country club. J and I headed off to one of the best restaurants in the city. We had a gift certificate that was going to expire on Christmas Day. SO we valet parked the car and were seated. It was the right amount of romantic, noisy, great service and awesome food. I got embarrassed though, in my previous life I was quite the bar whore. So the waiter looks at me puzzled and says, "Are you in the industry?" I said, "No, I just used to go to the after hours bars"...you know the places where all the wait staff and cooks go after the restaurant closes. Nice.. Our bill for dinner for the two of us was $160.00 before tip. Thank goodness we had a gift certificate.
  • Sunday morning I took Dad and my aunt to church. Then I went and got us lunch. We did some more shopping and I retired to the bedroom and watched TV. As I'm laying in bed we hear this LOUD crashing.. J tells me to get some shoes on and call 911. I'm all, "wtf?" We get outside and all the neighbors are out there. There was a domestic dispute behind us and the man drove his 4x4 through the yard into the alley..dragging a dumpster out into the street, breaking another neighbors trampoline and smashed his girlfriend's car before fleeing. She (the girlfriend) was in the yard crying trying to get her car started. By the time the police came she had left and he was nowhere to be found. That was our real excitement of the day. This was the time we should have been wrapping gifts, we didn't. We rested, then watched Amazing Race.
  • Christmas Eve we had more shopping to do. We finished that, went to Lion's Choice and got dressed for church. I went and picked up mom and dad for church. We had the walker/cane action going for both old people. I got them in their pew at 3:30 for 4:30 mass. By 4pm it was standing room only. A dad and his 1 year old were sitting next to J, they were SO cute..the little guy was a doll!! Not a peep out of him. My..I was choking on the incense. Next stop was back to mom and dads..walker/cane action again. They had to go to the bathroom before we went out. Then we get to my cousins...walker/cane/wheelchair. Oh yea, that was fun. We get mom parked in a chair and she was all good. We had 1 cat, 4 dogs and around 30 people. We had an awesome ham dinner and lots of goodies. Near fiasco getting mom back into the car. It took a village to get them loaded up. I got home around 11pm and J and I started wrapping gifts, we finished at 2am.
  • Christmas morning I had a coffee, some gooey butter cake and wrapped the rest of the gifts for the day. We then went out to Drew's mom's house. We had a Disney Princess baby doll for Drew's little sister. She is a year and a half. She LOVED her baby doll. That was FUN. I love getting little girl gifts!! We got home and Drew opened his gifts from Santa that were left at our house. He deemed this the best Christmas ever. J is very depressed that this is more than likely the last Santa Christmas. He is 8... After the opening of the gifts there was no time to play. We dropped Jack off at mom and dad's and then loaded the old people back in the car. Off we were to J's Aunt's house. Walker/cane/Wheel chair again . Mom got settled and soon we were eating again. Chicken Devan..Yumm. And my new favorite wine is White Truck. VERY dry white wine w/ no bitter aftertaste. LOVE IT! A very special treat was that J's Aunt and Uncle got a new pair of kitties. Ike and Tina are two little black and white kitties who loved me most of all. We loaded mom and dad in the car then headed home. Now we are hungry again, as you may have noticed grocery shopping was not on the list, we had no food at home. We realized at 7pm Christmas evening Jack in the Box is open. We got food and Drew began to play with ALL of his Christmas gifts. He allowed himself 10 minutes per gift...and still didn't get through everything. I went to bed..cause I am the stupid person that didn't ask for this week off work. 12:30 J wakes me up, he couldn't find the gift cards for his sister that we're going to see tomorrow. Of course they were where he left them. I went back to sleep. 2:00am ish the phone rings again. luckily J heard the phone. Mom fell getting into bed. So we get Drew up and head over there. OMFG..I didn't think we were going to be able to lift her without pulling her arm out of the socket. We did it..and MAN my back is killing me now. I don't think she injured anything...but we were really close to having to call 911. For the 2nd time in a couple days. I got home and tossed and turned and watched 3:45 am go by...when that alarm went off at 6am I was NOT a happy camper....
  • So here I am. There is NO work to be done, even being proactive is a moot point since the majority of people in the industry are closed all week.

So, Christmas is officially over and I plan to be more prepared next year. I'm going to schedule a massage to help cure my aching back. I should have pics this weekend.


Holiday Christmas Party

bess lisa mp
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
Well tonight was the company Christmas Party...J got what I had so I was with the girls tonight. Far left is the girl that reports to me and the girl in the middle is someone I've worked with for a decade or so. She and I rode together tonight so I didn't have to drive alone. MAN was the food good!! More pics over at flckr...


As the clock ticks down

Well I've read everyone's blogs, eaten my lunch..done my work. Now I'm sitting here. I have read TMZ..Yahoo News..listened to Christmas songs...
Jeremy is sick..but he's picking me up early from work and I'm going to get some laundry done and get ready for the party. J's not going..so I have to go by myself:-(

Tomorrow we have to do power shopping and get everything finished up. THEN we have a fancy dinner to go to..it's a gift certificate that expires on Christmas..it's for $100 so we HAVE to use it. Neither of us is thrilled we have to dress up..I would have perferred Steak N Shake gift certificates...you know what I mean. BUT can't look the gift horse in the mouth.

I've purchased an on line Christmas present..chocolates.

I've played UNO on my DS.. YES my DS..it's pink. I let Drew borrow it so it was in my purse.

So now I'm sitting here. Believe it or not the phone keeps ringing...stupid customers.

Last Work Day! Yippee

I spent ALL of yesterday home sick in bed..NO I'm not making that up. I went to bed at 9pm and didn't get out of bed until 4pm...ONLY to go to the bathroom.. I feel a little better today..no more fever. So I'm here at work and more than likey will be bored most of the day. Most people in the industry are already closed.

Snow is all gone, it's been close to 50 degrees outside. It is foggy foggy foggy. We have our Holiday party tonight at the country club. I'm hoping my stomach stays intact so I'll be able to go.

Here is a little Christmas ditty for you. I'm sure I'll have more to say later when I'm bored. :-)


Blingo Baby!!

Have you SEEN this Blingo thing? I was over reading Sarah and the Goon Squad and she mentioned it was her bday..not to buy her anything just click on her links..cause really...how much do we actually do that for people??

SO I check out Blingo..it is NOW my Favorite..it will be my search engin..do you realize how many times I google a day...click on the little red button..it's like a slot machines chance to win stuff.

Aruba Countdown Continues

Crashing Waves
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
I took this last year!! I think I need to load this up to zazzle! Pumkin will love it! :-)

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
There is a new toy on flickr called "picnik"...I was able to sharpen the image and put ornaments on the tree! Fun!

Damn Kids

Jamie-Lynn...What in the hell were you thinking? Were you using birth control? Do you not see the mess that is your sister and LEARN something? Boy's in college now..what are you going to do, marry him? Is he wanting the spotlight?
Aagghhh.. What am I supposed to tell my 8 year old step-son that LOVES you?? "Zoey 101 is cancelled cause the little Zoe couldn't keep her coochy closed?".. For crying out loud.

Pot smoking kid: You have a dad cool enough to buy you video games for Christmas. Why are you smoking pot?? Why are you smoking pot at your dad's house??

The Flying Tomato: Get drunk and set of fire extinguishers. That seems like a GREAT idea! Aren't you old enough to know better?


Bossy Daughter Update

Bossy does have an update, they are playing the waiting game..I have to tell you this was on my mind all weekend.

Get your thinking cap on...

Surprise Contest..last of the year over at Pioneer Woman.

Put your thinking cap on, it's for $500 Amazon Gift certif!!


Dad and his sisters

Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
This was taken in the 1920's. I tought it was great. Dad was SO cute!! I've been scanning old pictures tonight, it's been great peeking back in time!



Updates, Current Events, Reviews

OK...First off we have a couple things to go over. One thing is I got a kick out of some of the comments about my "town".. it made me giggle a bit. I'm smack dab in the middle of the city. I guess we're in the top 50 in population..where I don't know. Anyway the city of St Louis is broken down into neighborhoods, some more desirable than others. I grew up in the Italian section. Now it is one neighborhood from where I live, I still go to the same church that I was baptised, confirmed, etc in.
THIS is a little about the neighborhood.

I was a big bummed out when I read the about the death of Dan Fogelberg. Did you know that his song, Same Old Lang Syne, WAS a true story. I read it on his website last night. He made some beautiful music in his day.

Did you read about the crazy politics going on? These two seem like strange bedfellows. I don't see how this is going to help McCain w/ votes.

Alvin and the Chipmunks.
If you have children...or not...and you are looking for a light-hearted funny, laugh out loud movie..then go see this. It is totally predictable in ever way. The singing is fun..and if you have an obnoxious 8 year old they will sign it Chipmunk style the rest of the weekend. Drew stated that he wished that the Chipmunks were real..cause he would love to go to the concert.


Sunday Photo Meme

OK...I got my new camera..and love it VERY much. I didn't get to take all that many pictures though..here are some of my favories from this week!
OH..you take pictures? You should join us. http://sarcasticmom.com/

Sunday Morning on the Hill

This is my neighborhood...this is the view as I was walking into church this morning!

Drew Reading at Boarders

Drew reading at Boarders Book Store

Drew and all of his webkinz

Drew in the back of the Jeep w/ all of his webkinz

STILL snowing

Still Snowing...

Jack dancing

Jack learned to dance :-)

OK..I did take alot of pictures :-)

Tree outside

Last but not least my attempt at a macro shot..


our baby tree has snow!!

our baby tree
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
Of course I'll have more pics tomorrow for the Sunday Meme..but I am SO excited it snowed. It's beatiful right now and we're expecting more tonight..we're headed out to see Alivin and the Chipmunks!

More snow pics tomorrow!!


LET IT SNOW!!!!!!!!!! please...

OK, it's in the forecast..this time it looks really good!!

Drew is coming over this weekend..I don't know what we're doing tonight, we're supposed to wake up to a couple inches of snow...then we go off to the cub scouts for a couple hours...then we're supposed to have more snow! I love snow. I can't wait to see Jack in the snow. I hope I have my new camera..I want to take macro shots in the snow!

BFF Slade went and got me a YUMMY lunch today..which I have to remember to pay her for.. the reason I'm telling you this is because right now I'm having a "carrot ball". It's like carrot cake rolled up in a ball..then covered in cream cheese then rolled in nuts...OMG...


OK...if you are a NON Blogger person try commenting and see if it works, there is a new thingy that they are doing...

They also have a slide show but it doesn't work.

Ms Lucky Gem said it was funky for her word press...so I just went back to ANYONE!!

prayer's for Bossy's daughter

Bossy's 11 year old daughter had her lip bit off by a neighbors dog..poor thing. Read all about it here..and send Bossy your good wishes, I'm sure that can't be easy. I shudder at the thought of it.


She looks like me!~!

blog avatar
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Doesn't she??

New Icon Thing

I get inspiration every day by reading blogs.

I steal all the cool things I see other people do! Well there is this new chick I've been reading, Melissa...and she had this darling little avatar. So I went to the website and made one for myself so instead of seeing me on Santa's lap when I comment you get this cute little thing!!

'the news of my death as been greatly exaggerated'

Mark Twain once said those words...Now I can!!

If you recall a while back an ex-coworker of mine died, very suddenly. It was very said, she was only 44 years old.

Well the new girl at this company went to visit one of my old customers..My name came up in conversation and she said, "Oh Mary Pat died, right before Thanksgiving". So today when he met w/ Miss Slade he said, "I'm SO sorry to hear about Mary Pat"..to which she replied, "HUH"..

Slade calls me on her cell phone and says, "You better call Rich, he thought you were dead". She told him that I was VERY much alive.

So I called him and we talked for a while, he actually spread the rumor a little more...and was going to recall my death rumors.

I'm laughing...but I'm freaking out!


OK, FIRST thing is that I bought myself a brand new camera. We had been shopping around for a while and fell in love with the Fuji. They had it on sale at Target..then I looked, if you bought on line at Best Buy it was cheaper..plus I had Best Buy bucks so it was even cheaper than that!! Wooo Hooo.. I will have in time for Christmas!

SECOND..My little, darling, talented step son was invited to play in an indoor soccer team in Feb.. Yes, our Drewby on a select team!! So stoked..and indoor, WAY better than outdoor. Bad news is we'll have weekend games at 7:30 am..40 miles from our house. Oh well.

THIRD..we have snow in the forecast..just a little..and that has totally got me inching toward the Christmas spirit! I'm actually going to go to the mall after work to use my gift certif for a holiday party outfit!

FOURTH.. I am doing Dinner By Design!
My MIL wants to do it in January and my friend Holly is showing some interest!

OK..back to work :-)


drunk kitty

drunk kitty
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
I should be working...I'm playing...

Coach Giveaway

There are some things that I would like to win..this is one of them!!

Melinda Zook

the weather outside is frightful...

Well..not outside my house. This icy stuff is all around me. If I were going anywhere it would be like an ice rink. Right here though we are full of fog, mist and drizzely stuff. It's quite lovely...really helps with that whole holiday spirit. At least a little ice would be wintery. Yesterday it was like San Frickin Cisco around here..visibility was horrible. I think it was around 50 degrees. I have no idea why, it may be that we are surrounded by rivers. Mississippi to the East, Missouri to the North and West and the Mississippi and Meremac to the West and South. We're one of those places that if there was ever the big huge earthquake and the bridges all collapsed we would be locked in place..we'd need boats to get anything from the outside word.
A million people are without power in other places in the midwest..areas where Drew played soccer this summer/fall are now under layers of ice. Wierd how that happens.

Mom is driving me fruit about Christmas. I have a feeling this will be one of those years where I'm going to have to cart her around and not see Drew and Jeremy until the evening. Doesn't seem fair does it.


Happy Anniversary To Me!

Yep..it's ALL about me right now. October, November, December go (boom boom boom)..all in a row.

3 Years Today..although we've been together going on 7 years..I think. I don't know does it really matter? What does matter is that I got a nice dozen roses that are smelling up my office and I'm planning on relaxing tonight. I have some food to fix really quick and we plan on watching a movie.

This is the 2nd year in a row though where my hubby did something nice and I haven't done shit. Not even a card. I was going to go today at lunch but I forgot to bring money. Oooppss.

Can you see it now:
Hi Honey, thanks for the roses, kiss kiss.. OK gotta go run and buy you a card at Walgreens, be back soon.

How lame is that?
Oh well.


Happy Gotcha Day to Me - My adoption story

41 years ago today my mom and dad got me..the whole thing was a bit of a whirlwind.

WWII was over and after some courting mom and dad were married in 1954. They tried to have children (blah blah blah no visual) but nothing..nada..no baby. I don't think that there were fertility experts back then..they checked both mom and dad's plumbing, the only thing they could think of was that dad's tighty whities killed off his swimmers..Who knows. Mom was a school teacher, dad an electrician. They had TONS of nieces and nephews and were enjoying life.

Now we go to February 1966..a 18 year old chicky and her 21 year old bf were doing the nasty. She KNEW he was bad news. He had already gotten another gal pregnant and she had to give up her baby..and his motivation wasn't there..he would rather play tennis, race cars and drink than anything else. He came from a great family but she knew there wasn't any future. I think reading between the lines he may have been abusive. She became pregnant and he wanted to marry her and start a family but she knew in her heart that wasn't a good idea. She went with her mom to Children's Home Society in Kirkwood MO. She told them that she told the daddy that she had a miscarriage and she broke up with him. Her dad was on his 2nd tour in Nam and he was in the choir at his Catholic church..when she lived with her dad she loved that Catholic church, one day she would become catholic. She told the social worker that she wanted the baby raised catholic. They promised they would do that.

August 1966 mom and dad went to get new tires. Such a good couple they do everything together. They don't even go to all girl or all boy type parties. They stay together. They were sitting in the waiting room at the tire store waiting for their car. There was another family there w/ a little 2 year old named Jenny. Dad thought Jenny was adorable. They ooed and ahhed at the baby and enjoyed watching her play. In talking to the parents they come to find out that baby Jenny was adopted. Mom and Dad were sad that it was too late for them. The parents assured them it wasn't and they exchanged phone numbers and information. They told mom and dad they used Children's' Home Society. Mom and Dad called later that week and got information on how to start the proceedings. They had their priest friends write letters, their employers and families..all confirming that they weren't nut jobs. They passed with flying colors. Mom and dad were told that within the next 2 years they should have a baby for them. They were VERY excited. Mom and Dad prayed every night. They asked for a white, healthy baby. They weren't too particular.

November 10th 1966 I was born. I bit premature. I was born at Jewish Hospital in St Louis MO then transferred to another hospital off Grand Ave where the CHS had their nursery/orphanage. I was kept there for a month. I was very tiny and cried alot. The nurses liked me very much at the nursery my name was Mellisa Ann.

December 9th 1966 Dad gets a call at work. He was out in the field so a call came through his supervisor, John Sullivan. John told dad that he was supposed to call Children's Home Society. Dad called and they said you need to pick your baby up tomorrow. Dad freaked and called mom at school. They were both let go from their jobs and went home to spread the news. Dad and Vince next door went out to buy a crib and other baby furniture. They didn't know I was a girl so they bought a yellow onesy for a newborn to go pick me up. It was chilly but not too cold outside. Mom, her cousin Florence, Nana and some other relatives all went to purchase the other essential items. Mom and Dad were VERY nervous.

December 10th they went down South Grand to the hospital. The nurses put on my brand new outfit..Boy was it big...well I was so little. I came home and cried and cried and cried. They didn't know what the hell they got themselves into.

Days like today make me wonder; would I still be ME...if those events didn't happen JUST LIKE THAT? I don't think I would be. I totally think we are who we are by who raises us. I think somethings are genetic and by reading the non identifying information I have from CHS...I have to laugh at the similarities between me and that couple destined not to be together.

I get presents on my Gotcha Day..from mom, she gives presents alot. This year is a large hard covered Weight Watchers cook book :-)
People ask when I found out I was adopted...Well I always knew! The tire story was a great story. As a little girl I used to go to CHS every Christmas w/ Jenny (girl at the tire store)...we used to sit on Santa's lap and we got a present. I used to love the Christmas parties at the orphanage...and it really was one then.

Thanks to the chicky who did the right thing..and thanks to Jenny's parents getting tires..and thanks to mom and dad's timing..perfect! Karma?? Fate?? I think a little of everything.

booze test..something to be proud of..



Weekly Winners

Weekly Winners Photo Meme... Check out the link on the side. Sign up!! Lotus Organizes..Quite simple. I'm posting since it's after midnight. Had a yummy dinner out with friends..Jack is w/ my mom and dad and it's darn quite in here tonight!

These are my photos of the week that I am proud of!

Drew at the Academy Christmas Program

Drew had his Christmas Pagent today..they wore their dress uniforms. I tried to upload a video but blogger is gay.

Chocolate Fountain

I went to a girl ornament exchange party last night..they had a chocolate fountain..I stuck my head underneath..really I did..it was yummy!

sleetie kinda snow

First snow of the year..it lasted a half second and turned to sleet..in 12 hours it was all melted.
364 bridge at Sunset

I used a technique and cropped this beautiful sunset last Tuesday..before the cold weather..

Creve Coeur Lake

This is my MOST favorite!! It really looked like this...


a little education to the younger sort...

Miss Slade and I work together...she doesn't know who Bruce Boxleitner is and has no idea what Scarecrow and Mrs King is..OMG..I know.

SO I sent her some websites to look at to which she replies:
He’s married to the woman from Little House on the Prairie!!!

MP- He’s way too old for you! He’s like my dad’s age!

FYI...Melissa Gilbert is 2 years older than me..I COULD BE Mrs Bruce Boxleitner...if I had ever met him.

I emailed Slade this picture ...and now she agrees with me...he WAS hot.

New Meme...I've been tagged

I mention that I was tagged since normally I just do them myself.. Miss LuLu tagged me for this chain meme thingy. I think your hair falls out if you don't do it...NO..but I'm doing it anyway.

There are rules..and you MUST post them. I always follow directions..so I copied and pasted.

-Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
-Share 7 facts about yourself.
-Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
-Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

OK: 7 Random this about myself..that you already don't know. Hmmmmm
I like when people do themes...LuLu's was about her being a Grinch..I already did the dorky one.(cause I'm a dork)... We will now do a Music one!!

1. I can play the piano. My mom made me take piano lessons when I was little from Miss Burnham. She was a big woman that came to our house every Monday at 4pm. Because of piano lessons I wasn't able to join the Girl Scouts. That bothers me to this day although I am glad I can read music and play poorly. I would be able to play better if I had practiced. Every once and a while when I'm at mom's I'll sit down and play for a while. They have a really nice white baby grand that they bought when I was in college. One of the first song books I pick up is the Broadway Musical books. Fiddler on The Roof and Oklahoma are the ones I like the best...I sign along also. Mom and I used to duet..her on the organ and me on the piano. It hurts her to sit at the organ now. Oh..and her fat ass broke one of my mom's dining room chairs.

2. I can play the violin. I picked up the violin my freshman year in HS. I did it because my mom wanted me to play the clarinet. She didn't think I'd have the ear for the violin. I showed her, by my senior year I was first chair. I enjoyed being 2nd violin the best. I love the harmony. There were 4 of us (3 violins and a cello) that competed in a contest at one of the local colleges. I was SO nervous. We didn't win anything but it was really cool. I doubt that I could play much anymore..again with the practice thing.

3. I was in choir and acapella choir in HS. 2nd soprano. I was also in the chorus in the musicals. I was in a barbershop quartet. I'm not really very good but I enjoyed the hell out of it.

4. I'm considering signing up for the church choir. They keep advertising for it. Then I would have to go to that particular mass all the time. I don't know..we'll see.

5. When I was really little my favorite music was oldies. I had a Raggedy Ann radio that I would put under my pillow at night and listen to Elvis, Frankie Avalon, Tom Jones, and other music from the 50's and 60's. I still love the oldies and I feel really old when people tell me that Cindy Lauper is an oldie.

6. In keeping with the arts. I took ballet and tap lessons when I was around 12. Step Ball Change. I remember my positions for ballet. That is about it.

7. I love karaoke..but only if I have a beer in one had and a smoke in the other. We don't go to bars much anymore...so I don't sing much anymore...except last night in the ice storm...I had Channel 7 (xm) on and was screaming at the top of my lungs, "I Think I LOVE YOU...I think I love you..." The BEST David Cassidy/Patridge Family song ever recorded.

Ooo...I get to tag people now...


If you weren't tagged and you are really bummed about it don't fret...I'll tag you later for something else..or just DO it..Now go do the damn meme!!

Traffic because it kinda snowed and iced

SO...last night it took an hour and a half to go home because it was freezing rain which bounces off your car. The roads were too warm to freeze so conditions weren't that bad but everyone freaked. By this morning it was 33 and everything was FINE.. any snow on the ground has melted. :-(

More rain/snow/sleet this weekend. We'll see if we can't get at least an inch of plain old snow.


Peaking into the past...

THIS is what we watched when I was little.. I had Kristy and Jimmy's album..LOVED THEM!!

My Favorite Show:

This is a hysterical video showing the MAN that I was going to marry..I just wish there would have been clips from How The West Was Won

I have been thinking about this for SO long...and finally thought to look it up on You Tube!!

For you people that weren't ALIVE during this time this is Rex Smith in Sooner or Later.. I read the book and watched the movie a thousand times. Then I bought the album. (album is a round black disc used to play music, preceded the cassette tape and cd..yes I'm being sarcastic)

WTF is going on??

I didn't realize it but I'm not getting emails on all my comments...and I missed some comments. I like my friend Biddy am a comment whore. I can't believe I missed them, and they were from some new folks too. :-(

Off to visit new places..love new blogs..well I really love my old ones but new is fun.

OK.. so go to www.ksdk.com They LEAD story is the storm moving in. I am REALLY thinking that we're going to end up w/ some rain. We have a "winter storm warning" right now. This is great!!

THIS is what the forcast looks like...

here it comes....

MAYBE we will have some winter weather today. I say maybe because it seems like everytime all of the TV channels and weathermen agree on something then nothing happens. About 75 miles north of us are supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow this afternoon. We on the other hand are supposed to get rain, ice, sleet and some mushy snow from 3/4:00 - 10pm tonight. So...what does that mean? It means that everyone will have forgotten how to drive in rush hour traffic. The grocery stores are going to have people packed getting french toast ingrediants. Schools nearby are going to have an early release..I just know that is going to happen.

Ohio/PA/NY..these people know how to deal with snow because they get alot of it. MO/AK/OK...not so much. North of us gets snow all the time. The last decade or so we're lucky to get one snow a year. WHY..cause we get the flipping ice storms. The weather pattern of recent years leaves us in this winter limbo. I hate it. I almost would rather be somewhere warm like AZ..but not really. I would just love to have to purchase some snow boots and make angels in the snow...not try to navigate my front steps so I don't wipe out and fall on my ass. Couple years ago I broke my wrist catching my fat ass falling on the ice. I do NOT want that to happen again.

OK..I haven't had a good weather rant in a while. I'll come back and update later this afternoon and let you know what happened.


My Favorite Christmas Show...and song...

Please tell me..isn't this the BEST ever.. OK...see me getting more into the Christmas Spirit. I couldn't WAIT until this came on TV every year. Kids are spoiled now with these DVD and VHS..and Blue Ray..Tivo..On Demand. What happened to the good old days when you grabbed the TV Book from Sunday's paper and read the grid to find your favorite show..then planned your night accordingly??


364 bridge at Sunset

364 bridge at Sunset
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
I cropped and added an effect to this one...

Creve Coeur Lake

Creve Coeur Lake
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
This was the sunset tonight. We were driving to Dave and Busters and passed by Creve Coeur Lake and I said "let me out of the car!!"...and I snapped some photos...it was unreal!!


Read Read Read

I haven't been reading my novel at ALL. I am reading The Rhett Butler Story.
I have TV to watch now that the DVR has been working.

I have SO much blog reading to catch up on. Usually by 11am on a Monday I'm caught up from the weekend...NOT AT ALL.. plus I need to catch up on my Sunday Meme pictures..

I need to catch up w/ my Flickr palls too...and I need to figure out if we are going to order Christmas cards or things w/ Drews latest pictures.

I didn't do any shopping of record this weekend. I really need to just go..I couldn't get J to go with me last week so I didn't go. We went by the mall yesterday cause his mom was getting his and his sisters pictures taken..OMG it was a mess.

OH..and YES MIZZOU GOT SCREWED!!! Royally. I agree they didn't play well against Oklahoma..we were missing Chase C. But please Kansas got a BCS Bowl...how pitiful is that..they were playing a JV schedule. Please...
We had a great time though we put up J's mom's Christmas tree and she made chili. Drew watched the game with us even though we had his Wii hooked up upstairs... he is Oh...40% interested in the game the other 60% drawing attention to himself. We're listening to the commentary (onesided) during the game and Drew breaks out into Rudolf or Silver Bells...Ahhh..good times.

For you TV hounds like myself: TNT Tonight...Yes I'm telling you to skip Samantha Who tonight. WHY you ask. Brand New Saving Grace and then a 2 hour episode of The Closer. I am SO psyched!!

Megan My Space update

Megan update. Remember when I posted THIS. Well read it again and this time read the comments. There has been some local laws being passed that may end up affecting everyone at a national level at some point, which is a good thing. (ps lazy, effecting, affecting..I never know which is which.)

There is another update today in Yahoo.


photo lull

I really need to just get out there and take some pictures. This week there were hardly any. Below are my selections for Weekly Winners...see the little link on the side if you would like to join in every Sunday!!

Orchid Circle

Orchid Circle
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
I thought this was cool, I took my orchid photo and used a toy in www.dumpr.net . I thought it turned out pretty neat.

wet dog

wet dog
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
It is POURING down rain. Instead of the ice storm they predicted we're having showers today and it's 65 degrees outside. Welcome to December in Missouri.

Moon through the wires and over the house

I took this on the 26th...it was COLD out that night