Hot Enough For Ya?

Don't you hate that? "Hot enough for you?"...ggggrrrrrr
No, actually I'd like a few more degrees, my eggs were a little runny on the sidewalk.

Well today is supposed to be the record high. Drew's soccer coach said "I will have a short scrimmage tonight because of the heat. I need to go over a few things on the field before this weekends games, so during the scrimmage I will stop play to review positions. That should give the boys some breaks. They also need some instruction on goal kicks and corner kicks. I am going to keep it short and light, mostly instruction and minimal running."

Thank God! I went out twice this morning though, it's cold in the office, I have cramps and the heat feels good.

People keep dying from the heat. Serioulsy folks, when they say check on your elderly neighbors, they mean it! I wonder if some of these people could have been saved if one neighbor would have been "snoopy" and NOT minded their own business for once.

Speaking of dying, my mother is going to kill me. This weekend we are going to Sedalia then next Saturday at 3pm Drew has a soccer tournament at St Cletus. This means I cannot take my mother to church on Saturday night. This is going to MAJORLLY piss her off and I will be guilted to death...because I'm selfish. Deep breath in...release.
St Cletus makes Jeremy giggle..which makes me giggle..which makes Drew go, "huh?"

So, Hawaii has an earthquake last night AND there is a category 2 hurricane coming at them. Not quite paradise in my mind. Also...Hurrican Flossie? What is it a COW?

That is why I'm sticking w/ Aruba. NO hurricanes...I guess they could still have an earthquake..Oh well I'm still going again. We really have to schedule that, I'm thinking late March, early April. That worked well for work too.

Everyone is here at the office today, it's been much better. I am really fighting the urge to lie on the floor..on my stomach and take a nappy poo. If I close the door and put a sign on it that says meeting in progress do you think they would notice I was in here alone?


Jenn said...

Nope, I think it can be hotter!

At my office we have a seldom-used conference room...I have been known to close the door and take a little nap from time to time. I still haven't figured out why siestas haven't caught on in the U.S. I think a lot of us would welcome them!

Beware: Social Worker on the edge said...

I would rather hot thatn snow, but that's just me. I do hate the smog though...hard to breathe.

I use to try to shut my door and nap when I was preggers. The door would be locked and I could hear the conversations on the other side. Is she in there...maybe she's on lunch. They try the handle and the next thing I knew they were using a key to open my office. Shitty concerned co-workers.

Emily said...

I hate it when people ask me that while I'm at work cause I sit at a desk in air conditionaing all day. Doesn't so much affect me, ya know. ....And it just reminds me that I would much rather be outside laying on a float in a pool.