The Sky Is Falling

What in the heck is going on around here????

In local news, 2 separate cars have crashed. One through a Great Clips in a strip mall, another into a residential garage.

Idiot's..Asswhole..Gangster wanna be crooks...shot and killed a rookie policeman; 22 years old, on the job one year. Bullet went into his arm pit..no vest there. What a waste..that is just horrible.

105 was the total yesterday and I think 2 more people died. I'm talking about 105 in the midwest people, not that dry Arizona stuff.

Today it's breezy and not as bad, it's only going to be in the 90's.

I was sitting at my desk this morning...going nuts. Trying to get shit done and also dealing with the phone person not answering the phone!!...then in walks the girl we called Betty or something in an earlier story...anyway, remember she was written up for shit she didn't do cause the other girl was making stuff up to sabotage her..Well she quit, her last day was Friday...well was supposed to be Friday. She was really looking forward to her exisit interview. She had a doctor's appointment yesterday and told some people, not the RIGHT people and the other part is she took the whole flipping DAY! They considered it "no call, no show" and they had her personal stuff all packed up and ready for her to pick it up when she came in this morning.

Work is crazy..we have possible product changes on two of our lines PLUS we're looking at a new camera line. With the holidays coming up this is getting crazy trying to figure out what I can and cannot quote.

Hairs cut tonight and picking up mom's new fancy pants glasses!!


Linda said...

work people suck I know! gangsta people suck! I don't know what it is about this day and age! Aimee was telling me about a 19 year old at the pub last night that drank 2 pitchers (not glasses) of beer and thought he was okay to drive! Aimee snapped on him! People can be so stupid!

Rebecca said...

Hey--- not sure I have your email address, so I'll put this in a comment... but we're just trying to get people to let us know for sure whether or not they're coming Friday night--- email me at rmercurio8 at aol dot com to let me know!

slouching mom said...

stay cool over there in the midwest!