Top Ten Tuesday Things

1. Please go to www.mamalogues.com today. Dana has a video linked to her site that is hysterical. I don't know how long it's been out there...and I may be the last to see it but I don't care. I think it is brilliant!

2. Training the boy went well yesterday. But after typing this I'm going to make myself some bullet points so I stay a bit more on track. I had him take Kiplinger training today. How to Handle Difficult Customers: 16 Secrets in 60 Minutes. This boy is coming from college..to warehouse to operations...he doesn't know that much about dealing w/ all different types of people on the phone.

3. Jack is doing great! Thanks for asking. He went potty outside again this morning and slept through the night. Last night though he moved a bit North and ended up next to my face more than my waist which he did the night before. Not sure I'm digging that all that much.

4. Reminder: Tonight my BIL's BBQ team will be features at 8:30 on the FoodNetwork..that is CST. Amber and Dani from BB8 will be on The Power of Ten on CBS. Not sure about time but I'm thinking 8pm.

5. We are getting new furniture tomorrow. American had an AWESOME deal a couple months ago so we ordered replacements for the living room. The recliner was dead. J still sat in it but it was barely staying together. I bought the chair and couch about 11 years ago. 10 years ago my then roommates dog chewed the handle of the recliner. She never apologized, I was devastated but got over it. One time Renee, some drinking buddy boys and I all used the recliner to play astronaut. We tipped it upside down. It was funny..the recliner was never the same, it leans. It eats things too..remotes, money, food. I'm sure when we take it apart and put it in the alley J will find his lost eyeglasses. The new furniture is stain protected and it's brown. It is a love seat and couch. It's brown. I'm thrilled!

6. Mom and Dad have an out of town guest coming. He's a priest from Chicago. He doesn't stay at their house anymore since dad uses my room and now there isn't a spare bed. The priest stays at the Red Roof Inn near the house. This is the same hotel that the hooker was doing tricks..and she assaulted the guy...and it was all in the news. You think mom and dad would tell him it's a hooker hotel. Oh well.

7. It's hot again, and STILL dry. As Jenn mentioned the other day we are seriously having a drought. It sucks. There is a slight chance for rain this weekend.

8. I haven't read in a week or so. I just haven't taken the time. I have to get back in the mood.

9. People just came in my office and are making me work..WTF??

10. We have a LONG weekend. Just me, J and Jack... I'm looking forward to it!


slouching mom said...

Man. Your brain is active, MP!

We just got a new loveseat -- it's microfiber, which looks like suede, sort of, and it's taupe.

I like! I like!

Have fun inaugurating your new furniture.

Emily said...

What is UP with people making you work?! I have the same problem! Just ridiculous.

Beware: Social Worker on the edge said...

That clip was wild...thanks.

Maybe boys aren't so dumb.

Biddy said...

don't you hate how work gets in the way of your workday?? sheesh...

ohhhh what i wouldn't give for new, matching, and intact furniture...

ok, i'd settle for used, mismatched intact furniture...

Anonymous said...

Work sucks! I keep saying if it wasn't for the clients it might be okay but now...not so much!

New furniture! How fun! It's not a hot tub so I'm not devasted or totally envious...alright maybe just a little!

Sounds like Jack is fitting right in!

I'm sure the priest can help heal a hooker during his stay! Not to worry!