Reminder to take care of yourself!


Jenn at I serve the queens found a lump which lead to a biopsy which lead to "we don't care what it is it needs to come out"...

Make sure you pause and give her an extra thought our prayer. Also it's a good kick in the ass for me to get a mammogram, I haven't had one yet.

Being 40 and adopted w/ no medical history it would be a great idea if I get that stuff checked out.

We have time to go shopping and go to work, take care of kids and parents..but do we take care of ourselves??
Is it time for you to make an appointment too???


Biddy said...

nnnnnope! biddy gets to hold out for 7 more years! i have to start when i'm 30 because there is a history on both sides...

fan freakin tastic!

slouching mom said...

i'm about to have my first mammogram. my gyn just told me to schedule it on or after my birthday (i turn 40!) in nov.

so i put "call to schedule mammogram" in my calendar, on the very day of my birthday. i figured i'd have a better chance of remembering it that way.

happy birthday! time for a mammogram!