Crabby Girl

I've been crabby girl all night. We got some running around taken care of and I've now spent the better part of an hour playing w/ iTunes. I had to get in there and download Plain White T's. You know that song that's on the radio every 5 minutes, "Hey Delila"..I LURVE that song. So I had a $15 gift card and went ahead and downloaded 15 songs.. I also downloaded a Gina Glockson song, Kris Kristofferson, Green Day and Randy Newman. Yeah I know, I'm kinda wierd like that. I like a mix of stuff.
How do you like my new iTune Widget? Is it too big? I think it's kinda cool, it shows you the mix of things I like to listen to. Tonight I was in a Michael Jackson mood..Jeremy is getting the divorce papers ready LOL....

I need to hit the hay..maybe I'll watch a little Big Brother on Showtime and see you when we get back from Sedelia..(we were leaving tonight but changed our minds...I'm glad cause I'm pooped)


Biddy said...

i love me some michael jackson!!!

Biddy said...

sitemeter.com it pretty much explains itself. as for finding out who is reading it, i got kinda lucky. it tells you where people are accessing your blog from and how they got there. The Boy just happened to click on it from his email...that's the only way i knew it was him. but i also found out someone else is reading it and lied about where she "found it"...long story - Friend's ex-wife that hates me...anyway, that's how ya get it!