Cardinal Day At The Office

J told me I looked like a dork as I left the office.. What? It's Cardinal Day..I can't help it that my only Cardinal shirt was purchased at the grocery store. When I actually GO to a game, I wear red. I can't begin to count the number of red shirts I have.

I love that about Cardinal fans. We almost always wear Cardinal attire or red to a game. If you look at a group of people...let's pretend 4 people go to a game together, at least one of them is decked out..and that is cool!

We are having hotdogs, nachos, soda, licorice (?), crackerjacks and potato salad..I think they had cake too. My wish would be that at 11am they would say.. "hey we are shutting down for the day and everyone is going to the game..here is $50 for walking around money".. wouldn't that be fun..either that or they breakout a half barrel under the receptionist desk. That ain't happenin.
Boy I could really sell some stuff if I was tanked..that would be kinda funny...

American Idol - Neil Diamond night

One of my favorite American Idol recap blogs is High Lord Dave...
This is what I wrote as a comment to him right after the show last night:

As always..love your AI recap. I disagree w/ your take of the show tonight..I know can you believe it? I'll boil it down to what I did like: David C: Both songs I thought were great and I hope he performs one of them on tour. Brooke: I am I saidSyesha: I thought she did a good job on both, she shouldn't go home on those unlike what Simon said.Jason: Forever In Blue Jean..It's one of my all time favorite ND songs and I will download this version from iTunes.Who I hated: BOTH of David A's songs..you do NOT mess w/ Sweet Caroline..that was repulsive.Paula..WTF? she was was lost..and she mentioned that during Idol Gives Back they did a thing w/ the celebrities dancing to I'm a Beliver and lip synching..so she didn't think that was a good move for Brooke.Bottom Two should be: Jason and David A w/ David A going home.Bottom Two will be: Syesha and Jason w/ Jason going home.

As soon as we watch the show J and I also go to www.dialidol.com and check out the predicitons. This is the first week that David A is not predicted to be safe. I think it's time for that boy wonder to go home. But the judges are really pushing for an all David final 2... I almost puked when Randy told him that version of Sweet Caroline was "da bomb"...please...I couldn't WAIT for it to be over. Just sing the fricking melody already.

So we will see tonight what happens.


Eyeball Update

Well, we all know I'm weird, right?
Well the doctor seems to think that I'm ultra-sensitive when my prescription varies even a little bit. He said most people wouldn't have noticed the slight difference... BUT the main thing is that I now have Adies (spelling fixes..sounds like aid ies) in both eyes.
If you have never heard of it you can read about it HERE.
It's a disease that they don't know anything about. They don't know why you get it..how you get it or how to cure it. I have dilated pupils ALL the time. I'm sensitive to light...and it made me go from 20/20 to being nearsighted. There is no treatment but to treat the symptoms.
The doctors all get a little excited, since they don't see it very often. AND now I'm part of the 10-12% that have it in both eyes.. Yeah Me!

So I'll live..and no Grandy..no patch...I know you were hoping.

OK..King Jack wants to play and American Idol starts soon.. Yeah Neil Diamond!

Rock the Vote

You remember that hummingbird photo? I think everyone liked it..right?
Well just click HERE and then scroll to MP and vote for me.
Now here is the kicker, Lisa and Jean also entered....and they come visit me. They have VERY nice photos in there too..but they really aren't moving birds.. WHAT? I never won a contest before.

Thank you all for voting.. I have no chance in hell..there are some uber popular people out there w/ something like 17 votes already...I've don't think 17 different people have commented on my blog in any given day...but vote often (kidding you can only vote once..I tried...) and thank you

What else is going on.. My eye..the right one actually. It is very blurry..and it's kinda scary. Last night we were in Sonic drive thru and I was looking at the Home Depot behind me..closing my left eye to just look with my right..and if I didn't know the big orange letters said lumber..I wouldn't have a clue. SO I'm taking mom and dad to the eye doc today anyway and they are going to squeeze me in. I just had my eyes tested and got these glasses about 6-7 months ago..so I figured this was above and beyond the glasses store doctor..I'm going to the guy that diagosed my Adies.. and did my dad's surgery. Wish me luck, I'm a little nervous.


The new look

Well Ms Pumpkin created a few different headers..this is the one that I'll keep for a while. I LOVE it..
I would have no clue how to do the cute little mosaics around my buddy Jack.. She has a new look on her blog too.. quite the artist she is!


Cleaning House

I HATE to clean, I mean that is what my husband is for isn't it? Well he did yard work today and I started organizing the basement..it will be a major chore, it's just totally gotten out of hand. My problem is I buy clothes but don't get rid of the old ones. It is like I have a sentimental attachement to them. Today I put in the bag the Delta Tau Delta sweatshirt from college and the Eddie Bauer stretched out green sweatshirt... 6 bags packed up so far..

My friend Pumpkin is going to design me a new header..I started to give her comments then she advised me :"Hey hunny, I like what you've done but please bear in mind that, that particular header was just to check colour and so on. However what I will do is send the options to your email and you can choose . The header you have was just to check colour saturation and if it's ok, i've got another couple of ideas that are WAY different."

SO..I'm not going to tweak again until the master has told me that she is finished

The draft was today..Ram's had the 2nd pick and got Chris Long. He's Howie's son. Kinda hot huh? Makes me keep watching football I'll tell you that much.

Happy Saturday Night :-)

Aruba Spring 2008

Aruba Spring 2008
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
Can you tell I'm missing Aruba already?

I've been cleaning the basement..twittering..surfing the internet..It's a Saturday with no real responsibilities..LOVE IT!

Header Under Construction

Good morning folks, Pumpkin here.

Just wanted to let you know that the lovely Mp has asked me to see if I can come up with a wee header for her, so over the next day or so, you may see a couple of different ones. Please feel free to howl in protest at any you particularly don't like.

As for the header that's here at the moment, it's just a tester to get the feel of the blog colour-wise...it's not staying, don't worry.

Well I wish you all a fabulous weekend.

Ps Mp hunny, if you want to change your header back to your flicker photos for the moment, feel free,



This is me, did I ever show you this?
Why did my mom give me that hairdo...UGGGG

Rimmy is on Twitter now..are you?

storming friday

storm coming
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
This is the view from my backyard..it came fast and furious. Temp dropped from 80 to 55...brrrr

Poor Drewby was flying to KC w/ my MIL. Their plane sat on the runway for an hour, it couldn't leave. I hope he didn't get too antsy for Grandma.

A MEME and other stuff

I had a blog written..all I had to do was type it and hit post....I lost it. It was SO funny and entertaining...well written too without alot of spelling errors or .....
But then I woke up.

  • Amy Winehouse was arrested

  • Giraffe's don't have vocal chords

  • I'm addicted to twitter

  • my fricking ankle hurts, I lost range of motion and I don't know why

  • i have a bottomless pit of a stomach today

  • it's going to storm like a big dog

  • we had another aftershock but I didn't feel it

  • i got a new cell phone, it's a razor and I like it

  • this is the place we are going to in hilton head

  • we are SO slow at work I want to nap

  • i had a dream about tony danozzo from ncis the other day

  • no drewby this weekend..first time since we got back from aruba

  • drewby is going to kc w/ my mil..they are flying..did I mention the storm?

  • last night..drew's little sister sat on my lap and called me BB :-) This is a pic of her and her daddy..she is a fricking riot..little piggy tails and a black eye yesterday..what a handful

  • did i ever mention how much i love OTHER people's kids?

And now on to the meme.. I didn't get tagged..I'm one of those people that volunteer for a meme.

THE RULES (I don't feel like typing or c&p)

Relationship Satus

Current Mood

Favorite Singer / Band

Favorite Movie

The Princess Bride

Where Do you live?


Where do you work?
Maryland Heights, MO Police


What do you look like??

blond woman


What do you drive?

Favorite TV Show.. (NOT A FAIR QUESTION)

ncis banner

Describe Yourself

Smart Cat?

What are you doing today??

Slacking Off

What did you do last night?

What is your name??


OK..now everyone else do this MEME..
(Halfway through it I realized you could click on the image in photobucket and get the url DUH>>>)


The Joys of Eldery Parents and other ramblings


First things first. My friend Grady gave me some bling today...Ain't it purty? I feel so special!

Next..this is fun. It's a Birthday Calculator!! There are 200 day's until my next birthday.

And now the reason for my pounding headache..my parents. They are cuter than anything but sometimes I think there goal in life is to drive me nuts. My mother is a blog post all by itself. Right now it boils down to this: The woman NEEDS to go to a real doctor to be diagnosed for whatever is going on and get treatment. Either for the symptoms or cause..something. She will not. What she WILL do is complain, self diagnose and self medicate...and then continue to complain. Oy Vay. Today though we will talk about dad. Dad is a very frugal person, he always will be. He grew up during the depression and knows how to pinch a penny better than anyone. He will wear the same shirt until it literally falls apart. He doesn't care about his appearance or what other people thing. His own family would give him trouble about his "cheese cloth" T-Shirts that he wears that are dated 1983 Moonlight Ramble. Today I had to take dad to the foot doctor. He has been getting very painful corns on the bottom of his feet. His doctor shaved the corn last week and today we went to get him fit for orthotics. The key thing ends up he was wearing the wrong sized shoe. The man was wearing size 8's and he should have been wearing a 9 1/2. He acted as though we were on a shopping expedition ..he says, "I already have too many pair of shoes"..to which I reply "but they are the wrong size, they won't fit you".. to which he replies "I haven't' even wore some of them".. (cause the other ones haven't totally fallen apart yet).

DEEEPPP BREATH.... After over an hour of this back and forth..it STILL didn't get through to him. I have to call mom and explain so maybe she can explain better to him. He needs to donate those shoes to good will and move on. Basically he will now have 1 pair of shoes. He wonders why he falls. He thought the office was ugly and was pissed that they wouldn't accept Medicare. Medicare only accepts the claim if the patient has diabetes. Dad doesn't. He made me promise to visit him in the poor house.


In reality TV news..did you see Carly get the boot last night? Wow..I didn't expect that. I am totally psyched for Neil Diamond night.

In fun news we are going to Hilton Head in July. My MIL and her sisters have rented a house by the beach. We're driving. It will take 13 hours.

Well back to work..Drew has a soccer game tonight..if it stops raining.


24 hours of fame

I think for almost 24 straight hours I felt a little famous!!

I had 188 people look at my blog yesterday..122 the day before. And I looked...it ws due to direct links from bloggers cooler than me that had my link on their blog...including Bossy.

Normally I have about 30..12-24 returning vistors and the rest just fell here looking for wierd things on google searches.

Well that was alot of fun!! Speaking of fun..I am sleepy today cause I was up last night playing w/ the damn Twitter thing. Does anyone know how to make twitter tweet an automatic thing when I update my blog? I see where wordpress has a widget thing but there isn't one for blogger..and what I did find had that openid thing..which said they couldn't FIND my blog..and then I gave 9 gallons of blood and my kidney to set up an open id account and I realize.. WTF was that for?? It didn't do anything for me? 3 hours I think I messed around on the computer trying to figure that stuff out.
THEN I had to watch NCIS.. Cause come on.. Mark Harmon... hmmmm ssssiiiggghhhh
I have to record it cause we watch American Idol together.. I think my girl Brooke may be leaving tonight...live TV you really can't do, "Oh..I'm sorry, can we start that over please?"...

I'm tired..I wore my old glasses, even though it's the same script..my focusing is out of wack. I blame ALL of this on BRI.. and the Twitter thing. ... cause I can.

Photo Contest

*** You can click on the photo to get the entire picture***

There is a photo contest at arewethereyetmom . Above is my submission. I love my little Aruban Hummingbird ...

Get over there and submit something..and yes I'm talking to you Bri...Connie..and anyone else. You can win a book on photography..for me that would be a great place to start!

Cake in our break room

I think the cake decorator at the grocery store would benefit from a new cake decorating spell check..somebody work on that.


Internet Rights...

Can I go out there to bestbuys.com and start selling electronics???

Can I open a store called Hallmarks and sell greeting cards????

How about call myself Jennifer Annistons and join the screen actors guild??

The answer to all of those should be a resounding NO..
So why is this even an issue?

And here is the REST OF THE STORY
As Paul Harvey would say...


What is the fuss about? Well if you go to my sidebar you will see that I have updated my reading list..that is amost everyone that I read on a daily basis..I think. If someone is missing please hollar... Either I forgot or I don't like you..
If I were you I would click on all of them and see for yourself!

You want to read something awesome..one of those posts that you wish you could publish for them cause it has everything? Read this...

Recap Yet Again??

Are you sick and tired of updates on our Sunday night out with Bossy?
Well if you are then don't go here...
Bossy did her recap today..
She seems to be doing a bit of zig sagging. I would be pooped if I were her.

Nothing else really exciting is going on here...except Bri sat on me and forced me to start using Twitter.. Oh my GAWHD it's like internet crack. I knew it would be. My twitter tweet thingy is on the right sidebar under "what you are saying"... I'm following a billion people and like 7 are following me.. Well really, what do I have to say.

No Earthquake last night...Just in case you want to know what to do and not to do during an Earthquake you can take this QUIZ.

Tonight is American Idol. I LOVE Andrew Lloyd Weber....but what the heck are these people going to sing? Some of those songs are just WAY to big for the contestants. Brooke and Jason..two of my fav's are just not big singers...I mean I can't picture Brooke doing "Don't Cry for Me Argentina".. We shall see.

I love the dvr..we have to run to Best Buy tonight..we'll get home then speed through the commercials. I don't trust Dial Idol anymore though. Last week they said Kristi Lee was safe, and she wasn't. I didn't want her to be but the thought of Brooke going home gave me heart palpitations.

WHY am I going to Best Buy? Well we are getting a new stereo installed in the Jeep! Yeah! The CD player didn't work, AM didn't work (and I love Frank OPionion for my drive home)
They are also going to install the XM Radio correctly..I had it gerryrigged..

Spring Showers today..and the lawn mower is busted..we have our own botanical garden in our backyard! Sweet..we'll if the new battery doesn't get here soon we're going to have to start charging admission.


Bossy Adventure Continued....

A little more in detail.
Bri and I arrived first, we had talked on the phone a couple times during the day about the name tags..which I was insistant on..and I must say Bossy loved...
We started the evening with 2 martinis..shown in last nights post. Bri is awesome..and looks a bit like a mix of Keira Knightly and Natalie Portman.
I had to crack up cause the minute we were servered our martini's both Bri and I break out the camera's to take a picture of them...like that was totally the most normal thing to do!
Bri LOOKS like she is 23..but she isn't. I was very surprised she had passed the 30 mark. That's some good genes..

Go figure..Bri ended up going to high school with Julie. They didn't know each other from their small So Ill town but knew a bunch of the same people. Julie is with child..she doesn't blog much but maybe we'll change that... :-)

Not long after Bri and I got to the bar Georgia/Bossy arrived with her host and the hosts's snarky sister.
Bossy's host doesn't post her pics..she prefers to remain unknown.. Heather thought she could just wear a bag over her head like the unknown comic on the Gong Show.. LOL...
Heather cracks me up cause she is so unassuming..yet the quick dry comments that come out of her mouth would make you pee your pants...
Bossy w/ her Stretch Armstrong arms did get an awesome group picture which I'm hoping that she will post on her blog.

I need to get the entire list of people that were there..WOBL.. Wise Old Black Lady. Doesn't that crack you up. Raquita sat across from me...she has the quick whit..and AWESOME camera and is very big in the new St Louis blogging community..

Kelly and her daughter came. Talk about beautiful..aka Vanessa Willimas. Kelly got to get on her soap box a couple times..and talk about to the point..she is in the education field but IMO should be in politics..unlike me who gets bored when I'm talking to myself..this woman can keep your attention, educate and entertain you..her blog is fun too.

Sonrie.. I don't think I'm supposed to post her real name.. was there too but I didn't really get to talk to her.
I think if I had any complaints at all on the evening it would be that there were too many people. There were always 4 or 5 converstations going on at once and I didn't want to miss out on any of them. There were thinkgs I would have liked to have asked Bossy/Georgia.. I think I had a list in my head but there was just so much going on.

There was one other girl there but I've never visited her blog..and man was she cute and funny.. Bri is going to send me the link.
I GOT IT...I saw the link from my stat thingy... Miss Fluid Pudding!!

Twitter..should I or shouldn't I?
I'm afraid if I twit and tweet I wouldn't blog...
OK I'm tweeting..and twittering and Jean sent me a message but I can't figure out how to respond cause there is nothing in the drop down...
How do I know if there are other people I want to follow that I don't have their email addresses..?? I guess I'll figure it out.


The Great Bossy Adventure

I'm HOME!! We had a great time. There were around 11 of us that got together at The Chocolate Bar. Martini's, Mohito's, Cheese Platters, Desserts..and LOTS of conversation. We must have talked about everything ..pumping, blowjobs (in referernce to the Clinton's), The Fonz (my Clinton story), the public education system in our country..especially St Louis, Georgia's middle name..the special guest blogger at Bossy's tomorrow...the Saturns...how great of a gathering we had...how funky the music was (Bluegrass versions of Prince Classics..and Johnny Cash singing Tom Petty..)
Here are a few pictures...Georgia you know..MP and Bri.. Raquita, Heather and Georgia..I have more..
Georgia's gracious host has an awesome food blog..I won't show her picture but I must tell you I allowed her to lick me..cause I'm a republican too..Oh yes..there were two of us..but of course I respect the Barak O'Boyfriend since he more than likely going to be our next pres..but I digress..
A great time was had by all.. I will give linky love tomorrow!!


Bossy's Coming Tomorrow

15 women or so that I've never met in person are all getting together to meet a woman in a borrowed Saturn..who is driving across country to meet other women she never met..
Most of us don't know each others real names yet we talk about it on the internet to anyone who wants to read.

It sounds kinda funny that way doesn't it?

Well I hope to take lots of pictures...and I'll recap you Monday!!


Shake Rattle and Roll

Yeah, I need to get ready for work.. But OMG we had an EARTHQUAKE...It felt really weird!!

Who else felt it??

Damage was done REALLY close to our house..partial bridge collapse..remember me talking about this? It wasn't even the New Madrid..it was in So Ill.

More later.

OK I'm at work now. The quake hit at 4:30ish. J was up and sitting on the couch. He felt it and was freaked out, so in order to not freak alone he screams...MARYPAT WE'RE HAVING AN EARTHQUAKE ARE YOU UP??
I woke up and was about to say, WHAT? ..but I didn't need to cause OMG the bed was shaking. I knew I wasn't possessed by the devil so it had to have been an earthquake. Of course we're pretty much earthquake virgins but we knew that had to be it. We checked the internets but there was nothing and I realized I still had an hour and a half of sleep left so I went back to bed..but like being on a boat I thought the bed was still moving. I eventually fell back to sleep.

News reports in our area include a gas main break and a partial bridge collapse.
Now...Do we all remember THIS post that I wrote about back in March...how about this one from December? Again in August I made mention... You think I'm a bit obsessed? I think it has to do with my love of all things disaster..tornado's, thunderstorms etc.. Now of course this was only around 5.2 on the scale so it wasn't the big one, it wasn't centered in New Madrid either..that is the one we're going to have to worry about..the one that can destroy everything from Memphis to St Louis. You can read about the history HERE. Back in the 1800's the quake made the river run backwards..THAT is some powerful stuff cause we all know how powerful water is.

If you didn't feel this morning's Earthquake tell me if you have EVER been in one?

10:21 am
J called me as one of my coworkers yelled.. EARTHQUAKE get in a doorway...
Well I didn't..I answered the phone instead..it was my J saying this time the mirrors on the wall rattled.
Aftershock was a 4.5
Hopefully the quakes won't scare Bossy away from visiting..


I Heart Purses

Melinda Zook

I wanna win...

The drama...that surrounds me

I HATE drama..the girl fights...bitchy, gossip etc. It really wears me out. I chose to avoid conflict at any cost.. but I can't help it when it surrounds me..

Please go to Dolce's site and read what happed at work on Tuesday. For REAL..
I had her tell the story..I can TELL a story pretty good, but she writes it better!! :-)


Radom Wednesday Thoughts

I just read this story in Yahoo this morning about ALS.. New campaign. The speeding bullet seems like it just fits.. I hope to see this on TV a whole bunch!

Did you watch American Idol last night? I did..I can tell you I think I only heard one of those songs.. J knew them all. He used to be a fan back then..that was PRE MP.. I think this might be the week Brooke goes home and that bums me out, she would have done great on Neil Diamond week. If not her it will be Carley or Syesha.. Kristy Lee is just getting a billion votes from the country fans..it isn't that she did bad it's just that she's not as good all around as the girls left now, she should go first. The boys last night were good. I actually liked David A's performance last night. David Cook though stole the show. Did you see his brother in the audience? They didn't acknowledge him I'm sure since that would sway the votes his way. His brother is batteling cancer and had a medical charter to send him to his performance. You can tell he was very humbled yet proud of his performance. Very touching. Jason's performance.. Yep...smoke a dube, sit back and enjoy all that is Jason Castro..Love him!

We had all kinds of drama at the office yesterday. Dolce is going to post about it I think today, when she does I'll link over to her.

We're going to Dave & Buster's tonight.. I need to bring a book. The boys play, I eat and read. It works well for me.

SUNDAY..this Sunday is Bossy Day. Bri talked about it here.. this is actually my first time meeting bloggers in real life too..I'm excited! Bri and I are going to get together an hour BEFORE the meet up..power in numbers and all that..so when everyone else gets there it will be just like having my little sister w/ me.. not that in any way shape or form I could ever be old enough to be her mother... I really honestly meant to start reading everyone's blogs before the meet up..but I haven't too much. Bloggers generally don't seem to be shy people or dorks..why do we blog? Why do we blog and our other friends don't? Is it a certain type of person? Is there one mutated gene that makes us want to type our thoughts, feelings and photographs with total strangers? Hmm...discuss...

Today is the first day in a week that we're going to have Spring like weather. Sunny, Windy, high of 74 degrees..now that's what I'm talking about!

OH..No one has voted for me..but I entered my Grade School Graduation picture over at Crystal's contest blog.. I didn't even vote for myself.

Is something up w/ the comments today??
OK... Read this...
Bri's friend Simon linked it to her comment.
It TOTALLY explains bloggy friends!


things you find on old cameras

This was in a camera that was under my desk..

I think I've gained some weight since this..it's a good inspiration photo..my hair is longer. Depress..or inspire..hmm.

OH...Mariah Carey day on Idol. I don't like her..she screeches more than sings. I have a feeling Carly and Seyesha are going to oversing and yell whatever song they pick.

How is my boy Jason and my girl Brooke gonna pull this one off? Hmm.


Why can't everyone be normal??

I have talked to the stupidest people today. This woman insisted to me that LCD was how your TV would work in 2009 and then also thought that buying an HD TV would make it HD TV.and she had a bit of an attitude with the whole thing. I had to spend 1/2 hour with her to un-bitchy her..

Then Dolce had a customer who called her today..and FLUSHED THE TOILET while they were on the phone...

Then my mother broke the toilet seat. Cost $100 for the plumber to go buy a new seat and put it on.. She couldn't wait until tonight..well cause she had to go and couldn't go downstairs.

Sunday is Chocolate Martini's with Bossy!! ..I have tried to get together w/ Bri before hand..but she has something..or I have something..

OK..I gotta run..slammed today..


Daddy,Drew and BB - First Communion

Today was First Communion...we were VERY proud!


Back to Normal

I finally FEEL back to normal. I took Wednesday and slept til almost 1pm..I was still all out of wack for losing a day of sleep.

Tomorrow morning is Drew's First Communion..I am So excited..

Jack got his hair buzzed..J thinks he looks like a sissy..they kept his mohawk..I'll take pictures, don't worry..

If you see another boy comment it's Jason.. From The Jason Show.. Bossy just went to visit with him on the left coast. He is a hoot. I spent at least an hour reading his blog today. His story is so open and honest..wow.

Remember my cousin who went to jail? Well she's out. I went to pick up carry out the other day and she was at the bar..drunk w/ the guy that used to beat her. Nice.. I don't know the particulars.

We may go see Nim's Island this weekend. I think I want to see it as much as Drew. Drew also called and said that there is a new Zoey 101 this weekend and that he was SURE that I would want to see it with him. (he's right!)

When do zits stop? I'm 41 for crying out loud. Bleh..

Guess what? It might SNOW here this weekend. Chance of Rain VS 32 degrees at night = flurries. When is the next flight back to Aruba?

I think today was the first day in a long time I read all the new posts from everyone..

Michael Johns and Eliza were voted off American Idol and Survivor.
I was OK with both of them..Eliza needed a Ding Dong and Michael..like Daughtry is better off not winning..He'll do fine.
I forgot to record CSI last night..bummer. I finally watched CSI NY from the other day.. I really like that one better than the original. I'm glad TV is getting back to normal, just in time for my TNT shows Saving Grace and The Closer to start up this summer... am I pushing the summer thing? I guess a little.

Have a great weekend!!


Vote for my Hummingbird Pic!

Vote for me!!

How I spent my vacation

How I spent my vacation
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
Here you go..here it is in a nutshell!

MP's Keyword Search....

I decided to show you my keyword searches...ONLY the odd ones though...

old peeing penis - EWEWEWEW
anti-kansas shirts - KU SUCKS
calculate 900s guide to youtube poop - I don't understand that search
boys peeing in the park showing their penis - MAN...
hate chemistry pharmacy - I would too..
i'm a boy touched my dads penis - Please get help...
big rimmy - Hi Rimmy!!
mark harmon - HAWT!

I Heart Jason Castro

I have an unhealthy sick...old lady love for this guy..and this performance..


Aruba Waves

Aruba Waves
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
This is a video of John..he's our friend from NY...He made it back to shore safe..busted toe..but safe.


Important News Story

25 years
Like Oh My God!

If you have NOT seen this, please do yourself a favor and watch it soon!!

I didn't finish my Q&A...Ooops

Can you believe I never answered Biddy??

hmmm a question....ok, kind of an odd question: have you ever considered changing churches? i.e. not being catholic anymore?

A: Um, No.

explanation: If you ever met my mother you too would know that changing churches OR religion is NOT an option. I am 41 years old and my mother still calls every weekend to see what mass I went to. Not so much anymore though since I'm taking Dad to church...so she already knows when I go.

Drew is being raised Catholic as well.. we're talking about First Communion weekend all!! Very exciting stuff. My non-catholic husband wants to get Drew a replacement DS as a gift. I don't even want to explain..rosary's, bibles, books, money.. These are acceptable gifts, NOT electronics. Oh well.

I will never forget learning that most of the bible was stories..written for a simple man to understand and should not be taken word for word. I was heartbroken, more so than the Santa story. Faith, Religion, Hope..they are all so personal and so individual. Right now I'm at the same church I was baptised.. talk to me in 10 years...we'll see where I am then.

I Got Nothin

OK..I have blogging block and don't have anything to say. I was going to tell you a story but they all seem pretty boring.

I've done the Q&A..showed you pretty pictures.
You can see the entire Aruba set HERE . It is a work in progress.

I am very sleepy today, we're having thunderstorms..mom wants me to go shopping for her tonight, she's out of her activa yogurt..

Tonight is also American Idol..I think it's inspirational songs.. I sure hope I don't have to hear someone sing Candle in the Wind or a Celine Dion song..
I'll be recording NCIS in the bedroom.. I LOVE Mark Harmon.

I was slammed at work yesterday, today not so much. I could REALLY take a nap. I mean if I close my eyes for more than 30 seconds I'm afraid I would nod off.
I'm typing right now to stay awake.

I'm still thinking about this resturant.. Damn this was good eats. This was where I got some of those great pictures of the sunsets.

You got something for me? A meme? Q&A... help me here..


searching for shells 2

searching for shells 2
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
I manipulated the color on this..I like it, what do you think?

colors from the sea

colors from the sea
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
I like the pretty colors...

kite surfing

kite surfing
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
We must have watched these kids for an hour..I was glad I caught the action..


I'm snorkling

I'm snorkling
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
I saw fishies...and a German wreck called the Atilla


Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
See..that wasn't too painful

Vacation Highlights

(this is what our time share is going to look like..they are just starting construction now)

Do you really want to hear ALL about my vacation? No..I didn't think so. I'll give you some bullets....

Aruba is in a constant state of summer. It is around 88 degrees and sunny..ALLTHETIME...and windy. You can get sunburt looking out the window.

We stayed a couple days at Tropical Haven then moved to the Marriott. At Tropical Haven J and I met John and Paula from NY..they will be our friends forever.

We purchased a Time Share at The Aruban. 1 week set every other year and 3 floating weeks for wherever in the world..for life.

We ate the BEST food everyday, I ate enough seafood for good health for at least a decade.

We went snorkeling where I fell on the boat..nice bruise. Horeback riding was OK..my horses name was Barney..he was the horse for the kids..that worked out well.

We rented a Jeep and did tons of exploring. We actually went w/ John and Paula to an abandoned well searching for Natalee..John actually emailed Nancy Grace wondering if anyone else looked there...I have pictures..we didn't find her.

There was a 2 point Earthquake while we were on the island but we didn't know it...we were eating lunch in San Nicolas at Charlie's Bar...I have pictures..

I read 3 books and watched some TV and relaxed...I won and lost in the casinos. I missed my bloggy friends very much and am so greatful for the huge ass party you had while I was gone.

OK..back to catching up. You want anymore details you are going to have to ask..


Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
Look at this...I can't believe I caught this image...they are such beautiful birds...

Day One Sunset

OK..this is the last one for the night..this is the calm side of the island that faces West..duh..it is calm and there are no waves at all..except when there is an earthquake at sea..but that's another story. (ps..this is straight out of the camera..Pioneer woman would be proud)

Can you say WOW?

Me..first day in the $100 shorts

It's 1:22am and I should be in bed but I'm playing with my pictures..this was the first day after we purchased those shorts and rented the jeep. We drove up to the north part of the island. You can't swim here..there are all rocks under the surf...


I'm HOME!!

Just got home...I mean plane landed..walked in..drove to get Jack then got on the computer...House looks like it's in one piece...it's cold though.

More to come tomorrow..THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE>...I can't wait to read everything!

We've Only Got A Few More Hours!!!

Hello people!!! She's coming home tonight and this place isn't NEARLY ready!!!!

Jean! Stereo off! Well... wait... ON until we're finished. Then off! And get those Fallopian Tube Earrings out of here!

Biddy... Biddy??? Oh great, where'd she go??? BIDDY GET OFF THE CEILING!

Grandy! Grandy? Oh... Ok, you can stay in the recliner. Tell you what. You be look out!

Pumpkin, I believe the stripping firemen were your idea?

It's been fun guys but ya gotta go!

Well... maybe...

No! All firemen OUT!

Lucky Gem -Are you still here?

Biddy! What are you still doing on the ceiling? What??? I'm having a hard time hearing you over the stereo. Lucky's kid is stuck in what? -Nevermind... I don't want to know.

Ok one fireman stay to get the baby unstuck. THEN out!

What's that Grandy? SHE'S HERE??!!! Oh wait... she's NOT here? Then who are those people on the lawn? The what??? The "Amish Defamation League?" DAWN!!!!!

Bri! What are you doing! Homework can wait! We've got work to do! Work! Work! Work!

Everybody else... er... just look busy! Do something non-destructive! And leave a comment and let us know what it is so we don't double up on stuff! We need this place to look exactly the way MP left it! Well... minus one table. Oh, and make sure you finish up all the food. She didn't leave us any!

Speaking of which... Rimshot, all those containers you drank out of? You can keep them. Seriously, take 'em with you. It's a gift. From me.

Ok... now where did this Christmas tree come from...?

Do the Amish taste like chicken?

Hi. I'm Dawn. I can usually be found over at Alex Year One, but for today, I'm hanging out over here, while I have a guest post at my place.

My husband and I have one thing in our relationship that never fails to work for us - a sense of humor wrapped up in some really lame running jokes.

In our town, at a major intersection, is a sign advertising "Amish Made Butter". Poor Amish. What's up with making butter from them? They are good people, making butter from them is just tacky.

On our interstate travels, we frequently see signs for "Amish Made Furniture". Equally apalling, not only are Amish edible, but apparently quite durable too.

But what we found most disheartening was a sign advertising an "Amish Buffet". Again. Poor Amish.

We never fail to make the same lame joke every time we see a sign for an Amish made product. What's sad is when I was telling Scout I needed a topic for a guest post, he suggested the running Amish gag, what's even sadder is I took his advice and just exposed our sick, twisted sense of humor to the world.


what the hell!?

WHO dumped their drink in the sink and didn't rinse it out and dry up the water spots!?

for the love of GAWD, people! i've been scrubbing this place top to bottom so the stains won't be so noticable the house will be nice and clean for MP and J when they get home.
it took me a full day just to wash all the sheets (ok, so some of them i just burned and replaced because dayum) I don't even wanna know what some of y'all were doing! At least Rimmy & I left the plastic sheets on ;-)

on a different note, is Bossy coming to your town? would you like me to make you an "I Heart Bossy" shirt? If so, head on over to my place for details!

now, if you will excuse me, i need to figure out how to vacuum the crumbs out of the ceiling chair...

It's Frrrrriiiiiiiday!

A spankin good Friday to you all folks!!!!

As it's my last chance to eat all the food in MPs fridge, I figured I'd do it with some kicking music in the background..........let's see if I can't get your butt shaking and dancing too.


We've all been passed out drunk. What? You missed it?

Oh, wait. That was just me.


What's That Mark On The Back Of Your Neck?

Awfully quiet in here today.

Maybe they've all been abducted by Aliens...

Maybe I've been abducted by aliens and I'm now in some kind of parallel universe!

Hmmm... Nope. Apparently not.

There's a 36% Chance You've Been Abducted By Aliens

Even though you have a few alien abduction signs, you're almost certainly in the clear.
However, if aliens ever do come to your neck of the woods... they'll probably be coming for you!



Hey Y'all

When is the lucky bitch MP getting home? I need to get the smell out of her bedroom clean sheets on the bed and restock the liqour cabinet refrigerator...


I'm Glad You All Are Still Here...

It looks as though we have kept the party level at MP's to a minimum with no arrests and no drunk long distance dialing on MPs phone. I'm sure she'll have the place cleaned up by Christmas.
Now on to a sorta serious note. I'm so glad MP gave me the keys so to speak to her blog cause now I have some bloggy advice that I could use, where a post on my blog would not be wise at the moment.
Here's the deal. I'll try to keep it as short as possible and not go to long winded. I've worked at my job for going on 6 years now in a call center. I'm honestly not happy doing it, but for some reason have stuck with it in hopes that I would be promoted to a level 1 supervisor which is just a fancy name for a higher supervisor than I am now with out dealing with actual calls. I am considered one of the best.so to speak..as my boss would say. Yet when it was time for a promotion, I was passed over by "young, still with lives with his parents, just doing this job to pay for school boy." Pissed off I was, was an understatement and I did find the cahonies to talk with bossman about it and he just gave me a dumb answer like uh er your public speaking skillz aren't up to par. Whatever.
Fastforward to today. I literally got handed on a silver platter an offer to work in another department. I actually was offered this job a couple of years ago and stupidly turned it down as I thought things would be better in my department...I had hope for that promotion and was faithful and loyal to my boss.
Here's the deal...I'm ready to tell the guy sign me up right now I'm ready to go, as a lot of crap is happening in my department right now. Here's the thing. I'm afraid I'm getting the grass is greener syndrome. The guy who offered me the job, I've known since I started working. Hubs and him are fairly good friends. The problem is he's somewhat of a dick when it comes to work. Hes the boss and just wants things his way. He also has a few red neck sexist tendencies and can make off kilter comments. My boss is a great guy, in fact he's very laid back for the most part and keeps to himself. I'm just afraid that there maybe more pressure and possible different stress with the new position. I also have tinge of guilt as if I take this job, it means my boss will have lost 2 supervisors in a 2 week time. I'm sure it just comes with the territory and going along with the learning curve of the new job..but as much as I want it, I also don't like getting out of my comfort zone.
Most likely I'm going to take it for a new challenge, which I think I'm ready for. I just needed to clear out my thoughts and this whole thing literally happened as I was walking out the door. I've gotta go over more detail with my boss and the new boss and just see how it turns out. I didn't want to start up a fire on my blog as my immediate supervisor reads my blog,,,the guy that got promoted and well it would be awkward.
Thanks MP for letting me use your space place to crash for the night.
Ladies any advice...should I go for it knowing full well what I may be up against or should I take this to my boss and see what he can do for me and see just how much he really needs me?

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Hey Guys!

Did y'all miss me?

I spent the night in Dallas with
The Boss Lady and a bunch of other friggin awesome Texas Bloggers. it was fan-freakin-tastic! If Bossy is going to be anywhere near you while she's on this roadtrip of hers, you HAVE to go meet her. She's possibly the coolest person I've ever met.

wait a second...who got out the christmas tree!? i LOVE it! who would have thought you could make ornaments out of empty booze bottles?

Bri, Pumpkin, and Lucky, welcome to the party! as you can see, we've been having a great time wrecking the place having *ahem* quiet time and fellowship...*snort*

welp, i'm heading up to my room to work on my Bossy Did Dallas post. I'm a wee bit hungover, so i should probably take an aspirin a bottle of wine with me.

See y'all in the morning!

Just To Make Sure You All See This

MP left a comment on Pumpkin's "Hello" post:

hi kids...just booked our snorkle trip and a horseback riding trip..j talked me into it again..it's always sunny here but believe it or not i'm sunburt...look up The Aruban..that is where our place for next year will be..I can't wait to read everything you guys have been posting..thanks for chiming in today pumpkin!!
FYI: MP, I think you can probably email blog entries to here from your phone.

EDIT: OMFG. I just looked up "The Aruban." I should be more excited that this is where we're all stayin' next year ;) but right now, it's just making me ache.


Good afternoon folks

I just thought that now I've finally arrived and am settled in my room (MP's house is lovely by the way), it might be nice if I introduced myself......I do try to be polite on occasion.

Alrighty then, what interesting facts can I tell you about wee me, just so you know what you'Re dealing with (forewarned is fore-armed after all).

The name's Pumpkin and my blog is in mps link list if you fancy a wee look.

I'm Scottish.

I have a son (Gozar) and a husband (no nickname as yet......any suggestions feel free!)

I'm studying a Phd in Psychology......this is purely to ensure that when I do eventually go insane, I can counsel myself and let my other voices join in.......it's only fair, y'know?

Friday night is 'Red Wine'night in my household, although only for me ofcourse......Gozar and husband prefer beer.

My son is 3 and 3/4, so I was only kidding about that last one............no self respecting mother would let her child drink beer at that age................he's almost a man and that means WHISKEY!!!

Oh, and you won't find a picture of my son anywhere on my site, we're a wee tad paranoid y'see and so all I can tell you is he has BIG blue eyes, blonde-red-brown hair and enough charm to weazle a 3rd packet of gummi bears out of the kind lady across the road.

Let's see, what else......

I ADORE MP's photography, that girl has an amazing eye for gorgeous scenes to photograph. She was also lovely enough to guest for me a wee while back, so she rocks as far as I'm concerned.

I'm a big fan of Janet Evanovich, Dean Koontz and pretty much any other auther that writes well....I LOVE to read. I also love music and You Tube and stripping firemen and sunsets and mountains and Christian Bale movies and buying perfume and animals and stripping firemen and the Muppets and stripping firmen and The Pioneer Woman, Big boobs and Dr Pepper, Stripping firemen..............yep....the stripping firemen feature ALOT in my 'if I won the lottery what would I buy' fantasy.

Anyways, I think I may be sucking your will to live by now so I shall stop and get a wine refill.

Hope you're all having a lovely week so far!!!!

Oh, and as I love You Tube and as I love music.................here's a wee clip that is of the song which can make my ass get out of bed and boogie whilst I try and click my fingers in the morning......enjoy!