Tuesday Ramblings

I had 19 million blog ideas for today; you know the ones that go through your head before you go to sleep?

  1. The Ozarks are getting pelted by Erin.
  2. Dean really stirred up about of stuff in the Carribean. Are the price of bananas going to go up? I LOVE bananas.
  3. Did you know I have to sign to spell bananas..b a n a n a s..it was in some cheer.
  4. Drew had his Open House last night. He was SO excited, he can't wait for classes to start, he has to wait til tomorrow.
  5. I wonder what the weather is going to be like on Saturday. Drew had a 3pm soccer tournament out in God's country. I wonder if I should pack bug spray.
  6. We're going to Mass In The Grass at his new school Saturday night. I wonder if we can bring chairs instead of a blanket.
  7. I love Joe Buck and totally enjoyed his repeat interview on the radio this morning.
  8. Big Brother 8 is REALLY getting fun! Who goes this week, Jameka or Jen..who do I want gone, who would be the best strategically? What would I do if I was there. Would I make an idiot out of myself on a reality TV show.. duh..Yes!
  9. My friend met a nice guy on eHarmony..nice guy but not a hottie. Oh how standards change as we get older and wiser.
  10. My friend's brother's house burnt down...to the ground. Everyone is fine. What would it be like to lose everything? Would it be refreshing through to start over?? Would you have has much "stuff"??

I have a story for later. If I don't get to busy I'll tell my story...


slouching mom said...

Number ten...it would be awful. But you're right -- I bet I'd choose to have less stuff from then on.

Anonymous said...

I'm finally caught up on the BB8 regular shows. I have no time to watch night stuff...and it's way to much like spying! LOL I hope Jen goes home, she can't string two words together without sounding stupid and I totally hate her voice!! I would have actaully prefered that cry-baby went home but Danielle has other plans for her....