She Think's I'm Clever!!


Ree...who is linked to the right...and down a little...has contests every once and a while. Most of them are trying to come up w/ clever names to her photographs. She takes pictures of farm animals, cowboys, punk kids..all sorts of things.
I'm always one in about 1000 people trying to be clever. This last contest was for a $400 Home Depot Gift Card. That would have REALLY came in handy since we need a new back door. Ever since dad broke it.. Long Story!

So... I came up w/ a very very clever answer. I didn't win..but Ree outed me and complimented ME.. Ree the queen of 2000 hits a day.

Ree is a granddaughter, daughter, wife and mom. They own a working cattle ranch and have a farm. They do all sorts of strange things...like get up before the sun and work outside. She also home schools her kids..has withdrawals from LA occasionally..has a retarded brother that is VERY cool..everyone knows him...she takes awesome pictures.. Oh Yeah, and she cooks, makes it seem really easy. I make her brisket ALL the time and it is easy..plus I've gotten a little slap on the booty from hubby due to his excitement of the brisket..

I love me some Ree.


slouching mom said...

Hey! Congratulations!

Maybe next time you'll win...

Anonymous said...

You are soooo clever! I know I always love to hear what you've got to say!!
Congratulations, you'll rock out next time, I'm positive!

Jenn said...

I read Ree every day...I saw your photo caption up there and I thought "Hey! I know MP!" Was a very cool capton suggestion too, btw.

Lulu said...

I am so very jealous! I submitted at least 3 entries, but I obviously suck. Ree is awesome, awesome, awesome!

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