Me - As a Simpson Character!

This is me!!
http://www.simpsonmovie.com/..you know I think that is the wrong link..I just tried clicking it and it went to Fred Simpson..Hmmm. I still love it although I look a bit Green.
I haven't seen that movie. I really hardly watch the TV show. Not that I don't think it's not funny stuff..cause it is. I'm just all meh..about it.
I do like my duck shirt I made for myself. I guess I would have worn brown shoes with that outfit..Oh well.

WTF is this thing


Sheila out there has this THING...and she doesn't know what it is. I think you smart people should go look at her and tell her what it is.

My thoughts were spit tune, religious torture devise, cooking vessel, fireplace??

Drew and Jack

Drew and Jack
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
I think this one is really cute too...

I feel bad they can't spend more time together!!

She Think's I'm Clever!!


Ree...who is linked to the right...and down a little...has contests every once and a while. Most of them are trying to come up w/ clever names to her photographs. She takes pictures of farm animals, cowboys, punk kids..all sorts of things.
I'm always one in about 1000 people trying to be clever. This last contest was for a $400 Home Depot Gift Card. That would have REALLY came in handy since we need a new back door. Ever since dad broke it.. Long Story!

So... I came up w/ a very very clever answer. I didn't win..but Ree outed me and complimented ME.. Ree the queen of 2000 hits a day.

Ree is a granddaughter, daughter, wife and mom. They own a working cattle ranch and have a farm. They do all sorts of strange things...like get up before the sun and work outside. She also home schools her kids..has withdrawals from LA occasionally..has a retarded brother that is VERY cool..everyone knows him...she takes awesome pictures.. Oh Yeah, and she cooks, makes it seem really easy. I make her brisket ALL the time and it is easy..plus I've gotten a little slap on the booty from hubby due to his excitement of the brisket..

I love me some Ree.


Field Trip w/ Jack

J picked Drew up from school today and we got McDonalds and Jack and went to Creve Coeur Park. It was BEAUTIFUL out this afternoon and we had a great time. Drew told his mom he was worried that the next time he saw Jack he would be all grown up. He was pleased he hasn't changed much.

Workin For the Weekend

I was humming that song..weren't you?
Speaking of music J and I watched this Queen special in HD last night. It was a live concert in Australia or something. It was awesome!!

So on to the Jack update: He had a rough day yesterday. First there was the squirting out of my arms and flying..to which he recovered. (thanks Biddy, I did feel better after your kicking the preganant dog story)

(for crying out lound...WORK...I'm going to have to really start blogging at home, or just quit my job and play on the internet all day)

Anywhoo... Jack FREAKED when J was trying to take the couch out of the house so he got to play w/ Molly next door for a while. Then he went back there when J and I went to Target. We came home and I asked him to sit on the NEW couch with me and watch Dateline..you know what that booger did? Ran in the bedroom under the bed. Eventually he came out and hung out with us but all he did was sleep.

1am, 3am, 5am, 6am...little Jack had to GO... J took the first 2 times and I took the 2nd two. He went EVERY time. Good Jack = Sleepy MP

SO, training the boy even more today..this time it will take me out of my office and away from my computer. How the hell does that work? I may have withdrawls.

J is picking Drew up from school..then they are coming here to the office so everyone can see Jack.. I'm the most popular girl in the office today. Babies and Puppies..if you have them you must bring them into work!

Big Brother tonight..I am SO hoping that Amber is going home.

This weekend is the Greek Festival. Speaking of Greek we ate food from Ari's last night. I was STILL full when I woke up. I got alot of things that I couldn't pronouce and brought it to mom and dads..Father loved it. I got mom spaghetti and dad a chicken sandwhich..Greek food scared them.

There is an air show this weekend, that's another option. Sitting on my ass is an option too. I know we want to see Bourne Untimatum. Who knows. Monday we're going to the baseball game. We are 2 games out so it's actually fun watching a game when it matters. I think we play Pittsburgh...and that's the Cardinals I'm talking about. We have baseball's BEST fans.

Drew is going to be joining the Cub Scouts. Tonight is the first meeting :-) Tell me that isn't cute!!

OK...GOD I have a lot of work to do!!

Doctor Diagnosed w/ ALS

He talks slower now. His voice is weaker. But his mind is as sharp as a scalpel. And Dr. Jason Goldfeder is still doing what he loves: training medical students...the 35 year old Doc has been diagnosed w/ ALS. Digging this story to remind people of the disease that robs people of their bodies leaving their minds sharp. THERE IS NO CURE!!

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Conversation w/ my husband

J: I got the old furniture out, finally!
(recliner and large couch w/ 2 recliners on either side)
M: How did you do that?
J: I got the recliner out by myself. Then I tipped the couch on it's side. It's bigger than a refridgerator.
M: What was Jack doing?
J: I had to take him next door to Gloria's. He was eating the stuff that was falling out of the couch. Oh, I found my glasses.
M: How did you get the couch out?
J: Allen was at Gloria's. He helped. We owe him $40.
M: Oh good, everything got out OK.
J: Just minor structural damage to the doorframe, don't worry about it.


Curveball - Online game

You don't feel like reading blogs..here is a fun game. Well, I thought it was fun.

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The real reason I don't have children of my own...

I'm a BAD BAD mommy. I dropped puppy Jack this morning. Well I didn't DROP him, he flew from my arms. I feel HORRIBLE. I've been holding back just sobbing like a baby.

The alarm went off. Normally I would lay there and listen to the traffic and maybe a song on the radio. With Jack though it's up and out the door. Jack heard the music and stepped on my face. He was running all over the bed ready to get helped off..he can't jump that high. So I take him in my arms, go to the back door, down the steps, open the door and we walk into the yard.

As I lowered Jack to the grass he flew... and landed.. he flew at least a foot, or two..I don't know. He YELLED..and yelled and yelled. My heart stopped beating and I picked him up and held him to my chest. My mind raced. I need to run inside and put on my clothes and take him to get xrays..is he breathing, is anything broken..how am I going to explain this to Drew...I'm going to have to miss work. How can I live with myself. All this was in 30 seconds.

Then Jack licked my neck and my face. I put him down on the ground and lowered myself to the couch outside. Breath in, breath out..repeat. He looks at me and crawled under where I was sitting. I thought: OMG he's crawling away to die.

Jack put his paws on my leg and I picked him up. We went inside. J was in the kitchen..
J: Did he go?
M: Umm, he flew out of my arms
J: I heard him yell
M: Do you think we should take him and get him checked out?
J: Can he walk?
M: Yeah
J: He's fine. Put him down.
Jack runs into the dining room and pushes his ball around with his nose.
J: He's fine, did he go?
Jack squats like he's about to pee. I scoop him up yelling NO. We go back outside. This time he does NOT wiggle in the least bit. I set Jack on the grass. He goes #1 then runs, skips and jumps behind the tree and goes #2. I scoop him up and bring him back inside. He runs around some more. In this time J has started my shower for me. I hop in, Jack stands at the bathroom door and barks at me.

I guess he's fine. I feel HORRIBLE. If Jeremy would have allowed him to fall I would have killed him. I hope my conscious eases up on me soon cause I feel like shit.

EDIT: Just received the personal text message from my husband.. "He's fine"


Top Ten Tuesday Things

1. Please go to www.mamalogues.com today. Dana has a video linked to her site that is hysterical. I don't know how long it's been out there...and I may be the last to see it but I don't care. I think it is brilliant!

2. Training the boy went well yesterday. But after typing this I'm going to make myself some bullet points so I stay a bit more on track. I had him take Kiplinger training today. How to Handle Difficult Customers: 16 Secrets in 60 Minutes. This boy is coming from college..to warehouse to operations...he doesn't know that much about dealing w/ all different types of people on the phone.

3. Jack is doing great! Thanks for asking. He went potty outside again this morning and slept through the night. Last night though he moved a bit North and ended up next to my face more than my waist which he did the night before. Not sure I'm digging that all that much.

4. Reminder: Tonight my BIL's BBQ team will be features at 8:30 on the FoodNetwork..that is CST. Amber and Dani from BB8 will be on The Power of Ten on CBS. Not sure about time but I'm thinking 8pm.

5. We are getting new furniture tomorrow. American had an AWESOME deal a couple months ago so we ordered replacements for the living room. The recliner was dead. J still sat in it but it was barely staying together. I bought the chair and couch about 11 years ago. 10 years ago my then roommates dog chewed the handle of the recliner. She never apologized, I was devastated but got over it. One time Renee, some drinking buddy boys and I all used the recliner to play astronaut. We tipped it upside down. It was funny..the recliner was never the same, it leans. It eats things too..remotes, money, food. I'm sure when we take it apart and put it in the alley J will find his lost eyeglasses. The new furniture is stain protected and it's brown. It is a love seat and couch. It's brown. I'm thrilled!

6. Mom and Dad have an out of town guest coming. He's a priest from Chicago. He doesn't stay at their house anymore since dad uses my room and now there isn't a spare bed. The priest stays at the Red Roof Inn near the house. This is the same hotel that the hooker was doing tricks..and she assaulted the guy...and it was all in the news. You think mom and dad would tell him it's a hooker hotel. Oh well.

7. It's hot again, and STILL dry. As Jenn mentioned the other day we are seriously having a drought. It sucks. There is a slight chance for rain this weekend.

8. I haven't read in a week or so. I just haven't taken the time. I have to get back in the mood.

9. People just came in my office and are making me work..WTF??

10. We have a LONG weekend. Just me, J and Jack... I'm looking forward to it!


Come here little boy, let me train you

I have no idea what time today I'm training the boy. He's sharp and it won't take very long. I just have to explain what I do all day. You know, give him links to blogs and stuff so he has reading material. Wouldn't that be funny. He does happen to be the big bosses son. He has mostly been in the operations side of things, alot of work in the warehouse. I'm pulling him from the dark side into the light...that which is sales.

Until then I can still play around and check out what is going on. Did or didn't Owen Wilson try to kill himself? Poor baby, I think he needs help. :-( Funny guys sometimes have issues w/ depression, I guess I wouldn't be surprised.

Hulk Hogans kid was in a car crash. I'm glad he wasn't killed but I really couldn't care less.

Alberto resigned. Good for him. I'm sure he'll find another job. Wouldn't you quit if you were constantly in the news for NOT doing your job. Not a political statement on my behalf..I'm just sayin...

Greece is on fire. It's a Greece fire. Get it..OMG, not even funny w/ lives at steak. Don't throw water on it.. OK, I'll stop.

My blog layout was all screwed up before, now it's back to normal. VERY strange.

Drew had his first soccer game this weekend. According to him BEFORE the game he was 30% liking soccer, by the end of the game he was up to 90%. Good to know. He played well, the whole team did really. They lost. It was just a start of season CYC Tournament. It was at St Cletus.. Cletus makes hubby laugh.

The cat bit me on Saturday. Rocky..We were in the yard and I was barefoot. He thought my painted toenails were something fun to play with. He had my entire ankle in his mouth. I have puncture wounds...I was actually bleeding. Bad kitty. It's still a little bruised. :-(

We attempted to watch Snakes On A Plane while Drew was in the other room playing Webkins. Needless to say, the screaming on the TV encouraged Drew to leave the computer and run and see what was on TV..there were boobs and snakes..things to make a young child have nightmares. I jumped and ran which scared the child more. He didn't see the boobs OR the snakes... Sunday he asked to go to the zoo since BB didn't let him see the snakes on TV.

You know what I realized? This weekend is Labor Day weekend!! Wooo hooo!


I have been on the phone with this IDIOT!!!! I'm going on 20 minutes and she has me going in circles...AGGGG.....

Jack was great last night. He played in the yard with the cats in the yard for a while..then played inside. We cuddled up in bed and watched The 4400 and Dead Zone..then went to sleep. Jack woke up when the alarm went off. I took him outside and he went potty.

ZERO accidents in the house. Yeah!!

Pregnant girl at work is supposed to be on bedrest..but she figures that she rests more sitting in the office. SO who knows between now and her C Section Day of Oct 5th that she will start her leave. We are training the young boy at the office to be her replacement. I won't get to read blogs in between phone calls today. Bummer!!

Back to reading my morning blogs :-)


Welcome Jack!

Here he is! Jack was born July 2nd. He is 1/2 Bison Fise and 1/2 Chihuahua. He is VERY loving and VERY sweet!! Tonight is his first night sleeping at our house. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Drew at AI concert last year

This was last year at the American Idol Concert. This was Drew's first concert. He was obviously in awe when Chris Daughtry came out on the stage.

We have a new Wii game, I should be recording this. Drew is signing YMCA...omg...really...somebody shoot me.

In the middle of the song he starts beat boxing..well what would you do if you had a microphone in your hand.

Finally Raining!!

We haven't gotten ANY of the storms that have been streaming through the midwest. We're pretty much having a drought. Lawns are burning up and we went back to that 100 degree temperature.

Today the relief!

We've already lost power here..I moaned, "I can't see my popcorn"..which was vital since I had burnt half of it and couldn't see the dark kernals. One smarty pants yelled, "I'm running to the iPod cage"..which we have in our warehouse. Poor warehouse guys don't have power back yet though the rest of us do.

We really need this rain, I just hope we don't lose power at home. What do you do w/ an 8 year old when the power is out? And it's dark? I'd say go to sleep but you know that isn't happening.

I'm going to enjoy the down time by going up to the front window and watching the storm!

4 Things Friday!

I love a good meme..and will do them whenever I have the opportunity...just cause I'm wierd like that.

www.rmecurio8.blogspot.com Over at Prologos Rebecca said anyone can do it if they want to. SO I'm going to do the meme...and if you want to you can to! Just let me know that you did cause I love to read meme's as much as do them!

Four things about me you may not have known:
1. I could eat cereal and milk every meal of the day.
2. I HAVE to shower every day or I look like a crack addict my hair gets so greasy.
3. I'm adopted and have non-identifying information.
4. I am a daddy's girl.

Four jobs I've had:
1. Cashier
2. Assistant Manager at a retail store.
3. Tram Operator at the Arch
4. Sales

Four movies I could watch over and over again:
1. When Harry Met Sally
2. Out of Africa
3.The Wizard Of Oz
4. St Elmo's Fire

Four favorite TV shows:
1. Big Brother
2. The Amazing Race
3. The Closer
4. The 4400

Four favorite hobbies:
1. Reading
2. Watching TV
3. Going to Movies
4. Going on Trips

Four places I have lived:
1. Mom and Dad's
2. Dorm
3. My House where I live now

Four favorite foods:
1. Pasta
2. Seafood
3. Chicken
4. Mashed Potatos

Four websites I check daily:
Not blog friends...
1. www.stltoday.com
2. www.ksdk.com
3. www.tmz.com
4. www.fbofw.com For Better or For Worse comic strip

Puppy Power

So yes, as I mentioned breifly in a previous post. We're getting a puppy.

Before I get into that..you can download VIDEO now. Too cool. Maybe I'll upload some video this weekend.

Anyway, back to the puppy. Here is the story.

Mom used to be a teacher. In the day if you got married you had to quit teaching. Her friends Ceil and Lillian never married and continued to teach in the public schools. These ladies happen to live next door to my aunt now..mom's sister. My aunt doesn't like the Pierce Girls. Ceil and Lillian are busy bodys but mom and Ceil are great buddies. I roll my eyes and that is that. Ceil and Lillian have a sister who is a doctor. Not that that makes any difference but my mother always mentions it. Dr Jean happens to bread Bichon Frise and Chihuahua's..not together, until this time. Oppps. Not realizing that people pay loads of money for the Chi-Chon they have decided to give these puppies away. Back in the beginning of July through mothers pleading and bribes we said YES. A day later they said, "never mind" and Dr Jean's bil was taking two puppies. Well the call came while I was at dinner Wed night from mom. "You are getting the puppy this weekend!!". "The Brother-In-Law has a Pace in his heart and can only have one". I'm sure she meant a pacemaker but I'm not sure why that limits him to his pet intake??

The plan is that the Pierce Sisters are driving (get off the road) to their sisters house in Godfrey IL on Saturday to pick up the puppy. Saturday we're going to be out in St Chuck at a soccer tournament then Mass on the Grass at the academy (if it doesn't rain). SO, I said that when we get home we'll go by their house to pick up the puppy. Ceil says to mom, "Oh no, that won't work. You don't want to take the puppy out at night". That's OK..go back and read that sentence again, see if it makes any more sense. No..yeah, me neither.

SO they said either they will drive the puppy straight to mom and dad's house OR we can go to their house on Sunday. The other thing is Lillian had that surgery, don't you know? Well she is the only one that drives. What happens if she can't go to Godfrey on Saturday? Well I said that J, Drew and I would drive up there on Sunday. It's about an hour away and it's on the River Road (Missouri River)...and it's kinda purty...we'll go. Mom says, "You can take Ceil so you can find your way". OH NO I'M NOT... I tell mom if it comes to it I can follow a map. Mom tells me it's going to be pretty difficult since she lives in then country.

Just to make sure you understand, the above has been repeated to me by my mother at LEAST three times.

So we're getting the puppy, the Chi-Chon tiny baby because Grandma Pat said that she would watch the puppy ALL the time. We go to Target..drop off the puppy...Go to a movie..drop of the puppy. Go to Aruba...drop off the puppy.

We're good with this. The puppy will get constant attention and all will be well. It will be an upstairs puppy. No crate, just a confinement area w/ puppy pads for the floor. I bought a little bed for him last night and a tiny little collar that looks like a Burbury design. I was getting ready for bed and my Patches princess, puddy tat was all curled up inside. She thought it was HER bed. She is going to be SO pissed at me for getting a puppy. Rocky isn't going to care but I think Patches will be pissed. ....see there she is next to the pond in the yard...my widdle baby girl.
I will keep you posted on the puppy. What I do know is that he was born July 2nd, he's got short hair/brown and white. He's had his first shots. Drew's going to get to name him. Optimas Prime is NOT an option.


Me...NICE?? You think?

This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you've been awarded please pass it on to 7 others who you feel are deserving of this award."

Val at http://www.purple-valley.blogspot.com/ gave me this award! ME...

I found Val from her "other" blog which I think is totally awesome too. http://www.wordsofgrandma.blogspot.com/ Val has her Grandma's Diary and she posts from it. Grandma and Grandpa are dating right now..but the hint of marriage has come up! Go quick and you can catch up on the soap opera that is Grandma's Life. Midwest, 1940's.
So. Now I get to nomitate 7 People.
#1 on the list has got to be Slouching Mom www.slouchingmom.com
An inspiration to mom's out there.
#2 Jennifer www.humblingmoments.blogspot.com Jennifer is a lovely Canadian woman who became one of my first blog friends. Jennifer is VERY busy all the time and doesn't post as much as I would like.
#3 www.widelawns.blogspot.com I don't know her name. Subservient No More. She lives in Florida and is a supurb writer who is encouraging and tells the best stories!
#4 www.childsplayx2.com Every day I lurk and just LOVE to watch the lives of his twins evolve. What a SUPER dad with awesome stories.
#5 My buddy Biddy. www.biddysworld.blogspot.com No matter how dumb the post Biddy stops by like a good neighbor to say howdy do.
#6 www.mamalogues.com Witty, Creative, Superwoman Dana. She writes a column, home schools. Dana IS the blogger. She gets some psycho's that post comments on her blog and takes it all in stride.
#7 www.thepioneerwoman.com Ree is such a MEGA superstar. Hopefully her people can tell her that I've left a comment and she can schedule time to do it. (HOW DOES THE WOMAN DO A POST A DAY?) Ree has a G Rated blog which is thoughtful, educational and funnier than shit. They have a farm, ranch, homeschool and she cooks.. The woman also takes a mean picture!
I'd like to thank the little people that have carried me along my way from the original to the super secret new blog...(who am I kidding). Off to tell the winners of their prize!!

7 month old child of a pediatrician dies when left in the car

?? How do you not know you have a child in the car? I don't care how busy or preoccupied you are. You have to know that you have the baby! Don't you??

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Time for the MeMe First List!

First Memory:
Being in my crib and figuring out how to crawl over and get out. I think I was 2 years old.

First Friend:
Laura across the street.

First Toy:
Raggedy Ann

First Bike:
Black Tricycle, I think it was a hand me down.

First Movie at the Theater:
Apple Dumpling Gang at Ronnie's. I believe I was with mom and Auntie.

First School:
Mom was teaching at St Elizabeth of Hungry. She used to bring me with her. I was only 4 but they let me go to the Preschool class. I LOVED it.

First Sleepover:
Nana's House. We would take Nana to 5pm mass at St Luke's. Finally she talked mom and dad into letting me spend the night. I LOVED being at her house. She had a triangle shaped sunken blue tub in the bathroom. The bed was SO comfortable. She made homemade food from scratch. She and I watched Carol Burnette together. She would let me put my face on her lap and she would tickle my cheeks w/ a kleenex. She had a red wagon; I could go to the top of the hill and go down. Everytime I drive by her old house I just want to go in!

First Trip Away from Home:
DuQuoin IL. Mom's cousins'; Leota and Allen lived outside of town. Mom and dad would sleep in the trailer and Nana and I would sleep in the "boys room". They didn't have inside pluming in the house. The outhouse scared me..or I could go in the trialer. Allen's mother Nan also lived in the trailer. She made homemade pies. They had barn kittens in the barn...I loved them.

First Real Boyfriend: Mark H. I was 15 and he was 18. Hmmm, and my mother KNEW this. I liked him but I didn't love him. Last time I saw him was about 15 years ago. Yuck.

First Kiss: Tony. Spin the bottle. We both had braces. How more cliche can you get?

First time seeing the Ocean: Daytona Florida when I was 7 years old.

First time visiting another country: Mexico...on the other side of Brownsville TX. South Padre Island Spring Break, 1986. You could buy Corona cheap!!

First Car: Mom and Dad's 1977 Yellow Buick Riveara. I remember being in it w/ my friends signing, We all live in the yellow Riveara...yellow riveara...

First Job: Filling in for Mary Ann at dad's work. I was a "secretary" for Kaiser Electric. I had to answer phones, type bids..usuing carbon paper, white out... Some of the people there scared me.

First Pet: Peter, the parakeet

First Album: Rush "Fly By Night"

First Concert: Police at the Checkerdome

First Pro Sports Game: YOUR St Louis Blues at the Arena. Dad and his cousin John used to take me on Saturday nights. It was around $5 to get in. Barclay Plager..Gary Unger. Wow those were the days.

First House/Apartment: The house I'm living in now!

MP Chick Flick Review

Well we went to see Becoming Jane last night.
:::BIG SIGH:::
I loved this movie. I love Jane Austen's writings, all the movie's made from her books and anything that is set in that time period.

This movie is fiction but based on the life of Jane Austen. It begins when she is already writing but not published.

You follow Jane's life, her loves, triumphs and heartbreaks all which inspire her characters that we love. Mr Darcy, Knightly, Emma, Elizabeth... OK, I had to take in another deep breath.

So, you found me out, I am actually a huge sap and big romantic. I just love the romantic comedies that Jane Austen wrote. I was turned on to Pride and Prejudice when I was young; preteen...I thought, "Man this is funny!". I wanted to BE Elizabeth..same as I wanted to be Jo in Little Women and Laura in Little House..well I wanted to be them but I would like to ad running water, indoor plumbing and AC.

I would highly recommend this movie if you are a freak like me.

In preview news: The Kite Runner is coming out on film; if you have been meaning to read it like me I'd get a move on before the movie comes out.
Exciting news #2..Elizabeth The Golden Years is coming out. Oh Yes..it takes off where Cate left off in the original Elizabeth movie 10 years ago..or whenever that was. It looks AWESOME! We all know Elizabeth one the only one of Henry's daughters w/ balls. I have a feeling I'll be seeing this one on my own, my mil wasn't thrilled and I know J won't go with me. One site of the Spanish Armada and he'll be sneaking out to go to Pottery Barn. As a side note; I did see the first Elizabeth by myself. It was at the single HiPoint Theater and I noticed there were many people there alone; oddly it was a bit like being in a skin flick. I love how you get there and there are all these nerdy people sitting alone reading books...I was one of them. The only real benefit of seeing a movie with someone is that you can talk about it later.

In side news: Looks like we may be getting that puppy I talked about weeks ago..seems the brotherinlaw person decided he couldn't take care of 2 puppies. The plan is the old sisters drive to Godfrey and pick him up and we go over and get him on Saturday evening. News to follow...


humpity hump hump

It FEELS like a Wednesday. I can smell the weekend but I know that I still have stuff to do around the house that I normally do every week. I didn't do anything really last night. I ran by and picked up a pair of pants that mom sewed for me.
+I don't know what to do with a needle and thread, so sue me.

J was in pain. He had a killer tooth ache..so while I was out I picked up his meds,oragel too. I mentioned the dentist 30 or 40 times but was able to stop before it became nagging. I'm just going to have to be patient until it's his idea. Honey if you read this post..I'm not nagging..I just know you don't like to be TOLD what to do. You'll do what you need to when you need to do it..you don't need me to mother you. ;o)

SO..I made myself some dinner..chicken breasts..none for J..the tooth.
Then I crawled in bed and watched chick movies. I watched something about Killing John Turner and then for the 2nd time the Uma/Meryl movie where Uma is having great sex w/ the 23 year old.. That is a great movie.

Then my downfall. I KNOW KNOW I need to turn off the lights and go to sleep...but I don't. I turn on Showtime and watch Big Brother. Alot is going on and I have a little crush on Eric. He's America's Player in case you aren't following. The other night I watched them play quarters. I really got into it..it was like I was at the table with them. I had forgotten the rim rule. I SUCKED at quarters..I remember one of my friends having the "roll down your thumb" shot, or something like that. I could NEVER chug the beer in one drink. Then think about it. That quarter could have come out of a dog's ass...and we all touched it..all put it in our mouth..then touched it again, dropped it on the table..on the floor etc. What a gross thing to do. J chimes in that it was in the beer and that beer kills germs.. OK..I'm not quite buying that.
THEN...I'm still at the party with them. Jess...w/ too much make up (I knew girls like her too) does the NOSE trick!! You know when you have to much foam and you touch your nose then touch the beer. Eric then laughs and Jameka says, "How you people learn about this stuff?"..to which Eric replies.."I went to college".. SO..we have the ass quarter, fingers, the table and nose grease... No WONDER I was always throwing up after playing quarters.

Tonight I am going to dinner w/ my mother in law then we're going to see a chick flick. I'm so excited. I love to go to the movies...and go out to eat...and I love my mother-in-law.. SO I'm pretty lucky.

Drew started school today. Dana (J's X) said he was SO excited. New school and all he just got out of the car and went in the building w/ the rest of the kids. Teachers he met once and kids he doesn't know at all. I can't WAIT to hear all about it.

(I'm typing and I keep looking at my title..now I have the Peter Rabbit song in my head cause I'm singing "humpity hump hump Easter's on it's way"...and that is just not right)

Big Brother 8 Update...Man I love this stuff!

I LOVE Eric and Jess together. I hope they make it to the final 4!!People that haven't been following the Showtime Late night are WAY behind in what is going on. Crazy stuff!

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Mom that's selling Pokemon Cards on E-Bay because her Kids snuck the cards

This is hysterical..the link through DIGG takes you to an ebay post where a woman is selling the Pokemon cards her kids snuck in the cart..she has 6..six..SIX children.
It's a very good read..

I'm selling a bunch of Pokemon cards. Why? Because my kids sneaked them into my shopping cart while at the grocery store and I ended up buying them because I didn't notice they were there until we got home. How could I have possibly not noticed they were in my cart, you ask? Let me explain.

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Tuesday Ramblings

I had 19 million blog ideas for today; you know the ones that go through your head before you go to sleep?

  1. The Ozarks are getting pelted by Erin.
  2. Dean really stirred up about of stuff in the Carribean. Are the price of bananas going to go up? I LOVE bananas.
  3. Did you know I have to sign to spell bananas..b a n a n a s..it was in some cheer.
  4. Drew had his Open House last night. He was SO excited, he can't wait for classes to start, he has to wait til tomorrow.
  5. I wonder what the weather is going to be like on Saturday. Drew had a 3pm soccer tournament out in God's country. I wonder if I should pack bug spray.
  6. We're going to Mass In The Grass at his new school Saturday night. I wonder if we can bring chairs instead of a blanket.
  7. I love Joe Buck and totally enjoyed his repeat interview on the radio this morning.
  8. Big Brother 8 is REALLY getting fun! Who goes this week, Jameka or Jen..who do I want gone, who would be the best strategically? What would I do if I was there. Would I make an idiot out of myself on a reality TV show.. duh..Yes!
  9. My friend met a nice guy on eHarmony..nice guy but not a hottie. Oh how standards change as we get older and wiser.
  10. My friend's brother's house burnt down...to the ground. Everyone is fine. What would it be like to lose everything? Would it be refreshing through to start over?? Would you have has much "stuff"??

I have a story for later. If I don't get to busy I'll tell my story...


Technology is Bitchen

So, I figured out Digg. This weekend I visited Crystal at Boobs,Injuries and Dr Pepper..see link at the side.

There was a party going on due to someone posting one of HER posts on Digg. Everything Crystal writes about is pretty damn funny..either about her dogs, her ginormous boobs, her husband, church, kids etc. Anyway, someone linked her post about her teenage son and the comdoms..This caused everything from..."you are hurting your teenager" to "you are the funniest person EVER".. Do I looked into this Digg thing...I actually have stories on the side. This darn internet is SO fricking huge I think sometimes we miss out on some really great stuff. I figured out that if you are reading a story you can just click Digg It...and sign on. You can add it out their for all the Digg people to read and make it a blog story.
Am I really weird for JUST figuring this out?

So, we didn't go to Sedalia..we had quite a relaxing weekend and were able to get things accomplished that needed to...along w/ sucking up to mom and dad since this Saturday I will for SURE have to miss church since Drew has a soccer tournament.
For HOURS J milled around..did his J stuff and I read, played on iTunes and played Majohng..well AND did laundry, grocery shopped, went shopping etc.

We have 444 songs on our nano..that is MINUS the Christmas music. I started playing them on the Sound Dock in alphabetical order...WOW was that fun. Kathering McPhee, Sting, Bette Midler, Green Day etc... The mix was crazy. J really liked I Say A Little Prayer For You followed by I Walk The Line.

Tonight is Open House at Drew's school. I need to get the particulars on that.

I have read a few books and need to add them to my list. One in particular that was a REALLY great read is Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen!! Briefly: 90 something year old man in a nursing home anticiapates an afternoon with his family at the circus and reflects on his years with the traveling "train" circus in the early 1930's. I must tell you, I normally HATE the circus..have since I was a small child...but I LOVED this story and it's characters!

Long time Baker dies

Uncle Lino worked for free into his 90's at the family bakery. He was a very awesome person and fixture in the neighborhood.

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still here

Neither of us felt like going anywhere this morning. No State Fair...No 8 hours in a car this weekend..No meet and greet.

I think I'm going to read..AND mom will be SO happy I can take them to church tonight.


Crabby Girl

I've been crabby girl all night. We got some running around taken care of and I've now spent the better part of an hour playing w/ iTunes. I had to get in there and download Plain White T's. You know that song that's on the radio every 5 minutes, "Hey Delila"..I LURVE that song. So I had a $15 gift card and went ahead and downloaded 15 songs.. I also downloaded a Gina Glockson song, Kris Kristofferson, Green Day and Randy Newman. Yeah I know, I'm kinda wierd like that. I like a mix of stuff.
How do you like my new iTune Widget? Is it too big? I think it's kinda cool, it shows you the mix of things I like to listen to. Tonight I was in a Michael Jackson mood..Jeremy is getting the divorce papers ready LOL....

I need to hit the hay..maybe I'll watch a little Big Brother on Showtime and see you when we get back from Sedelia..(we were leaving tonight but changed our minds...I'm glad cause I'm pooped)

What in the world is going on???

It just seems like everywhere you turn lately there is crappy news.

Last night I did my running around, got the hairs cut, visited w/ mom and dad and got mom's glasses. Actually that didn't all go as planned. I had time to kill before my hair appointment so I went there fist. The dog was happy to see me...mom and dad were having dinner so I grabbed a plate. Typical mom dinner..stewed tomatos and hot dogs. I skipped on the tomatos and had a hot dog on FRESH bread. Vitale's and Mo Bakery were closed so Dad went by Ameghetti's yesterday and got a fresh loaf of Italian seed bread. Yummo..I'm sure that was a million points and I'm going to gain 3 lbs..give me a freekin break. It was fresh!!

I have to go back a step. Before I left the office mom called to tell me the story about how Aunt Norma was pissed at dad cause they didn't go to church Wednesday night. It was 105 degrees, dad is 86 and mom's 81..Aunt Norma is 80. I really don't think it was a good idea for the 3 of them to go to church. Mom told me this story 3 times between Wedneday night and yesterday afternoon...I reminded her she was getting old. She thanked me.

I took this opportunity to tell mom: "Jeremy and I are going to Sedelia this weekend"

M: Missouri?

Me: Yes

M: Why?

Me: Remember that TV Guide thing I wrote, they gave me free American Idol Tickets.

M: You just went last week.

Me: I know but this includes a "meet and greet with the contestants"

M: Is Drew going with you?

Me: NO

M: Oh...

Me: Speaking of going out of town, we're going to Kansas City the first week in October for Chris's BBQ competition.

M: That means another weekend you can't take me to church!!!!

Me: Yeah, but mom it's not like I should quit living.

M: I know, you're right. You probably should do all these things while you are young and still can. You're not getting any younger. You'll be crippled soon.



Back to afterwoork...I then went and got my hairs cut and brows waxed. I'm hot now :-)

I went back to get mom so we could pick up her snazzy glassed. OMG...she went to the bathroom..for 20 minutes..had to get her jewelry, her lipstick...it went on and on. I kept yelling "MOTHER!! LET'S GET GOING"...I mean it was after 7pm already. YO PATSY CLINE..BUST A MOVE... So she comes out with the cane and then sits and has me retie her shoes..we had the whole discussion about if dad should come with us..it was decided not..he didn't have an imput...then if she should bring her walker or the cane. THEN she started worrying about rain. I have to tell you there was SOME lighting and sprinkles... She stands..then sits again. Her knees aint takin her anywhere. I just jumped in the jeep hoping that they will just give me her new glasses, they did... It took 5 minutes to get there, 5 minutes in the building and 5 minutes back home....NOT a big deal.

I got home and J and I watched Big Brother. AWESOME show. Dustin is GONE... Sweet. I love this America's Player thing.

So...I got on the internet and looked at http://www.ksdk.com/ which is our local news channel. The flippin "Rock" church is on fire!! This place is in a border neighborhood..near SLU, the ghetto and urban renewal.. Black and Whites...neighborhood people and visitors pray and go to mass here every weekend. This place is a church for catholics that like to have a little fun and get into their service. There is rowdy singing and hand clapping. You would think you were down South. Lightning struck the roof. They will have to rebuild. I'm sure they will.

Then..you have the search team looking for 6 miners in a collapsed mine. Then there is a bump in the mine and 3 of the rescuers are killed. How completely wrong is that?? I read that and my jaw just dropped. They are searching for what more than likely is just bodies... What do you do at that point if you are the family of the original 6?? How do you feal if you were from the family of the 3?? What do you do if it's your mine and your decision on if there are any more rescue attempts. How do you tell the families of the 6 that you are not going to have a body to bury, and if they are alive we're going to leave them in there to die of starvation. I would not want to be in their shoes, that is for sure.

Then there is Peru. That death toll is just going up and up. When New Madrid hits we are TOAST.

Hurricanes are finally here. Carribean is getting pounded and Texas has some flooding. I can't wait to go to Aruba..have I mentioned they are below the hurricane belt?

I've added the Woman's Remote cause I figured everyone should see that..I want one!!


The Sky Is Falling

What in the heck is going on around here????

In local news, 2 separate cars have crashed. One through a Great Clips in a strip mall, another into a residential garage.

Idiot's..Asswhole..Gangster wanna be crooks...shot and killed a rookie policeman; 22 years old, on the job one year. Bullet went into his arm pit..no vest there. What a waste..that is just horrible.

105 was the total yesterday and I think 2 more people died. I'm talking about 105 in the midwest people, not that dry Arizona stuff.

Today it's breezy and not as bad, it's only going to be in the 90's.

I was sitting at my desk this morning...going nuts. Trying to get shit done and also dealing with the phone person not answering the phone!!...then in walks the girl we called Betty or something in an earlier story...anyway, remember she was written up for shit she didn't do cause the other girl was making stuff up to sabotage her..Well she quit, her last day was Friday...well was supposed to be Friday. She was really looking forward to her exisit interview. She had a doctor's appointment yesterday and told some people, not the RIGHT people and the other part is she took the whole flipping DAY! They considered it "no call, no show" and they had her personal stuff all packed up and ready for her to pick it up when she came in this morning.

Work is crazy..we have possible product changes on two of our lines PLUS we're looking at a new camera line. With the holidays coming up this is getting crazy trying to figure out what I can and cannot quote.

Hairs cut tonight and picking up mom's new fancy pants glasses!!


Neighborhood will never be the same.


Read that little article. Uncle Lino who is mentioned has passed away.
He is at least 94 now..he went to work at the bakery, same as every day. He didn't feel good, got in the car and just passed away.

I think he was everyone's Uncle Lino. What a sweet, nice man. He will missed in the neighborhood, that is for sure.

My BIL the BBQer

I love my brother-in-law Chris.
He is VERY cool, funny, nice and can cook meat like no tomorrow.

Chris is a big wig at AMC...we get movie passes at Christmas..just another cool thing.

Anway; my bbqing Brother-In-Law is going to be on TV.

I received this word today:

Finally, the Brew ‘N’ Bar-B-Que debut on the Food Network will be Tuesday, August 28, 2007. We have seen an early copy of the show and it is very well done. The show is called Glutten for Punishment and it features last year’s American Royal Open contest. Most of the Brew N Bar-B-Que footage was edited out of the final version. However, Dan has some time on camera at about 3 a.m. during the contest and I am listed in the credits as assisting with the production. Again, it is a great for highlighting the Royal. It airs at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday’s and is called “Glutten for Punishment”.

RIP my childhood memories from my heart

Why, oh why??
Southtown Famous Barr went by way of the bulldozer a few years ago. This was our major department store that was near the house. I bought all of my grade school uniforms here. In 1968 or so I WAS the baby in the photograph that advertised the studio. Yes, I was THAT cute as a baby! What did they do..bulldoze for progress. In it's place is a strip mall area w/ a Quizno's, Verizon Wireless, Pet store, Starbucks, Cold Stone Creamery and an EB Games. We occasionally visit this strip mall...I still want to call it Southtown.

NOW they've really gone and done it! They have annouced they are closing Dillards in Crestwood.
Oh yes, you heard correctly.
This place was orignially Stix Baer and Fuller..
This is the place where I got ALL of my Stride Rite Shoes..this is where mom, Nana and I went to lunch..in the Tea Room. They had models showing the latests fashions, circa 1971. I ate my first parsely here. I was a strange child. I would order the peanut butter and grape jelly on white bread. It came with a side of chips and was garnished w/ fresh parsely. I thought they were "little trees". I would eat them and annouce that I was eating a tree! Dessert was a hot fudge sundae. No nuts, whip cream or cherries..please.

Dillards is the store I just went to. I've been thrilled now that I can wear normal clothes (my word for non plus size). I go to their petite section and totally have at it. It's never super busy and the little white haired sales lady is a doll! She is honest when I say, "how does this look?". Closed...I have until October before the shut the doors for good. This means I'll have to go to a different mall :-(
I think my entire Crestwood Mall is going to close. They have lots of empty real estate as you wander through the mall. They just aren't going to make it. This was the mall that I remember being an outdoor strip center...then it became a covered mall..then it expanded..now it's empty.
Don't get me wrong, I LIKE the new fancy mall's...it's just I don't like all the people..and parking lot traffic...and punk ass teenagers.

I wonder if the tea room is still open, I think I should check and bring mom for lunch.


Hot Enough For Ya?

Don't you hate that? "Hot enough for you?"...ggggrrrrrr
No, actually I'd like a few more degrees, my eggs were a little runny on the sidewalk.

Well today is supposed to be the record high. Drew's soccer coach said "I will have a short scrimmage tonight because of the heat. I need to go over a few things on the field before this weekends games, so during the scrimmage I will stop play to review positions. That should give the boys some breaks. They also need some instruction on goal kicks and corner kicks. I am going to keep it short and light, mostly instruction and minimal running."

Thank God! I went out twice this morning though, it's cold in the office, I have cramps and the heat feels good.

People keep dying from the heat. Serioulsy folks, when they say check on your elderly neighbors, they mean it! I wonder if some of these people could have been saved if one neighbor would have been "snoopy" and NOT minded their own business for once.

Speaking of dying, my mother is going to kill me. This weekend we are going to Sedalia then next Saturday at 3pm Drew has a soccer tournament at St Cletus. This means I cannot take my mother to church on Saturday night. This is going to MAJORLLY piss her off and I will be guilted to death...because I'm selfish. Deep breath in...release.
St Cletus makes Jeremy giggle..which makes me giggle..which makes Drew go, "huh?"

So, Hawaii has an earthquake last night AND there is a category 2 hurricane coming at them. Not quite paradise in my mind. Also...Hurrican Flossie? What is it a COW?

That is why I'm sticking w/ Aruba. NO hurricanes...I guess they could still have an earthquake..Oh well I'm still going again. We really have to schedule that, I'm thinking late March, early April. That worked well for work too.

Everyone is here at the office today, it's been much better. I am really fighting the urge to lie on the floor..on my stomach and take a nappy poo. If I close the door and put a sign on it that says meeting in progress do you think they would notice I was in here alone?


News and Reviews

First off, movies:
As I mentioned last week, Daddy Day Camp was HORRIBLE. Poor Cuba Gooding Jr.
Underdog on the other hand was FUN! It had a talking dog, a lesson, bad guys, good guys. Very fun!
Rush Hour 3: Fun movie..good guys, bad guys, special effects, FUNNY! Not so good for the 8 year old. Potty mouth humor went over his head which was good..LOTS of action. S word was said quite a few times, luckily Drew knows we don't repeat that word. I wish we would have done a little more researching before we took him... I still find it hard to believe we have a child that will sit through an hour and a half of a movie that doesn't have talking animals in it..

I finished 19 Minutes. WOW WOW. What an awesome book. The basis of the book is that you have a group of characters that are all effected when there is a school shooting. Sort of like Columbine, but not really. 19 minutes was the amount of time that the shooting took place. Unbeliveable book.
I'm reading The Judas Strain right now. It's a bit like DaVinci Code...not as much religion but there are groups of people all trying to figure out the biological stain of a rouge bacteria..they must find the origin and a cure..for the world's sake. It takes place in Washington DC, The Vatican, Turkey, Christmas Island.. In this mix you have the good guys, bad guys, people in between..and a bit of Marco Polo thrown in the mix. I can't wait to finish it!

The 4400 is getting really good this season. I love that show. Just the right mix of soap opera and sci fi.
Big Brother: SO Dick and Danielle...throw in a power of veto...hmm. Can't wait for Thursday's show! We missed last week since we were at AI. We'll have to record this week too since I have a hair cut plus I need to take mom to pick up her new styling glasses..pix to come!

News: Wow we had a duzie of a storm last night. The ground really needed the rain, too bad it didn't cool off the temps. I think it's supposed to hit 99 today..then back up for the work week. :-( Poor little buddy has soccer again Tuesday night.
Back to the storm; At 1:30 am the winds started, we're talking 60MPH. We didn't know this was coming since last night J was playing XBox then I read and watched 4400..Who knew it was going to storm??
SO I went to bed. J woke me up "Ummm, I think it's going to storm or we're going to have a tornado, maybe you want to get up".
Damn straight I want to get up! I didn't want to miss this. I padded downstairs and outside..Man it was windy, they didn't exaggerate that 60mph winds. We lost a dead part of the tree and patio furniture was all over the place. I checked out the internet and found out we were NOT having a tornado. I went back to bed...then the rains came. Thunder woke me up a few times. Bummer I wasn't able to get a good nights sleep..Oh well. I am glad J woke me up for the show though!!

...more to come later today. Back to work!
...I'm back...
One of the girls is back from vacation and the other had to take her little guy to the doctor..and hospital since he has strept throat. Joy..selfish me wants to wine a bit about having way too much on my plate...STILL!

All the other brilliant things I was going to post today are just going to have to wait!


Saturday Night Pictures

Indoor Pool...silly kids, look how pretty it was outside. They were having fun though.
Drew outside at the AI concert
Nice order of pictures..here I am, smart at the outdoor pool.
Drew w/ Blake Lewis in the background..his Idol :-)
Drew's 8th bday! Here is is trying out his new Wii. Drew's been over since Tuesday night, we haven't played the Wii once.

...Oh well. I downloaded 2 months worth of pictures tonight, these are just a couple. I download into my shared files and they are all over 1mb....then I have to resave as a jpeg..I have such issues getting into flicker too..am I the only one??


Reminder to take care of yourself!


Jenn at I serve the queens found a lump which lead to a biopsy which lead to "we don't care what it is it needs to come out"...

Make sure you pause and give her an extra thought our prayer. Also it's a good kick in the ass for me to get a mammogram, I haven't had one yet.

Being 40 and adopted w/ no medical history it would be a great idea if I get that stuff checked out.

We have time to go shopping and go to work, take care of kids and parents..but do we take care of ourselves??
Is it time for you to make an appointment too???

Party like a rock star!!...errrr or a tween??

So last night was the big American Idol Concert. We had awesome seats. J got off the internet. Seems there was no one to the right of us all the way down the row..SO...Something I normally don't do is suggest we move down to the other end. I wanted to do that before someone else snuck down into them. This brought us a whole section closer to the stage. If we were at a hockey game we would have been up on the plexie glass..that good.
Anyway here is the quick review of the show itself in no particular order:
Phil Stacy: I always liked him, we did even during Hollywood week. Phil did a great job.
Haley Scarnato: I didn't know the songs she sang but she did a good job. When you have a loud band behind you and super loud microphone it helps. Her face is round and full, kind of a baby face but the rest of her is SUPPER SKINNY..she is ALL legs. The extra pounds TV gives you made her legs look sexy, in real life not so much. I think she should be on Broadway.
Chris Sligh: I loved him on the show but on stage I didn't like him as much. He had a bit of attitude after he played his song. He played guitar and did that alternative song he did during the top 24 time...you know right after Hollywood. Simon told him it was a poor song choice then..the problem was I enjoyed the song OK but the crowd wasn't into it. There were too many 7-12 year olds there that didn't know what the hell he was signing.
Melinda Doolittle: WOW, wow, wow..she is as awesome on stage as on the show. She doesn't look as much like Shrek in person either.
Jordin Sparks: She has lost some weight. I'm thinking the Lane Bryant deal is off. She is very light skinned. If you didn't look at her face you would swear it was Katherine McPhee up there. Her speaking voice is cute and you can tell that she loves performing. She did an acoustic Jewel song as she played the guitar..WOW...and the lame AI song This is My Now..was actually awesome.
Gina Glockson: no that isn't her last name but I don't feel like looking it up. Gina has always been one of my favorites. She wasn't far from home being in St Louis and her family was there. She was awesome. You can tell she belongs on stage. I look at her and think Heart, Pat Benatar. She has either hair extentions or something I don't care for.
Blake Lewis: The Beat Boxing was super. All his songs were excellent and you could tell he was a fan favorite. My ears are still ringing from the little girls that screamed through all of his songs. Drew was about to have a meltdown. Drew's favorite saying when he isn't getting his way is "I'm gonna scream like a little girl"...I told him...THAT was a screaming little girl...to which he replied, "I don't think I can do that"..
Chris Richardson: What the hell? This guy is great. He and Blake did a duet and it rocked the house, they were meant to be on stage. While messing around time killing they did a little Sexy Back and it was awesome. I couldn't stand him...no I believe I would buy his CD..well not really but at least download a song.
Sanjaya: His sister walked right in front of us!! He has pretty hair. He's very skinny. He made fun of himself. OK.....yeah I guess that is it.
LaKisha: Holy Pipes Batman! Goosebumps, tears in my eyes. This girl has everything, the right tone, control in her voice. She belted her songs and really did a phenominal job. When she sang it was like we were at a KiKi Concert. That was a performance that I won't forget soon. Blew Mandisa out of the water from last year.

One of my favorite parts of the concert was when the boys were their own band.
Phil on keyboard, Chris R on drums, Sanjaya on the tamberine or some thing..Blake and Chris S on guitar. They played Hey Jude and one other song that escapes me right now. They make a great band!

So..next Saturday J and I are driving to Sedelia to the MO State Fair. We're going to see the concert again, this time for free AND we're going to have a meet and greet to get autographs! Why do I feel like such a dork?


Funky Thursday

Today is one of those days..I'm in a bit of a funk and my tummy's doing flip flops. The issue is that I have more than a couple of things going on at work and home where I'm not in control and I hate that. Not major stuff but things like "what is the date of our bonus checks this month?" "what hotel are we going to stay in in Chicago" "will they rehire Pam in marketing" "will mom chill w/ the lists of things I need to do for her""will I be able to schedule time to meet w/ the St Louis girl bloggers""do we have time to make outbound phone calls"
I hate it when I let myself worry about stuff, I think it's strange how I can go day by day w/ no worries then all of a sudden there they all are..still there but they eek to the surface. Uggghhh.

In other news:
Aquafina bottled water comes from the Missouri River. St Louis was awarded the best tap water in the country. I drink it ALL the time. The only other tap water that was close in taste was in Aruba. What did we do without water bottles. I have one in my purse most of the time. I refill w/ tap water..it's cheaper that way.

We are rebuilding one of our interstates. The progress is mindblowing. They have ripped out older brick houses, torn out trees, demolished overpasses...BOOM all of a sudden there is an on ramp..it's wild watching it happen. This is something that needed to happen years ago. They are going to replant the trees but it's funny..the wild life is freaking out. I never new so close to the city there are beavers, fox, wild turkey's. J thought I was bonkers the day I saw the beaver on the hill right near the intersection of Highway 40 and Interstate 170...it was confirmed though, many people saw the little booger. Hope he finds a new home.

Yes tonight is American Idol. I'm sure I'll get out of here and home..then we'll park at Union Station and walk to the concert camera in toe. I'll try to post pictures later this week.

PS...if you want to save a few bucks..SKIP Daddy Day Camp. It was horrible. Of course the 8 year old loved it. What the heck happened to Cuba Gooding Jr..he is an academy award winner!!??


Survived another day!

Well we survived soccer practice. You would have thought that I played. There was NO, ZERO Shade at this park. The little 2nd graders played from 6:30 - 8pm. They had quite a few water breaks.

The end is near though. Today is going to be a little worse, high of 103 then it will start to go down. I found this at www.stltoday.com
But it could be worse. Back in 1934, the high reading in St. Louis for today's date was 108. (On the other end of the scale, the record low for Aug. 8 is 53 degrees, set in 1976.)

Poor Drewby was SO red, we're talking cherry red. Coach said, "Buddy you doin' OK?".
Drew responded: "I've been doin' this for 4 years!"

I have GOT to get some grocery shopping down tonight. I didn't have anything in the house to bring to work for lunch today. Tomorrow night we're going to the American Idol concert. Woo Hoo. Drew is SO psyched to see Blake Lewis perform. J said our seats are pretty good this year. Of course next weekend we're going to the Missouri State Fair and J and I are doing a meet and greet w/ the Idols. That is what I won from TV Guide. (I wrote an essay)

This weekend may be a movie weekend too. I think we'll see Underdog. That looks cute. How can you lose when you have talking dogs.
Speaking of movie's..May 9th Speed Racer comes out.. Yeah I know that is almost a year away but I am very excited. John Goodman is playing Pops. I wonder what they are going to do w/ Chim Chim..a real monkey? Computerized? I LOVED that show growing up.

Guess I better work..we really are picking up in volumes today. I have so many blogs to read, work to do and phones to answer. Another day in paradise :-)


Is it hot enough for you???

How do we do it, really? Is it global warming, I say poppycock. The thing was when I was young we didn't have a 5 day forecast. We had a pretty little weather girl saying that it was hot. There were no excessive heat warnings. Children still played outside.
What were my summer days like?
Well dad would get up to go to work. He left the house in his Ventura which didn't have air conditioner. He wore bib overalls with a T shirt underneath. Heavy socks with heavy work boots. He worked in buildings without air conditioners. They ran wires in hospitals, the zoo, the arch, mainly office buildings and hospitals. He left for work before 7am and came home by 5:30 every day. Dad would pull in the garage and drop off his lunch box on the chair then go directly downstairs and get in the shower. I always attempted to run and give him a hug and kiss but MAN did he smell, and he was always dirty, he'd laugh and tell me to wait. When dad came up from his shower supper was on the table.
My day: Well mom and I would sleep til around 10 or 11am, sometimes earlier. We'd have the air on when it got into the 90's. We would eat..usually a braunsweiger, bologna or peanut butter and jelly sandwich with chips and a big glass of milk. I would go outside and play. Normally it would be at someones house with a pool, depending on my age it would be Laura's across the street, Patty's down the alley or Lynn's across the other alley. These were a awesome during the summer. These were galvanized metal tubs filled with water from the hose. No filters or ladders. Sometimes you had to step on a brick to get in if you had short legs like me. We mainly played world pool and went around in circles. Sometimes we would play Marco Polo..but how in such a small pool? I LOVED being in the pools. When I was very small I had a square pool w/ plastic seats on each corner. Dad wouldn't let me get a galvanized one like my friends, he didn't want rust stains on the concrete patio. We would also play in the sprinklers. I think the parents liked that since they could water the lawn and the children at the same time. No one had fancy Slip N Slides but we were known to get out the garbage bags on the lawn. When we got older we would pool hop. We'd hop the fences of those people who had the larger pools; the above ground w/ the ladders..we'd jump the fence, jump in the pool...enough to cool out..then we'd go back to walking the neighborhood.
Mom and I would sometimes go shopping to beat the heat. We'd pick Nana up; she didn't have air conditioning. We'd drive to Westwoods or Crestwood where they had outdoor malls, each store was had air. We'd have lunch at Walgreens counter. I'd love to have a toasted peanut butter sandwich with ripple potato chips and chocolate milk. That was such a treat.
If it was below 80 degrees at night we opened the windows at night. MAN did I complain. I'd lay there and here the crickets, dogs and the highway in the background. We didn't have fans. God forbid the new ceiling fans everyone was getting. I had to close my door otherwise mom and dad's snoring kept me awake. I'd lay there in bed and scream, "It's HOT, I can't sleep"...they would tell me to take off the blanket..Ppppppp! Take OFF the blanket? How can a person sleep without a blanket???? I would sweat and cry and eventually fall asleep. Then the next day I would get the lecture about the 3 story house on Wyoming Street w/out air and radiator heat and Dad's house on Patterson w/ all of his sisters and extended family...THEY didn't complain. Mom said it was penance and if I'd not complain I could offer it to the poor souls in purgatory.
Here is the thing though: It was 1976 and all they had to do was flip the switch on the wall to ON!!

Oh well. What do I do now? Stay inside. Go to the movies, the mall, water park. Same old stuff really except we don't turn the air off at all, ever..until winter.

Tonight Drew is scheduled to have his first soccer practice. From what I understand they cancel things like this now due to heat. For crying out loud they cancelled Ram's training camp. If he does have practice my happy ass is sitting in the car w/ the ac running while his little botty runs around the field.

EDIT: We made national news. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070807/ap_on_re_us/heat_wave;_ylt=AofneawsQpq6K2.8GYwehPsDW7oF


New Clothes!!

I normally HATE to shop. Yet I am female and there is something about getting around all those sales stickers that makes a girl realize she really does NEED things.

As you may or maynot know; I've been doing Weight Watchers. YES it's going on a year now and I haven't become skinny or anywhere NEAR my goal..but I've lost weight, and inches. I've gone from plus sized clothes to regular sized clothes...and actually have recently gone down another size. BUT of course it depends on how the clothes are cut and the style which makes me decide what I want to buy. Being in regular sized clothes I can wear half-assed stylish clothes which are MUCH better than some of the crap you can buy at Lane Bryant and stuff...

Here is the thing w/ plus sized clothes. They are made for people that are big all over..they don't make stylish things to deal with a major pooch..or a big booty...or large hips...or big tummy's...big boobs..you get the picture. They expect you to be big all over..and the same amount of big. Well I never was..so stuff was either too tight or way too big. I would always buy clothes that were too big and I realize that now. What a pain in the ass.

Now I try shit on. I had at least 15 items in the dressing room with me. I tried on pants and shirts and dresses.. See the way I dress at work is the way I dress in normal life..unlike some girls at the office they have "work clothes" and "real clothes". I just couldnt' do that. I USED to do that though. When I worked retail I would ALWAYS go home and put on my "play clothes"..but then I lived in jeans. Now I own one pair of jeans that fit. I just bought some Ralf Lauren black denim goucho type carpri thingies...OMG I love them, they are So comfy!

So..No tax weekened and 30% off sales mdse at Dillards made for a happy MP. LOVE the petite section. The mall I go to is old so it isn't very crowded..gotta love it!

I figure I'll go clothes shopping again around the middle of November when it starts to get cold and my thin black pants don't cut it anymore. Hopefully I'll be able to go down another size by then!!


Friday rants and raves...

The Duggers..17 children, 1 mom and 1 day! After having baby Jennifer Mrs Dugger stated that they would love to have MORE! Below is the Falcon's New halftime show!

I got some things on my mind and I'm gonna tell you about it!

  • Drew was accepted into his new school! Yesterday was testing and he did awesome. J got a tour and now realizes why I was SO gaga about the place. Drew's mom called me this afternoon that we now have to uniform shop! Yeah. Check it out at http://www.ash1818.org/

  • I'm still freaked out about the bridges. It really is a phobia of mine. After what happened in Minneapolis Gov Blunt ordered our bridges inspected. They closed one over the Meremac yesterday...forever! We drove over that bridge earlier this month. St Louis MO is surrounded by rivers in EVERY direction. If we have the "big one" and the New Madrid fault every rocks and rolls we are screwed in a big way. You have to cross the Mississippi, Missouri or Meremac Rivers to get out of the metropolitan area.

  • Victims and their stories just facinate me, I'm the person though that reads the obits every day. One man who was a produce farmer or something is an illegal alien from Mexico. His wife stated that they need money now to bring his body back to Mexico. I'm thinking if it was good enough to move here illegally why isn't it good enough to bury your dead? I have an issue with that, does that make me a cold person?

  • Speaking of bridges...our entire infastructure in older cities are falling apart. Sewers are collapsing, bridges are falling. YET..we got a new stadium. Fix the shit already!

  • We are going to elect a new president this year. I do NOT care what Sean Penn, Alex Baldwin or the Olsen Twins think. Just yesterday I heard that OJ Simpson is endorsing someone, I don't know who it is, I don't care and I feel sorry for them. I did hear something funny the other day; "Democrats are in trouble since the US isn't ready for a woman or a black teenager for president"....you have to admit it's kinda funny. Ohbama is getting a bad rap I think. He is for sure the lesser of the evils on that side. It is going to be interesting.

  • The Dugger family in Arkansas had another baby. #17. Yes, 17 children from 19 to a newborn. They all have J names. I do watch shows on the Duggers which show up on the Discovery Channels. They are a bit freakish in my mind but I am impressed on how well behaved the children are.

  • Global Warming and the rise in Ocean Temperature is going to make this the WORSE year ever for hurricanes. Today they issued a statement: "Nevermind"

  • One of our coworkers gave their two weeks and he came into my office to tell me about it. It was very very hard to act like I cared. 2 other people have left recently and I didn't care about them either. That is so strange for me, usually I get so attached to people I freak out over the change.


I'm not THAT crazy

My silly little 8 topic meme below...Take a look at #2...
I wrote that today.

I see what happend in Minneapolis..I am constatly going over the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers...I'm not that crazy.

Milk - It does a body good


Have you tried this stuff?

I need dairy in my diet yet it some times messes w/ my tummy. I thought that it was the lactose stuff. It's not! It's the frickin fat. I drink the Fat Free version..have my dairy..no fat..no tummy problems.

I've been tagged!

The Rules: Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The game rules are posted at the beginning of the post. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment to let them know they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1. I am facinated w/ the weather. Tornado's, Hurricane's, Thunder Storms, Floods..temperature changes. I love the seasons and bore my husband to death with upcoming jet streams.

2. I am most fearful of being in a car crash. Not neccisarly with another car. I always think that bridges are going to collapse when I'm on them. I know, strange.

3. I'm scared to death of roaches. They freak me out, I hate when they sneak into the house. I know they crunch very easily but when I see them I scream like a little girl. I blame my mother. I'll never forget being in the basement with her when I was little, she was doing laundry and shook out some clothes and a flying roach flew out. She screamed..I screamed..we did NOT scream for ice cream.

4. I am facinated w/ "movie stars" and celebrities. I want to know what is going on w/ Lindsey Lohan, George Clooney and Matt Damon. I know it's wierd but it's not like I believe it really is news. I know it is what it is..but I read it. I used to have a subcription to People Magazine.

5. I love animals. I'm not a Peta freak or anything like that but I care about animals. I don't think there is an animal that I don't like. I love Shark Week, Meercat Manor and other Animal Planet Shows. I want to pet every dog I meet..and I want them to give me kisses. I still have no problem eating beef, chicken, veal, seafood etc. I guess it's like being Catholic but being FOR the death penalty. FYI: hurt animals make me cry sometimes MORE than seeing hurt people.

6. I know what is going on w/ my body most of the time. It all started when I ate a dime when I was around 8 years old. I liked the taste of the dirty money in my mouth. Mom freaked but the doctor said just to "watch my stool" and once it passes there is nothing to worry about. I had to poop in a plastic tub for weeks. Mom was being way more cautious since I could tell her each day where the dime was in my system. I could show her. I also informed her the exact time it was coming out..and it did. I'm still like that.

7. I'm not wearing plus size clothes anymore, it's the first time in oh...20 years? I can buy cuter stuff. I am still a bit limited though cause it has to be petite.

8.I am considered my stepson's "religious advisor". That's what is mom calls me. Whenever Drew has questions about God, religion, faith etc he asks me. I think it's a HUGE responsibility. I love our conversations, they are usually in the car. He really is a very bright child and he asks great questions, I don't always have the answer. I sure hope I don't screw that up.

As far as tagging. If you are reading this and you have not done this meme then consider yourself tagged. I do believe that everyone in the blogging universe has done this one already.