7 month old child of a pediatrician dies when left in the car

?? How do you not know you have a child in the car? I don't care how busy or preoccupied you are. You have to know that you have the baby! Don't you??

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it's me, Val said...

Yes! I have read about this and it's gotten into a pretty heated argument at some mommy boards that I use to be on. I have also seen it talked about on Oprah. It's really sad. I remember a father doing it . . . he was suppose to drop the kid off at day care and went straight to work and the kid had fallen asleep. He was thinking about one thing and one thing only (work) that he forgot. Totally forgot. And the child died. In my eyes there's no excuses whatsoever, but we all make mistakes, nobody is perfect, but of course we live and learn by our mistakes, and the ones that this has happened to will never ever live a life without guilt. One of the worst feelings ever. That's punishment in itself.

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Rebecca said...

This exact thing has happened before, and unfortuntely will happen again. . . and to people who are good parents. It's the downfall of human nature: mistakes.

Anonymous said...

I chased a woman that put her infant in car seat on trunk of car, put all the rest of baby paraphernalia in the car, get in drive away with babe on trunk! She didn't get far...but still accidents happen!