I have been on the phone with this IDIOT!!!! I'm going on 20 minutes and she has me going in circles...AGGGG.....

Jack was great last night. He played in the yard with the cats in the yard for a while..then played inside. We cuddled up in bed and watched The 4400 and Dead Zone..then went to sleep. Jack woke up when the alarm went off. I took him outside and he went potty.

ZERO accidents in the house. Yeah!!

Pregnant girl at work is supposed to be on bedrest..but she figures that she rests more sitting in the office. SO who knows between now and her C Section Day of Oct 5th that she will start her leave. We are training the young boy at the office to be her replacement. I won't get to read blogs in between phone calls today. Bummer!!

Back to reading my morning blogs :-)

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Biddy said...

i'm a firm believer that stupid people should be shot