Friday rants and raves...

The Duggers..17 children, 1 mom and 1 day! After having baby Jennifer Mrs Dugger stated that they would love to have MORE! Below is the Falcon's New halftime show!

I got some things on my mind and I'm gonna tell you about it!

  • Drew was accepted into his new school! Yesterday was testing and he did awesome. J got a tour and now realizes why I was SO gaga about the place. Drew's mom called me this afternoon that we now have to uniform shop! Yeah. Check it out at http://www.ash1818.org/

  • I'm still freaked out about the bridges. It really is a phobia of mine. After what happened in Minneapolis Gov Blunt ordered our bridges inspected. They closed one over the Meremac yesterday...forever! We drove over that bridge earlier this month. St Louis MO is surrounded by rivers in EVERY direction. If we have the "big one" and the New Madrid fault every rocks and rolls we are screwed in a big way. You have to cross the Mississippi, Missouri or Meremac Rivers to get out of the metropolitan area.

  • Victims and their stories just facinate me, I'm the person though that reads the obits every day. One man who was a produce farmer or something is an illegal alien from Mexico. His wife stated that they need money now to bring his body back to Mexico. I'm thinking if it was good enough to move here illegally why isn't it good enough to bury your dead? I have an issue with that, does that make me a cold person?

  • Speaking of bridges...our entire infastructure in older cities are falling apart. Sewers are collapsing, bridges are falling. YET..we got a new stadium. Fix the shit already!

  • We are going to elect a new president this year. I do NOT care what Sean Penn, Alex Baldwin or the Olsen Twins think. Just yesterday I heard that OJ Simpson is endorsing someone, I don't know who it is, I don't care and I feel sorry for them. I did hear something funny the other day; "Democrats are in trouble since the US isn't ready for a woman or a black teenager for president"....you have to admit it's kinda funny. Ohbama is getting a bad rap I think. He is for sure the lesser of the evils on that side. It is going to be interesting.

  • The Dugger family in Arkansas had another baby. #17. Yes, 17 children from 19 to a newborn. They all have J names. I do watch shows on the Duggers which show up on the Discovery Channels. They are a bit freakish in my mind but I am impressed on how well behaved the children are.

  • Global Warming and the rise in Ocean Temperature is going to make this the WORSE year ever for hurricanes. Today they issued a statement: "Nevermind"

  • One of our coworkers gave their two weeks and he came into my office to tell me about it. It was very very hard to act like I cared. 2 other people have left recently and I didn't care about them either. That is so strange for me, usually I get so attached to people I freak out over the change.


Silly Hily said...

I remember reading about Jim Bob and his little, er, big family two years ago when they had number 16. I'm sure we'll hear about them soon having number 18. That's just crazy.
I'm the same way with bridges. Especially living along the New Madrid fault myself and being close to the Mississippi as well. I HATE driving over that river on that bridge. It freaks me out because I'm always scared it's going to fall and I'll get sucked into the undertow of the mighty Mississippi.

Biddy said...

i'm glad i'm not the only one who felt the need to rant on friday! hehe oh and the dog? i'm laughing my ass off, though I don't think i would be if it were my black ass in the uniform

Jenn said...

Who said that one line, that goes something like this...."It's a vagina, not a clown car."


That's all I can think of when I read about them.