New Clothes!!

I normally HATE to shop. Yet I am female and there is something about getting around all those sales stickers that makes a girl realize she really does NEED things.

As you may or maynot know; I've been doing Weight Watchers. YES it's going on a year now and I haven't become skinny or anywhere NEAR my goal..but I've lost weight, and inches. I've gone from plus sized clothes to regular sized clothes...and actually have recently gone down another size. BUT of course it depends on how the clothes are cut and the style which makes me decide what I want to buy. Being in regular sized clothes I can wear half-assed stylish clothes which are MUCH better than some of the crap you can buy at Lane Bryant and stuff...

Here is the thing w/ plus sized clothes. They are made for people that are big all over..they don't make stylish things to deal with a major pooch..or a big booty...or large hips...or big tummy's...big boobs..you get the picture. They expect you to be big all over..and the same amount of big. Well I never was..so stuff was either too tight or way too big. I would always buy clothes that were too big and I realize that now. What a pain in the ass.

Now I try shit on. I had at least 15 items in the dressing room with me. I tried on pants and shirts and dresses.. See the way I dress at work is the way I dress in normal life..unlike some girls at the office they have "work clothes" and "real clothes". I just couldnt' do that. I USED to do that though. When I worked retail I would ALWAYS go home and put on my "play clothes"..but then I lived in jeans. Now I own one pair of jeans that fit. I just bought some Ralf Lauren black denim goucho type carpri thingies...OMG I love them, they are So comfy!

So..No tax weekened and 30% off sales mdse at Dillards made for a happy MP. LOVE the petite section. The mall I go to is old so it isn't very crowded..gotta love it!

I figure I'll go clothes shopping again around the middle of November when it starts to get cold and my thin black pants don't cut it anymore. Hopefully I'll be able to go down another size by then!!


Biddy said...

i'm gonna have to do my shopping vicariously through you for a while. so sad :(

and i totally agree about plus size clothes...yes i have a belly and huge boobs, but that does not mean i have a big ass...and i HATE putting on a pair of pants that makes me look like i just took a dump in them...

slouching mom said...

I am so glad that you're getting to try (and buy) a wider range of clothes!

Yay you!

Subservient No More said...

Congratulations on sticking with your plan for a whole year and getting healthier! That's wonderful.

Old Navy is having a sale now and they have lots and lots of those empire waist, loose, swingy tops that are very flattering on lots of shapes and sizes. They're also really comfortable and affordable. I have some!