Workin For the Weekend

I was humming that song..weren't you?
Speaking of music J and I watched this Queen special in HD last night. It was a live concert in Australia or something. It was awesome!!

So on to the Jack update: He had a rough day yesterday. First there was the squirting out of my arms and flying..to which he recovered. (thanks Biddy, I did feel better after your kicking the preganant dog story)

(for crying out lound...WORK...I'm going to have to really start blogging at home, or just quit my job and play on the internet all day)

Anywhoo... Jack FREAKED when J was trying to take the couch out of the house so he got to play w/ Molly next door for a while. Then he went back there when J and I went to Target. We came home and I asked him to sit on the NEW couch with me and watch Dateline..you know what that booger did? Ran in the bedroom under the bed. Eventually he came out and hung out with us but all he did was sleep.

1am, 3am, 5am, 6am...little Jack had to GO... J took the first 2 times and I took the 2nd two. He went EVERY time. Good Jack = Sleepy MP

SO, training the boy even more today..this time it will take me out of my office and away from my computer. How the hell does that work? I may have withdrawls.

J is picking Drew up from school..then they are coming here to the office so everyone can see Jack.. I'm the most popular girl in the office today. Babies and Puppies..if you have them you must bring them into work!

Big Brother tonight..I am SO hoping that Amber is going home.

This weekend is the Greek Festival. Speaking of Greek we ate food from Ari's last night. I was STILL full when I woke up. I got alot of things that I couldn't pronouce and brought it to mom and dads..Father loved it. I got mom spaghetti and dad a chicken sandwhich..Greek food scared them.

There is an air show this weekend, that's another option. Sitting on my ass is an option too. I know we want to see Bourne Untimatum. Who knows. Monday we're going to the baseball game. We are 2 games out so it's actually fun watching a game when it matters. I think we play Pittsburgh...and that's the Cardinals I'm talking about. We have baseball's BEST fans.

Drew is going to be joining the Cub Scouts. Tonight is the first meeting :-) Tell me that isn't cute!!

OK...GOD I have a lot of work to do!!


Kim said...

Hello!!! I've been catching up,
A new puppy? omg, you're much braver than I. I had a puppy ONCE, notice I said "once" and "had"...

My big man loves Queen. I'll have to look into getting that for him.

Nice seeing you again, love the new (to me) layout!

Pumpkin said...


I am a rather huge Queen fan, so I'm loving your taste in music ofcourse.....and then you go and say that you have a new puppy....good grief woman, now I'm just downright jealous!!!!!!!

My plans for this weekend do involve a lot of sitting on my butt....lol....however my excuse is the sheer amount of visitors I've had recently...and the gearing up for next week which involves my first visit to a gym in over 6 years...yikes!

I love your comments on my blog, thanks for visiting so regularly, if it's okay with you, I'm going to add you as a link on my page, as I do really like your writing style and sense of humour.

Have a great weekend!

Biddy said...

glad i could help...

and i love queen

Anonymous said...

Greek food, baseball, Queen! Holy Hannah MP that's a lot of material for one post....I'm glad Amber went home too! I was getting so tired of her crying!

Lulu said...

I, too, went to a Greek Festival this weekend. If you could call it that. There was definitely Greek food and Greek music, but that was about it. Not even a FREE trip to Greece to sign up for. Some Greek Festival...