Puppy Power

So yes, as I mentioned breifly in a previous post. We're getting a puppy.

Before I get into that..you can download VIDEO now. Too cool. Maybe I'll upload some video this weekend.

Anyway, back to the puppy. Here is the story.

Mom used to be a teacher. In the day if you got married you had to quit teaching. Her friends Ceil and Lillian never married and continued to teach in the public schools. These ladies happen to live next door to my aunt now..mom's sister. My aunt doesn't like the Pierce Girls. Ceil and Lillian are busy bodys but mom and Ceil are great buddies. I roll my eyes and that is that. Ceil and Lillian have a sister who is a doctor. Not that that makes any difference but my mother always mentions it. Dr Jean happens to bread Bichon Frise and Chihuahua's..not together, until this time. Oppps. Not realizing that people pay loads of money for the Chi-Chon they have decided to give these puppies away. Back in the beginning of July through mothers pleading and bribes we said YES. A day later they said, "never mind" and Dr Jean's bil was taking two puppies. Well the call came while I was at dinner Wed night from mom. "You are getting the puppy this weekend!!". "The Brother-In-Law has a Pace in his heart and can only have one". I'm sure she meant a pacemaker but I'm not sure why that limits him to his pet intake??

The plan is that the Pierce Sisters are driving (get off the road) to their sisters house in Godfrey IL on Saturday to pick up the puppy. Saturday we're going to be out in St Chuck at a soccer tournament then Mass on the Grass at the academy (if it doesn't rain). SO, I said that when we get home we'll go by their house to pick up the puppy. Ceil says to mom, "Oh no, that won't work. You don't want to take the puppy out at night". That's OK..go back and read that sentence again, see if it makes any more sense. No..yeah, me neither.

SO they said either they will drive the puppy straight to mom and dad's house OR we can go to their house on Sunday. The other thing is Lillian had that surgery, don't you know? Well she is the only one that drives. What happens if she can't go to Godfrey on Saturday? Well I said that J, Drew and I would drive up there on Sunday. It's about an hour away and it's on the River Road (Missouri River)...and it's kinda purty...we'll go. Mom says, "You can take Ceil so you can find your way". OH NO I'M NOT... I tell mom if it comes to it I can follow a map. Mom tells me it's going to be pretty difficult since she lives in then country.

Just to make sure you understand, the above has been repeated to me by my mother at LEAST three times.

So we're getting the puppy, the Chi-Chon tiny baby because Grandma Pat said that she would watch the puppy ALL the time. We go to Target..drop off the puppy...Go to a movie..drop of the puppy. Go to Aruba...drop off the puppy.

We're good with this. The puppy will get constant attention and all will be well. It will be an upstairs puppy. No crate, just a confinement area w/ puppy pads for the floor. I bought a little bed for him last night and a tiny little collar that looks like a Burbury design. I was getting ready for bed and my Patches princess, puddy tat was all curled up inside. She thought it was HER bed. She is going to be SO pissed at me for getting a puppy. Rocky isn't going to care but I think Patches will be pissed. ....see there she is next to the pond in the yard...my widdle baby girl.
I will keep you posted on the puppy. What I do know is that he was born July 2nd, he's got short hair/brown and white. He's had his first shots. Drew's going to get to name him. Optimas Prime is NOT an option.

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Biddy said...

you know, they sayyyy the best behaved puppies are the ones that have another canine playmate...

i just happen to have 6 little darlings at my house that you may have your choice of ;-) i'll even meet you halfway