Come here little boy, let me train you

I have no idea what time today I'm training the boy. He's sharp and it won't take very long. I just have to explain what I do all day. You know, give him links to blogs and stuff so he has reading material. Wouldn't that be funny. He does happen to be the big bosses son. He has mostly been in the operations side of things, alot of work in the warehouse. I'm pulling him from the dark side into the light...that which is sales.

Until then I can still play around and check out what is going on. Did or didn't Owen Wilson try to kill himself? Poor baby, I think he needs help. :-( Funny guys sometimes have issues w/ depression, I guess I wouldn't be surprised.

Hulk Hogans kid was in a car crash. I'm glad he wasn't killed but I really couldn't care less.

Alberto resigned. Good for him. I'm sure he'll find another job. Wouldn't you quit if you were constantly in the news for NOT doing your job. Not a political statement on my behalf..I'm just sayin...

Greece is on fire. It's a Greece fire. Get it..OMG, not even funny w/ lives at steak. Don't throw water on it.. OK, I'll stop.

My blog layout was all screwed up before, now it's back to normal. VERY strange.

Drew had his first soccer game this weekend. According to him BEFORE the game he was 30% liking soccer, by the end of the game he was up to 90%. Good to know. He played well, the whole team did really. They lost. It was just a start of season CYC Tournament. It was at St Cletus.. Cletus makes hubby laugh.

The cat bit me on Saturday. Rocky..We were in the yard and I was barefoot. He thought my painted toenails were something fun to play with. He had my entire ankle in his mouth. I have puncture wounds...I was actually bleeding. Bad kitty. It's still a little bruised. :-(

We attempted to watch Snakes On A Plane while Drew was in the other room playing Webkins. Needless to say, the screaming on the TV encouraged Drew to leave the computer and run and see what was on TV..there were boobs and snakes..things to make a young child have nightmares. I jumped and ran which scared the child more. He didn't see the boobs OR the snakes... Sunday he asked to go to the zoo since BB didn't let him see the snakes on TV.

You know what I realized? This weekend is Labor Day weekend!! Wooo hooo!


Biddy said...

why why WHY did you even want to watch snakes on a plane?! seriously! ick..i hate snakes...and cats...sorry, that's just how i roll ;-)

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