Oooopppsss My Bad

Damn kids...coming in and out the house w/out knocking!

Biddy Boo decided to take the weekend off..so I'll be over at her place. I already have one puppy..now I'll have to deal with them too. http://www.biddysworld.blogspot.com/

If you live anywhere near West Texas she'll give you a puppy...leave her a post!

OK...On to the rest of Chicago in a nutshell..cause the rest isn't as interesting...I think I'll do it in dots..

  • Work started paying for the hotel on Sunday. We had to pack up the penthouse and move to the Westin.

  • We walked/shopped/watched TV

  • Monday morning bright and early we went to work setting up our booth at the convention center. It was hot as hell and the AC wasn't on.

  • The Bose 3-2-1 system was broken so J and I had to go to Macy's on State to get a new one. The look on the guys face was great when we walked in and asked for a $999 item. I hope he got commission.

  • We were told to be at the booth at 8am. J got to rest in that day. I got up early put my suit on and got ready for my awesome breakfast. I was in the lobby at 7am then was accosted by coworkers who told me we didn't have TIME for breakfast.

  • Due to not having breakfast and eating lunch standing up..for the 2nd time in my life I got the most wicked constipation EVER along w/ hemrroids. I am Freaking out since I am always the opposite. It HURTS so bad. I now know I am NOT meant to have children. I am such a wusssy.

  • Party/Happy Hour Tuesday night..yeah I left after 1/2 hour cause I didn't feel good.

  • Worked Wednesday..non eventful flight back.

  • Picked up Jack then started laundry..back to work.

  • The girl that works for me is due for a c section next Friday..she has been so sick she went to the hospital yesterday and today she was out..I don't think she is coming back til after her matenity leave is up..this is good for her crazy for me. Daytime blogging WILL get less and less.

Here are two pics..you can tell I was loving my bubble bath w/ my LUSH purple stuff, there was another pic but it was deleted..OMG... and the other is the view out of our window..that's the Hancock Building.



so, mary pat has no idea i'm still here (and she hasn't asked for my key back). i kind of dove under the bed when i heard her yelling something about no booze and roasted vuy jay jay stankiness...

and then i fell asleep. i'm surprised jackaroo hasn't found me and humped my head yet. not that i'm complainin or nothin....

welp, it's pretty cozy under here, but now that MP is off to beddy bye (i don't know if the snoring is her or j, but let me just say daaaaang), i should probably take this opportunity to run like hell slip out quietly.

but not before i leave a few of these in the back yard:

MP Taking a Break

chicago 07 015
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
This was during our Saturday stroll from Waker all the way up Michigan and over to Rush Street..this is before shopping bags. I'm so happy since I was given free Ghiradelli Chocolates!

The Living Room / Dining Room

chicago 07 030
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
Another view of our lovely room!

McCormick Center

chicago 07 039
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
During set up the 321 GS broke..J and I went to Macy's on State to purchase this...then get a cab and come back to the convention center..what an adventure that was!

J and MP

chicago 07 013
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
In our "dining room" of our suite. Believe it or not this is the only picture w/ both of us.

State Street Drawbridge

chicago 07 012
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
This was our "north view"..you can see the State Drawbridge was up. Again..yes the view from our room.

View of Chicago

chicago 07 003
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
Michigan Ave is right down there and in the foreground is the Wrigley building...in the back you can see the Hancock Building...near where we will be moving hotels..and Lake Michgan. This was the view from our "East" window.

Our Suite

chicago 07 029
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
38th Floor Hotel 71. This was the upgrade/room change when the elevators were too loud..yeah, nice I know

Chicago - the date

We start our weekend on Friday. J picked me up from the office and we drove to long term parking. There we hopped to bus to the Southwest terminal. Everything ran SUPER SMOOTH.
Off the plane and found a cab. J insisted on talking to the driver the entire ride from Midway to downtown...thing was the driver didn't speak English very well...AT ALL...
It was HOT in Chicago and the AC wasn't working well. We rolled down the windows and I closed my eyes so I wouldn't get car sick...I let J and Ajubar yakk on about the weather, Bears and Cubs..

We check in to Hotel 71. This was my choice. We got a half-assed decent rate and it was right on East Wacker a block from Michigan ON the Chicago River. I threw caution to the wind and paid the extra $10 for a river side view. Our room was very pretty. Very casual and modern..I'll incert pictures tonight.

We changed clothes and started hoofing it. J said he wanted to go to Navy Pier..who am I to argue so off we went. It was quite a little walk but not bad. People watching was fun. When we got down there I started getting a little crabby cause I was hungry. I just wanted to sit down and eat. Finally we just went to Billy Goat. Now I wanted to take J to the ORIGINAL Billy Goat, specifically for the atmosphere...but oh well this would have to do. We ordered and sat outside. Burger was GREAT...we actually I had to have a double cheezburger and chips since that's what the guy said I should get...J got a triple. We sat outside and ate..it was really nice weather, nothing at ALL like late September usually is. We took our time and eventually made it back to the hotel by 11ish. We sat out by the river for quite a while just chit chatting, taking pictures etc. We saw a rat dart in and out of the tables and chairs near a closed cafe' on the river...nice.

We get to our room for good...and I take a NICE hot bath. The tub/sink/toilet are OK...nothing great. We lay in bed and I tell J...I gotta sleep and passed out long before him... then by 2am..tv off I hear it, "slam, slam...up, down"..the elevator was right next door.

Our hotel had been updated...except for the elevator. Heading to the 38th floor was like being on an amuesment park ride.

Saturday morning J says..."I am SO tired, I can't do that again, I really want to sleep in peace"..I volunteer to go down to the front desk. There is this cute little girl behind the desk, I read her name is Tameka.. I figure, let's solve this with a little sugar, I say: Tameka, feel my pain. ALL NIGHT LONG..I hear the elevator slapping open and closed it goes up then down. It was really horrible. I hate to do this but we really need to change rooms to something more quite. She ticka ticka's on the keyboard..biting the inside of her mouth and thinking about what she needs to do. Eventually she says, "Oh well, someone may yell". She hads me the keys and says she was able to get us just down the hall from where we are and we don't have to move far. She hopes that we will be happy...and she gives me a wink...who does that?

I went back upstairs. J...lets go....we're movin on down the hall. I open the door...PARADISE...
1 wall of windows facing the Chicago River...1 wall of windows facing Lake Michigan..and the back bedroom has a city view and South Chicago view of the lake. Yes you heard me correctly, the back bedroom...cause in the front there was the dining room, living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, walk in closet...and foyer. OMG!!! It was awesome.
J took a nap. I finished reading my book. I had the windows open, a big cup of coffee, a breakfast sandwhich from the White Hen...there were boats and people, bagpipes, bridges going up and down. I really enjoyed a few hours watching the world go by from my beautiful view.

In the afternoon we strolled down Michigan over to Rush and ate lunch at a great place called The Big Bowl. It was Chinese/Thai and AWESOME!! I had never had fresh ginger ale...to die for! We also stopped at Lucky Jeans..fellow blogger Rebecca told me about these and that they were worth the money. OMG! Yes they are. I have a pair of AWESOME jeans..I was so excited.

We eventually made it back to the hotel..we had about a half hour to freshen up and make it to the Chicago Theater. We saw Sheer Madness. This plays in Chicago, Boston and DC...if you have the chance, see it! Very fun. PG-13 rating...I laughed til my face hurt.

We headed North after the show and were looking for a place to eat. Problem was it was 8pm on a Saturday. 1 1/2 hour wait at Harry Carey's...2 hours at a quaint Italian place. Then we spotted this cute corner place and decided to give it a shot. They had a table..in the bar...we thought it's either horrible or pricey..thank goodness it was a little pricy but AWESOME! OMG the entire experience was great. The staff was wonderful..the kitchen backed up so we got complimentary roasted corn soup..OMG..I had the Alaskan Halibut..we didn't want dessert we got free ice cream things. Naha... if you are in Chicago and have one fancy dinner night give this place a shot!~ Wonderful!
FYI..trying to upload pictures...blogger NOT being cooperative
Next up Sunday: moving day...


I'm pooped! I have TONS of stories...from Penthouses Suites, Plays, Dinners, Work, Heat, KC Royals, Food and Constipation.

I have pictures galore!

I have tons of work to do this morning so I'll post more later. I just wanted to stop in and say that it's good to be back home.

Speaking of Home:
When we got home Jack freaked out..sniffing all over the place. He caught Bindi's scent! He is SO excited about the upcoming nuptuals!! He is getting his groove on in a BIG way. I have to admit that he has grown since we were gone..and now only one ear sticks up. He has also started to sport a 'stash.
There is NO booze in the house...I've been cleaned out!
Someone did all the lundry left over...awesome...
The bathroom was clean..but no TP....

Jack keeps humping the couch..there is a strange scent of roast beef that he can't get enough of.

Thank you Miss Biddy and Mrs Lulu for taking care of the place while I was gone.

I didn't celebrate my 100th on my old blog...thank's Biddy for catching that!

More to come...I promise!


this post brought to you by the number 100

this is MP's 100th post! and she's not even here to drink gallons of champagne celebrate with lulu and me.

i finally got that stain out of the couch, though the living room still smells like roast vuh jay jay beef. oh, MP? whatever you do, don't turn the sofa cushions over. i'm just sayin. the stanky purple mystery stain has turned to a really stanky pink stain (i'm thinking the bleach may have been a little too much...)

so, lulu and bindi got here today and i think she thinks i'm gone. really, i've just been hiding in the spare bedroom passed out with all the remnants contents of the liquor cabinet surrounding me. that bindi sure does have a loud bark for a dog no bigger than a fart in a whirlwhind... or maybe that's just the headache talking...

well, dear readers, since this is the 100th post, let us celebrate sesame street style:
100 stones:

more than 100 people spelling? 100:

my dear friend Benji...
i don't see him very often:

100 tanzanian shillings:

100 red roses:

100 carats:

100 pounds:

I Do...(belong in the mental ward)

Well, first off, I would like to thank Biddy for confessing to spilling au jus sauce all over MP's sofa. God forbid, I'm going to have a hard enough time explaining the smelly, purple stain on the rug. And the sheer madness of this post.

Nevertheless, my puppy, Bindi, and I have taken over a room here for the night and are having a fabulous time lounging around with our smelly feet on the sofa, redecorating a few rooms, stealing checks from the middle of MP's checkbook, and trying to decide on the perfect place to hang the Dogs Playing Pool velvet wall-hanging.

And regarding Bindi, she and I have been talking a lot about growing up, where and when she can pee, how to ward off rogue butt-sniffers, and other such girly-girl matters. And in our discussions, we've come to the conclusion that because she was born a royal Irish princess, she should be rightfully betrothed to another dog of similar greatness and high moral character. This is Princess Bindi...

So, we started looking for a royal dog with prestigious blood lines and a strong family name.

Perhaps, Toto?

No...he's a bit too hairy and he's a wimp. Who's freaking scared of flying monkeys, anyway?

Maybe Hooch?

Actually, Hooch is an imbacille. He's slobery and smelly and would probably eat Bindi as a snack.

And then we thought, Snoopy...

However, Snoopy sleeps on top of his shack and he's got a strange relationship with a bird. It would never work...

So how about Prince Jack---son of the Imperial Majesty, Chi-Chi Rodriguez, Emperor of Mexico?

Yes. We think that Prince Jack would be perfect!!

That being said, I, Lulu, have lost any resemblance of a person with sound mind would like to propose a formal contract of betrothal between Princess Bindi Sue and Prince Jack “Chi-Chi” Rodriguez II. A sort-of doggie ketubah, if you will…

And thanks to a fabulous puppy shower, Bindi has a lavish dowry to offer Jack.

And we’ll hire Doggie I-Do’s to plan the wedding.

And Bindi will wear this dress:

And Jack will wear this tuxedo:

And Lulu will be committed to this mental ward:

I warned you, MP…


i burned my vuh jay jay


just call me the mcdonald's woman. i will never ever call that woman a fucktard again. never.

so, last night, i decided i wanted a french dip from arby's. i know, yum. so, when i got home with it, i got a plate to put the little styrafoam container of au jus on (you know, for the dipping part of the french dip). i sat on the couch, legs stretched out, ready to dive in. i started with my curly fries, and since i got a salad plate for the au jus, i just squirted the ketchup from the packet directly onto the fries. well, inevitably, i dropped some ketchup on my shirt.

i looked down to see where it had landed, and that slightest of movement, caused the plate that was sitting on my lap to shift just enough that the au jus did an olympic worthy flip and spilled all over my lap. i sat there for about half a second in shock, and then the heat appeared. oh.my.gosh. i yelped. i literally yelped. tears immediately filled my eyes as i jumped off the couch, threw the plate down and did a little dance in the living room. it hurt like hell. my brain finally started functioning after dancing around the living room for a minute and i took peeled my jeans off. i kid you not, it was so hot, my jeans were stuck to my thighs. OUCH!

i waddled to the bathroom (i couldn't walk because my thighs would rub together and that was too much to handle), turned the cold water in the shower on, and jumped in, shirt, panties, bra and all....

my thighs have little blisters. but what's worse...my vuh jay jay has a couple of blisters which makes for a very uncomfortable EVERYTHING.

i doubt i'll sue arby's for a burnt vuh jay jay, but damn. there's no need for the au jus to be flippin boiling.

now if you will excuse me, i'm going to go crawl into a hole and die of embarassment...


makin myself at home

Hey peeps, Biddy again. i gotta tell ya, i like this blogsitting thing.

i found this on the door this morning.

sheesh, talk about trust...

so, i've jumped on all the beds, rummaged through the medicine cabinet (nothing but a half empty tube of toothpaste and some vizine), and found three of jack's toys hiding in the sofa...oh wait, that one might be MP's hehe
i was going to raid the liquor cabinet, but dangitt, MP apparently felt the need to lock it. i'll have to brush up on my lock picking skills.

unfortunately, i'm in a bit of a funk today, so i think i'm going to go drink myself into oblivion take a shower and use all the hot water, then hit the hay. i promise a better post tomorrow!


ooooooh snap!

hey everyone! biddy here. just making sure my key works before BB goes outta town. i gotta say, i'm seriously excited about blogsitting. i feel so honored.

this is really the perfect job for me because i usually post a few times a day, and well, now i have 2 blogs to spread them out over. this is gonna be fun!!

welp, mary pat is upstairs packing while yelling obscenities (something about hating to pack and the suitcase not closing) and jack is barking in agreement with her (and i think he just said something about removing the kitchen sink from the suitcase), so i think i'll grab a bite from the fridge and head on out for the night.

see you tomorrow peeps!

Guest Blogger Yeah!!

LuLu BEGGED me to let her blog while I am gone! My couple readers...and lurkers will be entertained. http://luluslaundryblog.com/ :-)
I sent Biddy an invitation so she can try out more of her Bossy inspired blogging...you know you want to Biddy.!!

I MAY blog again tomorrow. I'm just doing this now so I don't have to pack. GOD I hate packing..and J is bugging me. If I could I would just do it tomorrow morning. I know I'm bad.

I did find a suit. Size 14....Yippee. Last years suit was a 16. It's grey and kinda short waisted. I like it. I love Dillard's petite section.

OK..packing, laundry. Yeah yeah.

Oh..I took Jack to mom and dad's tonight. That should be pretty interesting!

OK..give LuLu love..and Biddy if she takes me up on my offer. If you are a lurker come out of the woodwork.

If I win Pioneer Woman's $600 Penney's gift certificate I'll buy every one that leaves a message a little something. That is from Sat-Wed afternoon. BUT I have to win. Pioneer Woman is naming the winner Saturday monring. If you recall last time she thought the name I gave her picture was "clever"...I don't know if I was clever this time though.

OK...backing now. I'll have pictures and stories when I return.

Need an idea for a holloween costume

This is bad..just horribly NOT PC..or in good taste. I'm glad MY husband didn't think of it but I can tell you if I was at the party I would vote for him to get 1st place!

read more | digg story

exploding head time...

I've blogged in my head way to much this week and it was about to expload all over the place.

Today I have been SLAMMED.. My coworker that is having a baby didn't feel good today, I told her to take the day off and get some rest. Next week when I'm gone she'll have to tough it out..unless of course she goes into labor. THEN we have to deal w/ Operations people trying to sell things...and God didn't make it that way!

i had a huge paragraph on Al Sharpton...Jen 6 but had to take it out... I don't know enough to make an educated comment.
I do what to say when I see a noose I think of cowboys...and that one movie where they are going to hang the guy off the bridge and he reflects on his life... yeah... I have to find out what the title. is.

There is the link to the movie that I think of when you talk about a noose. It is called "Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" I didn't realize the version that I saw was an episode of The Twilight Zone.

OK, enough about that. I'll get off my soapbox on that.
TV.. I think I have an outline on what I'm going to watch. Amazing Race doesn't start now, I was mistaken.

I need to go buy a suite after work tonight, what size will I get.. 12 or 14?? I bet it will be a 14, but that is SO ok!!

I was talking to my reps today. They are going to tell J how cool I am...this should be entertaining.

Does anyone want to be a guest host blogger while I'm gone? I will NOT have access to a computer from Friday evening until Wednesday evening.
It's not like I have tons of readers or anything..but I think it might be fun. You can write about anything that you want to!
I'm thinking maybe 2 or 3 posts...TOPS...pictures and video's are allowed too!
Lemme know!


comparison photo...

Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
Here we were in March of 2006 on our way from Prescott AZ to Sedona..My how I've gotten smaller :-) and he's gotten bigger!

Ooo so tired

Chicken Dog!
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
He was NOT trying to get his little paws up to push the costume off his head..NO. He rolled and rolled and yes, it did eventually come off.. and we laughed at him...I mean we only put it on one more time!

Chicken Dog

Chicken Dog
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
One ear up, one ear down..he was REALLY psyched about having this on...

Doggie got a Halloween Costume

Drew BB and Jack
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
We went to the park today before soccer practice. Here Drew and I are w/ Jack. We're torturing him...Ummm...I mean we got him a really cute chicken hat and we're letting him model it. See how excited he is to wear it?

Television and Entertainment News

Well. Here we are, the end of summer, technically it will be on Sunday.
I plan on being in some type of bar and grill w/ some food and football...right smack dab in the middle of Chicago.
Every year I go to Chicago at the end of September, it's a work thing. This year I'm brining my husband. We're going on Friday - Wednesday night. We're going to get a little play and then work.
I'll take pictures, don't worry...I have to, it's been FOREVER since I've really "been" to Chicago. For years it was a drunkfest for Cards/Cubs..then it was a girls weekend for Cards/Cubs..equally a drunkfest..then it was just work. So this will be nice. J and I have never been together...which is equally stupid since it's a $50, 30min plane ride.

Anyway this post is about TV and stuff.
Stuff out of the way first:
OJ is in jail (snicker)...if you can't get him for murder, maybe they can get robbery to stick. I must say for 60 he doesn't look that bad..not that I would touch that w/ a ten foot pole...sicko
Emmy's..did you watch them? I didn't, it was opposite my shows. I didn't watch anything that won...except for Starter Wife....I think that was it.

The Closer finished out the season last week, it was AWESOME. I'm so excited they are going to have a Christmas show this year. Yeah, I don't have to wait a whole season for Brenda Leigh!
The 4400 finished for the season and I'm not 100% thrilled w/ the finale..but how many really do wrap everything up?
The Dead Zone left more questions than answers, thanks alot...and I'm pissed Stillman is a bad guy again.
I did not watch the Saving Grace finale last night. I stupidly had to read a whole book in a night and now I'm tired, I have a headache and I missed my show. I read Shopoholic and a Sister. It was cute..fast good read.

Tonight is the finale of Big Brother. Dick and Dani...the Donato's....yeah, who cares. It's like the year that the final two were Alison and Jun...YUCK. It really is like a team made it to the end. If Dani wins then the split the money, if Dick wins they split the money. I REALLY wanted to see something like Dani and Jess...or Dani and Janelle...Dick and Zach...Eric and Dick. Now I really don't care what happens. I'll watch though, especially because I want to see the reaction when they annouce that Eric was America's Player. Dani SHOULD win...she won alot of stuff.

We're doing the McDonalds, Creve Coeur Park, Soccer practice tonight...so we'll be home late..then we'll watch the show.

I have way to much to do...I need to figure one what clothes to pack, buy a new suit, get my roots dyed...what you thought this was natural?

...but I have time to watch big brother :-)
Next Tuesday (set your recorder)...is the start of The Amazing Race!!! YEAH!!!

I need to sit and figure out what I'm going to watch this year...cause believe you me..I'm watchin some tv!


MP Book Review

I just finished Winter's Bone by Daniel Woodrell.

This book is well written and disturbing. The writing flows and is almost more like literature than a "book"..you know what I mean?
Disturbing because people like the characters really do exist..in our world, now..in my home state. It's scary.

Follow Ree (not the Pioneer Woman) as she searches to find her daddy. She is 16 but the only responsible person in her family. This book is about a strong girl/woman, drug use, violence, mental illness, lack of education and tradition.

The author is originally from the Ozarks, where this story takes place.

It's a relatively fast read. Not easy chic lit. I highly recommend.

Borning Life? Anyone?

Friday night I went to a fundraiser at Drew's school. It was loads of fun. It was a silent auction for women...and the only thing to bid on are purses! I got 2!
Anyway J's ex was there, her mom, my mil, j's aunt and grandma. We ate, drank wine, laughed alot and bought purses.
After the party I went back to J's mom's. We sat in the yard, drank wine...talked ALOT. She's had a very shitty year, her husband died. A couple months later her BIL died..these are women in their early 60's..young..
She mentioned how wonderful it would be to just have a boring, normal life. Amid the white wine I tried to convey that I don't know anybody that has a normal boring life. Everyone has their own amount of crap to deal with on a daily level..although I know that I do enjoy the few days of boringness...
This weekend I had the fundraiser..then up the next morning to travel to God's country..Old Monroe for a soccer game..then home...then mom and dad's...home depot...parish picnic..grocery store...mom's..home...sleep...church..take my cousin to the ER...soccer...home...mom and dads...grocery store...mom and dads...chat w/ the neighbors...fix dinner..then came the only relaxing point I think of the whole weekend: I watch the season finale's of The 4400 and Dead Zone. Yeah!
My cousin (who is around 70) tripped over a little board in my mom and dad's house. She was bringing mom communion. I took her to the ER. 6 stitches on one leg, hemotoma on the other.
J looked at me and said: It's always something.
Do you know anyone w/ an average boring life that doesn't have drama...I sure don't.



No, it's not time to pick Rudy, Fred, Hillary or Mr Obama..it's time to help out Val.
She has started her own photography company in beautiful Illinois.

If you go to her site and click on the links you will see that she does some beautiful work.
She just did a live birth. (ewww...I couldn't do that) ...

Anywhoo..she needs a tag line for her company. You can vote at her blog today.

FYI..MY submission was:

VWC Photography - Frame your World

I don't want to sway you to pick mine..although remember that Pioneer Woman said that I was Clever. :-)

There really are some great submissions, go take a look, you can pick three if you want.


Stolen Meme :-)

I stole this meme from http://feminoz.blogspot.com/ ...I never saw this one before!!

What side of the heart do you draw first?
the right

Can you dive without plugging your nose?
Of course so! They teach you NOT to hold your nose.

What color is your phone?
Red! For the Cardinals. They suck this year though..so red just cause it's pretty!

Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours?
Jeremy...who else?

Where are you right now?
My desk

How do you feel about carrots?
I hate them..raw, cooked candied YUCK... Carrot cake on the other hand...

How many chairs at the dining room table?
I don't have a dining room table, that's an easy one.

Who is the best Spice Girl?
I don't know who is who..Victoria Beckam has a HOT husband.

Do you know what time it is?

What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator?
Pray that when I dug through my big purse that I would have a bottle of water and a book...Oh my cell phone wouldn't hurt either.

What's your favorite kind of gum?
Sugar Free anything. I especially love the old Black Jack gum my grandma used to give me.

T or F: All is fair in love and war?
No...well kinda

Do you use words that you don't know the meaning to?
No, I'd feel like an asshat!

Do you like to sleep?
Whenever possible!

Do you know which US states don't use Daylight Savings?
That's not fair, I think it changed..isn't it Indiana and Arizona?

Do you know the song Sugar We're Goin' Down?
Was that a Glen Campbell tune?

Do you want a bright yellow '06 mustang?
No, I want a red 1967 Mustang

What's something you've always wanted?
A great big kitchen..and a great big pantry...in a great big house w/ great big rooms.

Do you wear a lot of black?
No...I'm more into brown

Describe your hair
Thin, flat, 3478 colors

Are you an adult?
According to my age I am.

Who is your best friend?

Do you have a tan?
I don't tan...I red

Are you a television addict?
Yes I am. Thank god for the DVR

Do you enjoy spending time with your mom?
In small increments

Are you a sugar freak?
Every once in a while.

What is your favorite movie?
Of all time? I dunno. Top 3: Out of Africa, Wizard of Oz, When Harry Met Sally

What's your sign?
Scorpio..it's a water fire thing I believe.

Where do you wish you were right now?
In the car w/ the windows down.

Who did you copy this from?

How do you know them?
She was a link on Kim's blog (http://www.my10kidfamily.blogspot.com/)

Would you have sex with them?

What brand of shirt are you wearing?
Medina ?? Yeah, I tried to look. It's Target

Have you ever smoked anything?

OK...tagging LuLu, Biddy and Punkin! Have Fun!
Anyone else that wants to do this please do and let me know!


You have heard of the band Five for Fighting.. well, they have this website http://www.whatkindofworlddoyouwant.com/ . You go there, watch some video's and they give money to charities.

One is for a hope type/als research charity. It was due to the diagnosis of Augie Nieto that all this came about. This guy is CEO of 24 Hour Fitness. It helps when "celebrities" or people of influence are diagnosed. It goes to show you that this fricking disease will and can effect anyone. It's not like your bad habits can cause the disease.

I hate that they lump it w/ the MDA.. You can have MS, MD and NOT die. ALS is such a death sentence. They are doing alot of research here in St Louis. A doctor here in St Louis, Jason Goldfeder was just diagnosed.

If you have time go look at some videos.

From someone that KNOWS:
Thanks for getting the word out!I just want to clarify, Augie is the co-founder of Lifecycle now known as Life Fitness. He is often credited with started the cardio phase in public gyms.Mark Mastrov is the chairman of 24 Hour Fitness and a huge supporter of Augie's Quest.



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This is what I call a relaxing evening. J couldn't resist getting the camera out since this was blog worth...and look at me trying to write on my picture. Getting fancy pants on you!

Missing from this photo is Rocky..who was out killing an animal or something...that's what he does. These two will soon follow me to bed. They really like each other.

J said Patches isn't stupid and knows if she wants to stay my princess she is going to have to get along w/ the dog.

This is the futon furniture which personally I like..it's the dining room minus the table and chairs and actually more like a sub living room. It's lighter and better for reading..the pets and I like it!


I remember

6 years ago today I was still freaking over the diagnosis of one of my best friends. They told him he didn't have something simple like a brain tumor..he had ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease. That was 9-8-01. He was a co-worker also. On the 11th J thought it would be nice if I brought donuts to work.

We had one car at the time and he was taking me to work. We got the donuts and were going down Hampton. We had on a talk show on FM, it was JC and Karen (a girl from HS)..the had a tv in their studio and they gave play by play, initially thinking out loud that a small plane went off course and hit the World Trade Building in NY.

J and I talked in the car and said, "ooo I be people are dead after that"..then we were puzzled after they said it might be a big plane.

I went to work w/ my donuts and eventually we had a tv and were watching what was going on. I remember going out for a smoke and telling the ladies at the daycare 2 doors down that a plane just hit the Pentagon.

There were only fighter jets in the air. We're near Scott Air force Base so many were flying in and out.

I talked to people that day, vendors mostly ... we didn't do much work.

That night J and I were glued to the TV....we went in spurts of just watching and talking and analyzing what was going on.

6 days later I had to fly to Las Vegas for work. Las Vegas was like a ghost town. It was SO strange.

I stayed home from work today.(I think it was bad chicken yesterday)....I was outside in the yard w/ Jack, laying there looking at the clear blue sky...the feel of autumn in the air...wondering how 6 years could go by so quickly.

Could that have been 6 years ago that Jim was diagnosed..was it really that long ago..or was it ONLY 6 years ago. I guess 9/11 is our Pearl Harbor or assassination of JFK.. I always thought in my life the Challenger disaster would be our thing..I remember that too. I was in Fulton, MO at the time and had just walked in my dorm when we watched it on TV... Then there was the Persian Gulf War...I never thought after Vietnam there would be a war again..I was wrong.
This time I hope I'm right. I hope 9/11 is it.. I hope our children's generation don't have anything..maybe for them it will be all good..we can only pray.



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This was after the Saturday game..he only scored one goal! Two goals today! He has a new love for soccer and tons of confidnence. All it took was the right coach and realizing he had the skills to be a star player. The other kids parents were yelling and cheering for him. I think that kind of confused him. It was always the other players that were being cheered for; now it's Drew, Newman and Paul..they are the 4 leaders on their team. Newman and Drew as forwards..nothing can stop them. Saturday they won 7-0 and today it was 4-1.


Baby Born with a Full Head of Conan O'Brien Style Hair

Every parent hopes their baby will attract admiring glances. But adorable as she is, Katie-Lee Webster receives attention for only one reason - her spectacular shock of ginger hair. At only ten weeks old she already has the flowing locks of a child several times her age.*********************************************************How old are the parents? 12?

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Puppies, Soccer and Shopping

I have a feeling those 3 things are what will encompass my weekend. I think we'll attempt to go to a parish picninc although I'm not holding my breath. Puppies don't go to picnic's...so I have a feeling we'll stay home.

Drew has 2 soccer games this weekend. Luckily I think we're finished with that 90+ degree shit. Thank God.

I realized this morning I was out of my frozen WW lunches...so I guess that means it's time to go shopping.

Read www.iservethequeens.blogspot.com today if you want a good cry. It made me cry at least. It's about the loss of innocence..what happens when you get caught being the tooth fairy. What upset me the most though was that Jenn looked SO forward to the "event" and her toothfairy actually writes letters. :::sigh:::
Drew questions God, Faith, Evolution...I'm sure that Santa isn't going to last long.

I got a little bummed, I have a book to read...looked good in the store: The Collectors by David Baldacci..it looks good. Conspiracy Novel. I JUST found out that it's book 2...I think I need to read the first one. I guess I better bring home a book to read...in case I have any time.

I'm REALLY sleepy, can you tell. It's one of those days...it's been raining..that's my excuse.

Happy Weekend!


Who, what, why, when???

I have been confused all day. WOW. Yesterday was that good day feeling. Today is just INSANE!

The day began like any other. I have a small puppy on my face ready to get up.

J is already up and takes the Jack outside. I get ready to leave and pack the dog up. It's puppy daycare at Grandma and Grandpa's. The main reason was the Home Depot guy is coming over to measure the back door. If you recall, dad broke my back door.

The short story: Dad was in charge of taking care of the cats when we were gone one weekend. It had been quite a while since he had been over and we neglected to give him the new key. He couldn't get in the house and broke the back door open. We have been gerryrigging it every since which isn't safe.

OK.. they were measuring for the new back door and J also had to paint the walls where they were scraped during the great furniture moving... you may recall THAT story.
So, Jack gets dropped of at 7am.
I'm on my way to work.
WTF is going on. Traffic..not normal traffic. There is an accident, RIGHT after people got off the highway.
I finally get to highway #2. WTF is THAT?? I'm smellin #2.
Did I step in Jack doo doo?
Ooooo doggies, that is RANCID!!
It smells like mold and poop...OMG! I turned off the AC. I wanted to check my shoes but I was going 60mph.
Cars were parting like the Red Sea in front of me. There I am, gagging and looking at this HUGE white truck.
Ahh hahhh.. I have my Brenda Leigh moment (The Closer reference for you people that have a life and don't watch TV as much as me).
The big white truck is the source of the stank. I put on my blinker and move to the next lane, exceeding 70mph to pass the sob.
MSD Truck..yep. That stands for Metropolitan Sewer Department. NICE..that was people poopy I was smellin.

OK..now I get to work. Start me day w/ my iced coffee and yogurt. This is the time I check my work email for those West Coast emails yesterday then I start w/ my Yahoo emails and read Pioneer Woman..she's first followed by Dad Gone Mad. They are usually new reads. WTF?? Phone is off the hook. We don't open til 8am but hey I'm in sales, I'm not going to let the phone go to voicemail.
Busy busy all morning long. I'm on the phone with a customer and my cell phone starts wringing. Damn I forgot to turn the ringer off. It's the Cure. (ringer tone, not on the other end of the phone)
I hit the silence button and then continued my work call. 2 minutes later it's ringing AGAIN!
I apologize 10 times and tell my customer that I think Home Depot may be on the phone, would she mind if I take the call...
It's the installer/measurer guy," Yeah, Mary? This is Bob with Home Depot. I am hear to measure for the door and your father is very confused".
OK..I look good but my husband does NOT look old enough to be my father AT ALL. I say, "huh?"
He said, "I'm at 1234 Maple Street"..
M: That's my parents house, you are supposed to be at 5678 Oak Street!
Bob: Oh, your dad doesn't need a door?
M: No you need to drive to Oak Street and see my husband.
Bob: OK

So the point was Jack was to be out of harms way. Now picture that cute little old man w/ their dog, my dog...THE LAWN CUTTING GUYS..oh yea, I didn't mention that...Bob the Home Depot guy all there at the same time. Plus he has my mother... well... that just adds to everything.

Now remember, I'm still in the same office where the phones started at 7:30am. I had my commission report to do this morning, a few presentations. And...new iPods were announced yesterday.

So, I haven't had lunch yet, it's 1:11pm...I'm hungry. I haven't been able to read blogs yet today. Can it get any stranger?

Don't answer that.


drew and bb 003

drew and bb 003
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I found this while going through all my photos.. This just cracks me up. First off we don't have that god-aweful wall paper anymore. I had a camera that you could hook up to the computer and it took this picture. Drew was looking at his picture on the computer monitor. This was in 2003..so he was4 at the time. I just think it's adorable.

Why I'm having a good day!

1. I have been like a kid in the candy store today. The new iPods were unveiled today. Am I a techie..NO..will I get one..soon.
I sell the flipping things, that's why I care!

The coolest things are the purple shuffle...VERY CUTE... and the nano's are little fatties...lol They also have video capabilities! Then there is a 160gb iPod classic. NICE... and the iTouch..forgettaboutit! That thing is the ultimate. It's like an iPhone w/out the service.

2. Tomorrow night is a double eviction night on Big Brother 8. I can't WAIT to see who wins HOH and who gets evicted. Very fun!

3. Jack did NOT wake up at 3am which allowed me to sleep all night.

4. When I woke up this morning I was actually a little chilled in the yard in my jammies. That means this horrible heat is going away. I can't wait though for a freeze to kill the mosquito's.

I can't figure out why else... Just a good day!

My mother the Jewelry FREAK

My mother could be called a jewelry whore. I can't say that though cause it's extremely poor taste to use those two words in the same sentence. Freak is much better.

She has PILES of boxes with beads, and tools to make jewelry, plus she has piles of boxes of jewelry. The boxes are on her jewelry case, in drawers, on the floor. There are boxes upon boxes.

She can't wear that much jewelry. She doesn't go anywhere but church and the doctor. She just LOVES her jewelry. She has earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets. The jewelry is ordered from catalogs mainly. Ross Simon is one catalog, I have no idea what the other is. She gives the jewelry away. Birthdays, Christmas...you are just plain nice to Aunt Pat..and you get something.

My mother is also cursed with a daughter that really doesn't have an accessory brain in her body. I try, I really do but I'm limited. I feel stupid when I wear jewelry. I feel like, "look at me, I have on a necklace".... I have a DARLING scarf headband thing..but I feel the same way, "look at me I have on a darling scarf headband thing".

Recently I turned my mom on to my friend's homemade jewelry, which I actually like. My mom has decided to adopt her...she came to the house last night and I finally had to go home...they were still yapping about beads and crap at 7:45...I hadn't even been HOME yet!

I know I should NOT have introduced them, I am only fueling her addiction..I'm a jewelry enabler. But she's old and she REALLY loves it. She admits she'll never wear it all, she likes to look at it when it comes in the mail..then it goes on the floor in the box.

She thinks it is all "good" jewelry. Now there are no Rubies, Emeralds or Diamonds..but alot of crystals, CZ's, gold plated, sterling silver. One day when mom goes to the Gem Store in the sky I think I would be able to open a retail store..I would actually HAVE inventory to last a season.

Before she went on the buying spree of sorts she had nice things already..heirlooms, costume and genuine NICE stuff. My problem is I can't tell the diamond from the lump of coal.

Oh well, she's happy.... and a happy mother is a happy MP...


Ooooo, it feels like a Monday!

I love that extra day, I really do...and I love the short week...BUT it makes Tuesday feel like Monday!

The holiday weekend wasn't very holidayish...but it was time off.. Friday night I had dinner at the neighbors house, she made a nice little stew. Then J and I got our grocery shopping done.
Saturday we slept in a bit..only woke up a million times to let Jack out. J did most of the yard work..I watched.
It's college football time, in case you didn't know. Mizzou beat Illinois..GREAT game. We're doing our annual trek on my bday this year. Tailgate on my bday...can't do cake and bloody mary's..or can you?
I never liked college football much until I met J. It's grown on me. I have always been a college Hoops fan.. Mizzou, SLU and Duke... college football is pretty much just Mizzou.

I finally read The Kite Runner. It was awesome. I don't know if I'll see the movie or not. I am afraid they will ruin the story. I need to read his follow up novel next.

Yesterday I woke up, did laundry then J's mom, aunt, cousin and I went to the Baseball Game. Cards VS Phillies...We Lost, 6 million to zero!! Can you believe that? Well it was 11 to zero. ..every inning up to the 6th they scored. It was 90ish but believe it or not it wasn't very humid. I came home then J and I did our Target shopping.. then I started my next book.
The Island by Victoria Hislop. So far it is AWESOME! I can't wait to finish it.
Here is how much I was loving the book. I recorded but have not yet watched The Closer OR Saving Grace...HAH..that will show you cause I am SO addicted to those shows.

Tonight I have a friend coming to mom's..cause she made mom some jewelry..then I'll get home, play with the dog etc..read and OH..I forgot Janelle is on Big Brother..at least I don't have to go anywhere else tonight.

FYI: If you go to Target, try the Diet Lemon Green Tea made by Archer (Target's brand)..it's pretty good!

12:50pm..I just ate..and I'm ready for a nap. It SO feels like a Monday!

Jack's Place

Jack's Place
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Here is the new couch, but you can't really see it very well. There is Jack's little booty sticking up in his bed..and to the side of that is my Paris Hilton carry case so my puppy is always with me ;-)

Patches (the cat) likes Jack's bed. So we got her a cheap one at Target.. So now Jack thinks he has a duplex..I guess the cat will get one of them. Who knows!