Alive..sorta kinda

So...I'm at work. I don't expect to relax but at least I won't have the puppy driving me crazy all day.
The poopies are starting today but for some reason I couldn't stay home a 3rd day. I can tell I have a fever as I am sitting here. I'm hotter than hell but I wore a nice fuzzy sweater cause it's supposed to snow today. They are saying that at 11is this morning through noon tomorrow we're supposed to get snow from this system coming up from the South. We'll see how this turns out, they mentioned the majority will be South and East of us..which for me means Illinois and Jefferson County MO.. I don't want 5" of snow on my drive home, I'll tell you that. More than likey most stuff will fall after we go to bed.

My employee has threatened to quit..so I have a feeling that means we were slammed. I guess that is a good thing.

I really hope I get back to normal, I think I've eaten twice in the last 3 days. I haven't had the energy to do anything so laundry sure has piled up. I am wearing an old pair of underware and old bra today..hope I don't get in an accident.. (why do our parents tell us that?)

I'm still on the American Idol train..contestants are way better this year, I think.

I watched alot of TV while I was sick cause I didn't have the energy to be in front of the computer. I watched "For Your Consideration" yesterday..which was pretty good..I also watched "How Stella Got Her Groove Back"..and I don't remember what else, I'll have to think about it..cause I actually don't remember.

Gotta run to the bathroom..it's going to be a long day.




Today it went from 71 - Tornado Warnings, Thunderstorms...TO 17, snow and high winds.

I need to get back under the covers...


A girly thing to do...

It's a Valentine Swap.. Kinda like pulling a name from a hat.

Go over to An Island Life (which imo is something we could all use when it's 5 degrees out)

Sign up!! You have until next Thursday.
You have to do this...


What is your idea of a romantic Valentine’s Day?
Dinner at a really nice resturant followed by hours of making out on the couch listenting to 70's love songs.

In reality, what is your Valentine’s Day really like?
Take out and a movie from Blockbuster

If you could have a lifetime supply of your favorite sweet indulgence, what would it be?
Chocolate Covered Stawberries..DARK chocolate

Is there any sweet treat you absolutely do not like?
Chocolate covered cherries...bleh

If you fell into a pool of chocolate, how would you get out?
Why would I want to get out? Just throw me some strawberries.

ALS Post..

I haven't had a post talking about ALS in a long time; and that is horrible.
Everyone has a cause. Something that they feel strongly about, at least I hope so. It usually comes about because someone you know has a disease or died from one stupid thing or another. Breast cancer, prostate cancer..they may have lukemia, aides, lupus etc.
Mine is ALS. ALS took the life of one of my best friends in the whole world, Jim.

There have been movements in research. You can help by contacting your congressman. Check out this site. You can see what kind of things are happening.

ALS doesn't have a target person. White people are usually effected more than black or asian. It strikes men and women both, usually not children. They haven't figured out if it is passed along through a family but I've personally known where cousins and aunts and uncles have all had the disease. You cannot prevent ALS and you can't stop it from killing. That really needs to change. At least with something like cancer there is hope.. ALS sometimes effects people differently, symptoms play out a little different.

My friend Jim had back issues and has speach problems. His doctor ruled out everything else. I remember having a conversation where he told me he was praying it was a brain tumor, anything but ALS. It was so difficult to realize my friend was inside this shriviling body who couldn't speak. I wonder though with all the drugs how aware he really was. I'll never know. He left behind a beautiful daughter that looks like him and a wife who is lost without him...and many, many friends.

If you read this today and learned something that is good. If you do something about it that is great.


7 Wierd Things...A Meme

The Rules

Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
Tagged right here!! = Melissa
Share 7 random and/or weird things about yourself.

Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

My list of 7 random and/or weird things about me...I've decided to do things that I thought were normal and then I realized I was weird.

1. The majority of hair on my legs is near my ankles, other than that there really isn't much.

2. I can't wear high heels. I fall down or twist my ankle.

3. I want to be on a jury. I sat there with thousands of people a few weeks ago that couldn't wait to get out of there. When there numbers were called they were totally bummed out. I was bummed out I wasn't called.

4. I've never had a car payment. I've either had my cars purchased for me or I've purchased an inexpensive one and paid up front.

5. I can tell where in my body my food is. We figured out I could do this when I was 5 years old and I swallowed a dime. I had to go potty in a plastic tub so she could inspect every day and I told her the day it was coming, and I was right. I can just feel things.

6. Babies and animals love me. When I hold babies they go poopie.

7. I am an old soul. I know this. I don't know if my friends know but hubbie realizes it. I think I should have been born at least 20 years before I was.

I am tagging 7 people now
I've decided not to PICK people but to pick the first 7 people on my browser that I read..minus the DGM, Dooce and Pioneer Woman that don't actually read my blog.

1. Linda
If you don't know Linda she is my friend from up North. She and I have been reading each others blogs since...oooo..long time..it was back when I had my first journal.

2. Val
I've linked her twice in one day. Do I get a prize?

3. Biddy
Another tag today...I'm on a role. Miss Biddy isn't feeling well and is all drugged up. She needs a good meme.

4. Annie!
Annie's one of those "cute as a button" girls who has the most beautiful children..

5. Kate
Kate happens to be a real life friend of Linda up in the Great White North..ay
I just kicked her booty for not posting in a month..now she has something else to do.

6. Emily
She's funny...

7. Jenn
Jenn's a bit of a country girl...I like the way she thinks!

A little bit of information for you

It's a linky day..stuff that I think you should read. Well maybe not SHOULD read but if you are looking for things to read..her are some suggestions:

First off..Shopping for furniture? Don't go here..unless you want "throw away" furniture that a company can't stand by.

My favorite fake Canadian Family are Jon the dentist, Elly, Elizabeth, Grandpa, Iris etc... Read todays strip. Grandpa lost Grandma and then fell in love again w/ Iris..who the family has really learned to love. Grandpa had a stroke and Iris has been awesome..this just really makes you think.

Idiot..selfish bastard... Read this story, it makes most idiot men stories seem trivial.

Val's husband is in China. I found her post VERY interesting. I think I'd like to go there once just to see.

My friend Biddy has been having some SERIOUS back issues. Check out her descriptive post..WITH pictures!

Slouching Mom cracked me up...if you have children, or PETS in the house you know what it's like when you are in the potty..especially when you are sick!

Are you guys getting a laugh here everyday? I know that I am. Post Secret VS Icanhascheezeburger...

I sold my first item on Zazzle!! I sold a coffee mug w/ Rocky the cat on it!. I made $3.67!! That is so exciting. I really should get creative and put more things on there.

I have always believed something would happen to me like this story. Where fate would jump in. Did you see this? Wow.

One more time..if you are looking for something to read and you like knights and castles. Please read Ken Follet!
If you want a laugh, Janet Evanovich has out a new book..not part of the series but it will hold you over.

Read Read Read~!~


From the Parent/Teacher Meeting

Kris had this linked at her blog. This is exactly what we watched last night.

yo yo yo..

Well that's what Randy Jackson says... First off thanks for allowing me to hop up on my soapbox yesterday :-) and thanks for your kind words.

I came up with a brilliant idea, I was going to make the title of my posts songs..but then I couldn't think of one..so I quoted Randy Jackson. You see Idol last night? I liked the single dad and his pony tail kid..he was good!

Here is what is going on...

Heath Ledger is dead..and you all know this cause it was on every news medium EVER know to man. That sucks, he was good.

Yesterday I was SLAMMED at work then I went to the grocery store and then a meeting at Drew's school. I was the only parent in attendance..J was w/ Drew at soccer skills, his mom was home w/ a sick baby and his step dad at work..SO I went to school. They had a meeting about kids and the Internet. It was SO interesting. They talked about how most jobs that the kids will have are not even created yet. They also talked about how the Internet is where they hang..and we can't get all parental with them because that is their only non-controlled place to be anymore. Drew's school teaches them about creating a user name that is gender neutral..and how they need to keep their on line places password protected. They talked about cyber-bullying and how most if it comes from girls. They also talked about how high the number is of kids that lie about their age on line..they said it was a bit of a reverse thing..Kids don't want to say they are 12 so they aren't a target for pedophiles, but then they mark that they are 34. LOL.. Things to discuss with the kids. I know that I stay on top of things more than any of Drew's other parents. We watch You Tube together and he knows all about eBay and my blog and flickr..he is well informed. He is 8 and is on an only community at Webkinz and the Penguin one..which I can't think of. I think it's key to know where they are on line.
After the computer talk we got report cards. He doesn't get grades yet..but his remarks will all average and above average. :-)
I got home around 8:30..we watched Idol and that was about it.

I love my cousin but she was in the newspaper for a bad reason.. This is the article..changed to protect her identity from the people that didn't see the article..
Police seek woman in Hill, elsewhere

Julie Daron. Aka Julie Miller

Tuesday, January 22, 2008 4:51 PM CST

City police are warning people in The Hill neighborhood and elsewhere to watch for Julie Daron, also known as Julie Miller

According to an e-mail sent out by police Second District Public Affairs Officer Don the woman walks The Hill and preys upon older residents, aggressively begging for money and food. She tends to take advantage of people's kindness, Don said in the e-mail.

She is known throughout the area because of family ties, Don wrote.People who see her are asked to call 911 immediately. She is wanted under her married name. People should call police and not other relatives of the woman, Don wrote.
Isn't that sad? She's around 4 years older than me..I used to look up to her, she was BEAUTIFUL. Drugs got the best of her. She has 3 beautiful children who are pulled in every direction..I feel so bad for them too.
J saw her around Christmas and she was walking in the rain. He drover her to an apartment. I saw her in October..told her I loved her and told her to take care of herself. I've asked her aunt if there is anything MORE going on than the above cause I know that with just the above information there is no way in hell that I'm calling 911. We'll see.

OK..back to the old grind. I have to take dad to the funeral parlor tonight, old man..friend of the family died. fun fun fun...


racist or prejudice - my soap box

I'm VERY prejudice against certain people. I admit it 100% This is something I need to work on, it’s a struggle. I started thinking about this yesterday on the celebration of MLK Day. I think that many people confuse the two. Being a racist is wrong. Being a racist is actually shows your ignorance and I am prejudice against people that are racist.

Do you follow me? Let me explain anyway.

I believe that MLK was a person that was very tolerant of people. He didn't seem like a prejudiced person at all. He spoke of equality and I think we have come a long way. Far enough? No, I don't think so. It's taking a long time but at least most places in the country you aren't forced to separate yourself due to the color of your skin. I've noticed though that most places people do it any way. I noticed this at jury duty. You throw in a mix of people that are for the most part all strangers. The black people sat with the black people, the white people with the white people..and for the most part the men w/ the men and women w/ the women. Why do we do this? Was this learned? Is it basic instinct? I really don't know. Maybe people just gravitate towards people that they are comfortable with.

Being comfortable I think is what leads to being prejudice. When we are uncomfortable with a person we are more than likely prejudice against him for whatever reason. Again, I am not talking about race. Walk with me down a street...a city street. Coming toward you is a man. He has dirty baggy clothes, his head is down. You see that his pants are hardly even staying up since he wears them so low around his butt. Are you nervous? Why are his hands in his pockets? Is there anyone else around me? Are you a little nervous?

Now..same street. A man is walking your way. He has on a nice pair of tan pants; he's clean cut and has on a nice jacket. He's carrying a briefcase. Do you have any of those same feelings?
My guess, if you are anything like me you were much more comfortable w/ briefcase man coming toward you.
Notice it didn't matter if it was a black, white, Asian, Indian or middle eastern man..it was the way the dressed.
Now that guy in the baggy dirty clothes could have been the nicest sweetest guy in the world, it could have been your brother. I just find myself prejudice.

I am also prejudice against people with lots of piercing or tattoos...people that don't use good grammar. I am prejudice against people that are racist, I think that shows you are ignorant.

I'm sure there are people that are prejudice against me. Maybe they have issue with people that drive gas guzzling cars and tend to vote republican...or have issue w/ people that don't recycle.. I'm guilty.

I think a little prejudice is healthy and awareness of your prejudice can also lead to tolerance and knowledge.

Racist people: I have NO tolerance for. Neither did our civil rights leaders in the 1960's who lead the charge to wake some people up. Did they succeed? In my opinion, kinda sorta. I think it’s our job to make sure that racism isn’t tolerated.

My problem is though I don’t think people really know what racism is. Racism is not being prejudice. I am equally prejudice against people of all colors. That’s just me. When you promote one person over another person in a job it has nothing to do with their race. It’s about performance and knowledge. When you fire a person from a job it is based on performance not race. Why do we give scholarships to people of certain colors? I don’t know, you would think that we should do it by knowledge and performance also..is that racist? I guess so.

I have truly gone above and beyond what you should tolerate for my soap box. If you are still reading this I’m surprised. If you don’t agree with me and think that I’m full of hot air I also wouldn’t be surprised. I guess what this does show is that I’m not a writer, I’m sure if this was a paper in college I’d get a D..but oh well. No one is prefect.


Sunday Weekly Winners

It's that time of week...time for my weekly winner photos. I didn't take that many this past week.

Sunset from last week
Pink Sky

This is how cold it was yesterday around noon. We had scouts at California Pizza Kitchen...they gave the boys a tour and they got to make their own pizza's!
creve coeur flag
This is the flag for the city of Creve Coeur Missouri (part of St Louis where the CPK was)
what is my hourly wage
The boys learning how to make a pizza
i can do this
Boys spreading the sauce

My iced tea!
tea and straw
MP Self Portrait
hi jack
What's a week without a good picture of Jack!?!?!

Now Go On Over to Sarcastic Mom's site and see the other weekly winners!


Friday Free for all...

It's anything and everything in my brain...the stuff that when I say it all out loud it makes people look at me like "is there an off button"...

I have a cavity..and I understand why it's called that. It's a whole, a quarry in my tooth and it hurts..like a dull ache so I'm chewing on one side of my mouth and that is just a pain in the ass. Oh well I guess I'll live, I go back to get it all taken care of on the 29th. I really wish I had dental insurance cause I have a feeling that only bad stuff is in my future.

Do you know who you are voting for this election? We have the primary coming up in February. I thought I knew but I was doubting myself. Slade/Dolce found two websites where you go and put in how you feel about main issues (education, abortion, immigration, taxes, stem cell research etc..) and it will rate the canditates..you can see who is thinking along the same lines as you. I did it and it confirmed who I was supporting. I was interested to see the #2, 3, 4 etc.. That will especially come in handy for November. Go on over and do those..they are really enlighting. And if you don't know what the issues are the first link allows you to click and it explains what it means to support or oppose..and does it in laymans terms.

One of my photo idols is Lisa... I nominated her for one of those award things. Go check out her photos and vote for her...there are TONS of people out there nomitated for stuff. Go out there and vote!

Both Edwards and the Clintons are going to be in town tomorrow. This really sucks since Edwards is going to be near our house and we have scouts and soccer..I hope they don't start closing roads and stuff. Last time I saw the Clintons I was almost arrested. If you are actually reading this and havent' heard the story and would like to let me know.

It was 19 degrees this morning...that is supposed to be the HIGH tomorrow. Nice..

It really sucks that Brad Renfro died. I just watched Apt Pupil a few weeks ago and was mentioning to Dolce about what a great young actor he was..and that it sucked about the drugs. News is he had a F*CK ALL Y'ALL freshly tatted on his back. Yeah, I think he had some issues.

Did you hear they are now saying that Brit Brit is Sybill and has multiple personalities..and she doesn't remember what she does. Now that would be something!

We sent REAL grocery shopping last night. First time since before Christmas. I threw out so much in the fridge that had expired or was old. Felt good! I really knew it was time when I baked my potato in the microwave yesterday afternoon..then sliced it open and it was rotten..J thew out the newer potatoes and kept the old ones in there..Oopps...

I REALLY want to win Pioneer Woman's latest photo contest. My entry was pretty lame and there are over 2000 people that entered. But it's for a $500 gift certificate to Best Buy..OMG. First think I would do is buy Photo Shop!!

If you are looking for an AWESOME dip that is a little different. BUY THIS...and a bag of pretzels. You will thank me.


What's In A Name

Tasina stole an idea..and I will too. Nicknames!
Here are all the names from my family.

Let's start w/ Dad. He's been my dad for 41 years but before that he's had a few names.
His name is John Henry but has been called:
Uncle Johnny
Giovanni Enrico
...his number one name though is Uncle Johnny. Even my mom refered to him to ME as Uncle Johnny

Aunt Pat
Patsy Cline (I call her that)
Mother ( I use that ALOT)

J (I use this all the time)
Germany (my dad has a really hard time saying Jeremy)
Jerm (J's mom)
Big J (my friends Dave and Charlie call him this)

Drew Bear
Drewski (Grandma Prill calls him this)

Mary Pat
BB (came from Drew as a baby..he couldn't say Mary Pat so we tried MP which became BB)
MPQP (old one..came from girlfriends who noticed that at a bar I was the fastest peer in the midwest)
Matricia (cousins combining Mary Patricia)
Most Precious (again cousins)
Mary Patricia (usually used by my mother)

Now stumped for something to write about? Here you go..steal the idea and link it back!
EDIT: I just read LuLu's comment and checked her's out..it's her about tab..and I realized I forgot the pets!!

Rocky the male younger cat:
Rock Man
Blue Eyes
Puddy Tat
Tweety Pie
Big Guy

Patches the older Siamese cat:
Princess (I call her that)
Sweetie Pie
Senile Old Cat (J refers to her lovingly)

Jack the dog/puppy:
Jack in the Box


Me and my Bad Loquacious Self

Lisa told me yesterday that I was being quite loquacious lately. I LOVE that word, almost as much as juxtoposition. The problem with loquacious is that I am the WORST speller in the world so I never even tried to use it..NOW I have it in Lisa's comments to I can cut and pates... loquacious loquacious loquacious loquacious loquacious.. That was fun.
And yes, I have been a bit chatty Cathy lately.. I'm not quite sure why.
And click on Lisa's link there..she takes the most AWESOME pictures..today there are some cute little mice..yes you heard me correctly.

Bri left me this comment yesterday:
OMG, you're one of THOSE people. ;) You American Idol weirdo, you!

Well Bri: Yes I am! And that is what we are going to talk about today!
I have to begin by saying that I wasn't ALWAYS and American Idol weirdo (to quote Bri).
I remember Year 1.. My friend L that I worked with was always gushing about Frenchie and Kelly and OMG I should watch this show. I never did. Then I remember telling my loving husband (who I was living in sin with at the time).. OMG that American Idol TV show is doing a concert. They are going to be at the TWA Dome. Can you imagine paying money to watch people from a talent show sing, OMG!! How Stupid Is THAT?
Year 2... This was the year that Clay and Ruben were on. Again people all around me talking about how Clay was gonna win, Clay was gonna win.. Foxes Most Watched TV SHOW.. So you know what. I watched the final episode. The big black guy won and I thought, Hmmm he doesn't sound so bad..kinda Barry White but not as good.
Year 3.. This is the year of Fantasia.. J started watching and he thought the auditions were hysterical..I on the other hand had NCIS on and I was NOT going to watch that. At the time we did not have a dvr. I did watch the end of the show...I was SO routing for Jennifer Hudson.
Year 4.. The year starts and I remember watching right away..it was our little family time. J spots Carrie in the St Louis audition..they did a bio of her and he says.. "That is it, that is the winner!".. I have to give him credit, he called it from the begining. We had hometown by Nikko Smith in the competition and I was in love with Constantine. We watched the entire show..and guess what. We decided since we loved all the people so much this year that we would check out the concert. OMG..we sat in nosebleeds and I screamed like the little girls that were all around me.
Year 5: Again, we watched the entire season. By this time Drew is in on the act. This is the year of Chris Daughtrey, Bucky, Kellie, Katherine and Taylor.. and of course the lovely Mandisa.
We went to the concert this year and we brought Drew with us. His first concert!
Year 6: The production of the show went down hill..IMO..I didn't care when people were booted cause I didn't KNOW THEM...there were no bio's.. I liked the contestants but hated the themes..they were bringing people on the show to boost sales on their new releases. Dumb.
Drew decided that he wanted to be a beat boxer like Blake Lewis.. We went to the concert.
This year we also went to the Daughtry concert.

So here we are: Year 7
Last night were the Philly auditions. So far MUCH better than last year. The black girl football player made me cry..the Dork Star Wars Fan made me laugh...the Oregon girl that does cage fighting was hot and she could sign...the black guy that sang Uncle Kraker was awesome.
Moving on to Dallas tonight. Hollywood is when it gets better.
So yes Bri..I have BECOME one of those people!! LOL

FYI..I have 2 blogs that I read durning American Idol time...
Jennifer and Dave


Rock the Vote!

No I'm not talking about the Michigan Primary... Get over to Pioneer Woman and vote for your favorite in the Equine Beauty Pagent.. My money is on Miss Arizona..although there have been rumors of substance abuse.. lol...

Only the Interesting Stuff

This post is only going to be about things that are really interesting..so you won't hear about my dog's privates or my bad 80's hair...
This is the other type of things that go round and round in my head....

What do I think is interesting? The Plague... did you know it was back? Or that it never really left? As you may recall I just finished Ken Follet's novels. World Without End basically has the Plague as a central character in the book. One of the main characters is driven to help others and she is able to do so while helping those infected with the Plague..it moved from Italy to France to London..and on to Scotland, Ireland etc. They would have YEARS without a case and then all of a sudden it would come back into their town and thousands would die. Of course in these medieval times they believed that you were sick because you sinned and that things could be spread by a curse or by looking at someone in the eye. Eventually the would avoid infection by closing the doors to the city and not letting anyone in. Some were lucky this way and some were born with something that wouldn't allow you to be infected. Did you ever hear about that story where everyone in the town but one family died...and now they are studying descendants from that family to see WHY...I tried to find the link to the story but I couldn't find one, trust me, I watched a special on TV. I totally love stories about Medieval times. I'll watch a really bad movie just to watch the time period.

Drugs, that are illegal. I was watching a special on the History Channel..did anyone see this? Did you know that LaGuardia...yeah, the airport, New York..that is the guy. He actually had a commission research in depth the effects of the maryjane (I don't want to write it or I'll get a million potheads coming here)... They PROVED that it was not addictive and that alcohol was really a worse drug. They just totally buried it and disregarded it..I never realized how political the entire thing was...they used all this propaganda, specifically there was this kid, Licata who killed his family with an axe. He lived in Florida I think. Well they said he did it because he had smoked a doobie.. It ended up that he was mentally ill out the wazzoo..that was his issue, the doobage actually calmed him.. They would run movie reels to the public saying that it was a drug that only lead to more addictive things...and there were no clinical reports to back that....only the political guys......and OMG..I was trying to find a link for William Randolph Hearst..and looky what I found... This guy has them ALL... Anyway I found the show addictive (pun intended). You know what, I bet that if it was taxed.. Oh well.. It's never going to change and alcohol is just going to get stronger. I mean how many people smoke a joint and die of pot poisoning? I think I've knows at least a dozen people who binge drank and ended up in the hospital. Oh well...again, it will never change.

And the final interesting news.. 8 hours until you hear, "And this is YOUR American Idol"...


What is going on..

I should be proactive and do some stuff..I really haven't done alot..just what I need to do.. Bad MP

Slow days though give me time to think..which gives me time to blog. Some of you enjoyed "what's going on"... So for you busy busy mom's especially that don't have time to read the news I'll tell you all what I think you should know..both local, national, worldwide and most importantly personally.

Let's start with me, OK?

We did NOT get Jack's manhood wacked..we had Jeep issues and J said he would MUCH rather I take the dog, so that way if he dies during surgery it's on me.. He doesn't want to get him fixed..well it's not J's Head that the dog is humping at 4am..it's mine! So I need to reschedule that.

I made a kick ass roast on Saturday..got 3 meals out of it, I was pretty proud of myself. I disagree w/ Pioneer Woman..I think you need to roast the little red potatoes w/ the meat..then spray button on them w/ a little salt.. Humm. I just take a huge ass roast, salt and pepper it..I stick it in a crock pot/roaster on high...before putting in the meat I put a little EVOO on the bottom..then I set it in their fat side up. I drizzle some worchestershire sause and fill it half way up with water (salt is already added so you really don't need broth). I cook on high a couple hours..then put more water in...and plop in some potatoes and carrots..stick the lid back on and cook it a few more hours. Then I cut it..good for sandwhiches or anything. YUM.. I often use onions and garlic..but w/ J coming off weeklong sick I decided not to add those things...it was still yummy.

Drew is playing indoor soccer. Last week was his first game, he liked it..THIS weekend he scored 2 goals...count them with me.. ONE, TWO!! The first one he just had a big ole boot on it and blasted it, he surprised even himself. I tell you those games are FUN.. I can't wait til he gets older and the teams are even more competitive. He starts Chess lessons this week and soccer "training" next week. Boy's got some stuff going on. This coming weekend Boy Scouts are going to California Pizza Kitchen..I hope they feed us.

If you hadn't noticed from the previous posts I'm starting to scan old pictures.. It's been fun.. BUT it's a pain in the butt cause the scanner is on the floor next to the computer table..up down up down...aggghhh.. The area is a bit too small for a side table..guess I'll live.

OK..let's go local news.. I have been messing around with my commute to work.. Doing awesome now. I shortened my morning commute by 5 miles and 10 minutes..better than before the highway shut down. They are tearing bridges and overpasses down left and right. I really need to get over there and take some pictures. When I was little and they build Highway 44; Dad and I used to ride up the on ramp and ride our bikes on the highway.

Skipping to World News: Smurf's are celebrating their 50th Anniversary! Yes, I too thought they started in the 80's..it was actually 1958..go figure!

TV News: Next Sunday is the finale of The Amazing Race.. what an awesome show. I'm so glad that bitch Jenn got knocked off, I was sick of her.
I tried watching that Lonesome Dove/Commanche mini series..BORING... I'm glad I only wasted about 15 minutes of my time..then I switched over and caught some Jon and Kate plus 8.. THAT is quaility TV.

Jamie Oliver LOST to Mario Batalli in Iron Chef America..they did this fish I never heard of. Jamie should have won..just for that cute little lisp AND a British accent.

The Golden Globes sucked..almost as bad as the People's Choice awards. I don't even know half these TV shows...and some of those actors..I was very confused. I sure hope the Academy Awards will get to have a real show..damn writers strike.

Brit Brit didn't show for court today. Either she doesn't really like being a mom..or she is totally wigged out and should be committed.

Hillary and Barak are classing over race...that is what the headline was. Something about an MLK quote..I don't care enough to research more.

A bunch of celebrities birthed babies...Nicole Richie had a girl, Christina had a boy and Courtney Thorne Smith had a boy..

In old news; twins married each other in England. OK..it can happen. Why in the hell would you split up TWINS when giving them up for adoption?? Who does that?

The pope did a baptism this weekend for the staff of the Vatican..and he did the mass backwards..like as in Pre Vatican II... what's next? Latin? Women off the alter? Only male alterboys.. This guy scared me.

In sporting news the Cardinals got rid of Scottie the hottie who had a bum shoulder for a boy named Troy from Canada w/ bad feet. Oh joy. Spring Training starts in a couple months!


Family 1987

Family 1987
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
OK...this was AFTER the freshman 15..I really had a bad perm..bad hair..mom was much thinner..dad still wears that shirt.
Doesn't Spanky look a bit like Jack? Poor Spanky.. :0( He's no longer with us.

mp and daddy 1983

mp and daddy 1983
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
I believe we were at my cousin's daughters birthday party. I remember these pants, they were gauchos..and my puffy shirt..it buttoned down the side. I belive I had a bad perm too..

MP and Sr Rosario

MP and Sr Rosario
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
This is my 8th grade graduation..in front of church w/ my favorite nun, Sr Rosario. Please admire my flipped and feathered hair..VERY cool for 1981..I look at this and remember I thought I was SO fat...

Father Daughter Dinner 1984

Father Daughter Dinner 1984
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
This was me in high school...that was my mom's suit from the 1950's..

Sunday Weekly Winners

Head on over to Sarcastic Mom and join in the fun.

Here are my favorite pictures from this past week..they were all taken on Sunday of last week!
J wasn't feeling well and it was a BEAUTIFUL day. Drew, Jack and I headed off to the park. I actually played football. (don't laugh too hard) then I told Drew to go play that I was going to take some pictures...he said, "Don't you want to take pictures of me!?"..the boy has a love affair with the camera..and the camera loves him too...
Enjoy my day...

drew black and white

ill lick your hand

gimme a kiss

drew posed

blue jean boy

drew at the park

fixing his shoe


What's Goin On..

I MISSED Delurking Day yesterday!! How did that happen?? SO..if you are STILL lurking, it doesn't matter that it's the 11th and I don't have a cute little badge..say hi..and I mean you person from Brazil!!

In the news (??is it really news? or gossip??)
Christopher Bowman died..you remember him? Ice skater back in the Brian Boitano days (and can you even talk about Brian Boitano w/out thinking about South Park and start signing, "what would Brian Boitano do?")
Point is Christopher Bowman died..looks like he got ALL hooked up in drugs, hookers and MAN he got fat. I doubt he could stand on skates anymore.
Speaker of skaters did you hear Dorothy Hammil has breast cancer. Ahhh the skaters of my youth....and I can't skate, at all. But I have always been all about the skating during the Winter Olympics. Love it!!

Bank of America is supposed to buy out Countrywide. How does that effect my loan, does it?

Brit Brit has a paparazzi boytoy..they played some games..they acted like they were flying to LA or NYC..but NOOOOO psych..they drove to Mexico..and now they are back. Does someone think it might be a good idea to do a cavity search for illegal substances?? Who wants to put money that they got married..you think? NO...guess not. Don't get me wrong, I feel totally bad for her children but it's a deer in the headlights. I read TMZ everyday, I'm addicted..I can tell you shit that is worthless. I know that Will Smith, not Jada became a Scientologist...I know that Jamie Lyn is getting her GED...I watched the finale of Zoey 101..I've alwasy loved that show. Drew has a crush on "Zoey"..my new favorite is iCarley.. I sure hope we can keep her pure for a while. Did you know that Lindsey fell off the wagon on New Years Eve..and she slept her way through Italy. Amy Winehouse died her rat's nest blond! Tom Hanks REALLY wants to make sure that the Academy Awards go off without a hitch..you think it has anything to do w/ Charlie Wilson's War? Ryan Seacrest is going to do a live Golden Globes show and cut to the winners..no read carpet. OMG the People's Choice Awards were HORRIBLE.. No, they were beyond that, they sucked donkey ass. (watch the google hits I get for that)

St Charles MO..right near St Louis is talking about banning obsene literature, music and "words" from bars..and table dancing. They think this will help with their late night drunken issues. Saying bad words or dancing on tabels doesn't cause drunken riots..it's the alcohol asswipes!!!! If you don't want that crap on your streets rezone the area and get rid of the bars!! Idiot's.

Primary's are happening all over the country..one by one.. it's interesting I guess.. I just can't wait til the candidates are chosen, gloves come off and it really begins. I have to give it to Mr Obama..he sure can speak well...what a motivator.. um sir..How you gonna DO what you are talking about. Right now this drives me nuts, it's like a freaking Democratic and Republican pep ralley.. Ugghhhh. Then the candidate says, "I'll fight for THIS cause and THAT cause"...well great, the congress is the opposite party as you and they are going to VETO all that shit. NOTHING will get done. OK..off my soap box.

It snowed today in Bagdad.

Toni Collet had a babygirl..I have loved her since Muriel's Wedding..GOD I love that movie.

They have been getting up at the crack of dawn in town to check out traffic reports. They have scared people so much when they closed Highway 40 that everyone is driving on backroads..I took the highways..there isn't any traffic. I've added 10 mintues both ways to my commute..that's it, no big deal..they are still getting up at 4:30am and looking at emty roads..stupid.

OK..I guess that is enough ranting for today. Delurk already!!


MY Europe AND MY World

I couldn't help myself!!

create your personalized map of europe
or check out our Barcelona travel guide

SO what country in Europe do you want to visit..
Mine is tie..Croatia and Europe..
That is if it must be a new country..repeat country I pick Germany in a heartbeat!

create your own visited country map
or check our Venice travel guide

There is the whole world..The website told me 6%..
If I had to pick a new continent..I'd pick Africa in a HEARTBEAT.. Biddy has been there and showed me the link to this awesome safari place she stayed.. I want to see Lake Victoria / Victoria Falls before I die.

MY United States of America

You know how I am..stealing ideas...

create your own personalized map of the USA
or check out ourCalifornia travel guide

I didn't mark Arkansas cause I only drove through...same with Alabama..

So my thought is, if I could only pick one state to go to that I've never been before..where would I go next:
Well I DO want to go to Arkansas. We want to take a family vacation to the diamond mines..maybe next year.
I'd like to go to South Dakota..cause I really want to see Mt Rushmore.
I'd also like to see New Mexico..it looks beautiful in pictures.
We were going to go to Wyoming for our honeymoon..but we went to Aruba instead.
I think that I'm going to pick Maine..I have ALWAYS wanted to visit our little state up North..have some fresh seafood and relax in the cool ocean breeze..guess I better go in the Summer.

What about you? Do your map, just follow the link and figure out what state you would like to visit next..and let me know!!


Jury Duty Round 2

AWESOME storm last night..rain lingered through the morning.
With my umbrella I walked to the courthouse in the rain..and I sat and read..then I went to the bathroom..I read some more, went to the vending machine and got a water..ate a granola bar..then what happened??? I read some more...
Eventually they let us all go home..they didn't call any panels at all!!

$24...2 days and I read my book...

FYI: I finished The Pillars of the Earth..LOVED it!
Now I'm reading World Without End..I also love this. I forgot how much I like Ken Follett's work...

Back to work tomorrow morning!!


Jury Duty - MP Style

Today was day one of jury duty. I live in the city and I get called every 4 years like clockwork. I have NEVER been chosen for a jury.

Today I had to be there at 8am. I parked in the approved garage and walked around 4 blocks to the courthouse..70 degrees in January..go figure. I checked in and sat down..the place as paced with close to 1500 potential jurors. They started calling panels..not me..I read. Then I read some more..then I went to the smoking lounge and read more. I was almost finished with my book..they called a total of 4 panels then at 11:30 the annouced lunch til 1:15..I walked down the street and figured I would stop at whatever looked good. We're supposed to have a storm so the winds in downtown were like Chicago.. I ate at this nice little pizza place. $7 buffet for jurors..nice. I ate with this very nice lady who owns a market in town..more like a grocery store. She lives in one of the high rise condos.. = $$$$ Then I went back to the lounge at the jury waiting room..they called 4 more panels..NOT ME.. I finised my book and started another..I came prepared.

4pm they sent us home..I walked through the downtown wind tunnel w/ my validated parking tag..and went home. I got paid $12 for this..$7 for lunch..so I'm up $5! Wooo hooo.

Tomorrow I go back at 9am..if I don't get chosen I'll get to go home. So exciting. J..he went 2 years ago..chosen for a panel on day one and then actually got picked for a jury. Me not so lucky. I figure it's cause I'm too smart and good looking.. LOL..I crack myself up..

Dolce: Jack loses the boys on Friday!!


gimme a kiss

gimme a kiss
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
Drew and I went to the park today and I took this..

Sunday Weekly Winners

The talented and lovely Lotus has created this weekly meme...you take picitures please join..

Here are mine..some are reposts..
powerline sunset

sunset through the screen

winter evening

im ready for my close up

watching the game from the bench


Drew was trying to kill me...

bb drew jack
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
Drew and the dog attacked me last night...Jeremy was there with the camera to capture the assult.... I think I laughed so hard I cried.

on the bench

on the bench
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
Drew,coach and team member watching the game from the bench. Today was the first indoor game!


One of these is my dog...


Do you have an idea which one is my puppy...


Life Tribute

I mentioned that my cousin's husband passed away. I googled to see what they were doing..since it's out of town. The church is closing their office and sports games for the weekend. I knew they were big in their community but this is very impressive. My cousin has to be so moved. Some folks from town are going this weekend for the funeral..I'm glad there are some going to represent the rest of us.

New Meme

45 of the most random things you probably never needed to know about someone
whats your name spelt backwards?:tap yram
What did you do last night?:hooked up new monitor and speekers then went to Target
The last thing you downloaded onto your computer?:Music from iTunes
Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery?:No
Last time you swam in a pool?:April 2007
What are you wearing?:Tan pants and green turtleneck
How many cars have you owned?:8
Type of music you dislike most?:Folk
Are you registered to vote?:Yes
Do you have cable?:No
What kind of computer do you use?:Dell
Ever made a prank phone call?:Yes
You like anyone right now?:What Am I 5
Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?:Yes
Furthest place you ever traveled?:Holland I think
What's your favorite comic strip?:For Better or For Worse
Do u know all the words to the national anthem?:Yes
Shower, morning or night?:Morning
Best movie you've seen in the past month?:Super Bad
Favorite pizza toppings?:Pepperoni
Chips or popcorn?:Popcorn
What cell phone provider do you have?:Verizon
Have you ever smoked peanut shells?:No
Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?:No
Orange Juice or apple?:Apple
Who were the last people you sat at lunch with?:sat at lunch..Hmmm I'd say I don't remember I usually eat lunch alone
favorite chocolate bar?:Special Dark
Who is your longest friend and how long?:D for 24 years
Last time you ate a homegrown tomato?:around 3 months ago
Have you ever won a trophy?:Yes
Favorite arcade game?:Ms Pac Man
Ever ordered from an infomercial?:Yes
Sprite or 7-UP?:Sprite
Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school/work?:Yes to both
Last thing you bought at Walgreens?:Marlboro Red (not mine)
Ever thrown up in public?:Yes
Would you prefer being a millionaire or finding true love?:I already have true love can I have the million?
Do you believe in love at first sight?:Yes
Did you have long hair as a young kid?:No
What message is on your voicemail machine?:Leave a message
Where would you like to go right now?:Home
Whats the name of your pet?:Jack,Rocky and Patches
What kind of back pack do you have, and what's in it?:I have an orange one and it must have paper and junk in it sitting in my closet
What do you think about most?:Going on Vacation
Take this survey | Find more surveys
Bzoink - The Original Survey Site

New for 2008

I haven't had to write 2008 yet, I've typed it..but not written it. Remember when the year changed and you were in school and had to write the year 8 billion times by Jaunary 30th and you ALWAYS wrote the wrong number..It was SO 1978 and you were stuck in 1977...Yeah, me too.

What else is new? We got a new monitor at home...and new computer speakers. I'll have to take a pic.. it's huge w/ big sound. Our fish tank screen saver is really like a fish tank now.

New animals are all around. Ree at Pioneer Woman got a puppy (Charlie)..and it's REALLY cute. Dooce got a puppy too named CoCo..I'm thinking Chuck is dead..what do you think? She said there was a death in the family. I'm putting my money on getting hit by a car or something..We'll see. Hope not..but I have a feeling. EDIT CHUCK IS OK!! YEAH!

LuLu and Biddy are pretty much MIA..what's up with being MIA in the beginning of the new year!?!? Girls!!

WideLawns is coming home to Florida from LA. I hope she has more stories about her dad.

Lisa got a new header on her blog and it is FAB..one of the best I think I've ever seen!!

I'm thinking of making my own "theme" days.. and blog about the same topic of sorts each day..You know like TV review, book review, childhood story...stuff like that..what do you think??


im ready for my close up

im ready for my close up
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
kisses from Jack..He doesn't know it but his manhood is getting wacked next Friday. Hopefully that will stop the humping. Oh I didn't mention that he humps EVERYTHING in sight? Yeah..my arm, his toys, the pillow, the cat, the blanket, the couch..

My first meme of the new year!

I stole this MEME!!

Using the first letter of your name, answer these questions. They have to be real answers, nothing made up, and you can’t use your own name as an answer.

1. Famous singer: Madonna (at least she used to be famous)

2. Four letter word: Mail

3. Street: Market Street

4. Color: Mauve

5. Gifts/presents: Mirror

6. Vehicle: Mazda

7. Things in a souvenir shop: Matches

8. Boy name: Michael

9. Girl name: Michelle

10. Movie title: Men In Black

11. Drink: Mojito

12. Occupation: Missionary

13. Celebrity: Mandy Moore

14. Magazine: Mademoiselle

15. U.S. city: Macon

16. Pro sports: Miami Heat (does that count)

17. Fruit: Mango

18. Reason for being late for work: Making Whoppie

19. Something you throw away: mismatched socks

20. Something you shout: Move It Or Lose It Asswhole!

OK...I'm not going to tag anyone. If you like meme's do it...if you don't like them don't feel obligated. I thought it was easy and fun!

Cold Enough For You??

It's cold, single digit cold..This sucks!!

Poor little Jack was afraid of the wind yesterday, he'd go out side..the wind would kick up and mid-stream he would run back to the door.

I started a new book! I didn't finish the others but dove into a new one..just in time since jury duty starts on Monday..PRIME reading time!

Big news in town is that our highway shut down. Highway 40 which runs from East to West shut down..completely for a couple years. This is the highway that I use to drive to work. My 17 minute commute took 45 minutes today. I took an alternate highway. Tomorrow I'm going to try a more direct route but side streets. This is going to be quite an adventure.

My uncle's cousin...who dad used to sit with at the nursing home passed away. Sam was in his 90's..his wife lived at home but would visit him every day in the nursing home. I feel bad for her..she'll be so lonely.

My mom called this afternoon, my cousin's husband died. I didn't know him well but what I did know of him he was a wonderful man. He was only in his 50's. Their youngest was around 15..I realize she is the same age as another cousin..the oldest has to be around 29... He was a loving husband, great father and grandfather. He was very active in his church. I feel so bad for my cousin to be widowed at such a young age. I can't even imagine. I'm happy that she still has one daughter home. His death was a shock..he wasn't ill. Must have been a heart attack. Details still haven't come in...I last saw him at my wedding..I'm glad they came in town.

Mom says someone else needs to die..NICE mom. She thinks that death has to come in 3's. If no one she knows personally dies by next week she'll pull someone from the celebrity obits and make them count..Mom's like that.

Check out the best New Year's List..I especially like losing 2 lbs LOL! Good going Melinda.

I haven't made a list...I might....we'll see.


Happy New Year!

Sunset Aruba
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
Yes..it's 24 degrees outside..so to stay warm I'm going to think of Aruba.. :-)

Mizzou won the Cotton Bowl..the dog is going nuts..I'm playing on the computer and J is playing xbox..what more could we ask for a relaxing New Years Day!!

Hope you are having the same.