I've moved...why are you here??



my creation

my creation
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Check this out. J bought an art program and I made this..LOL..I have no artistic talent so this was alot of fun!



Today is the day. Pack up your bags, bring me a housewarming gift, leave your shoes on the mat by the door.


Look at that, the name of my blog actually IS the title of my blog. How about that!!

Now I have to figure out how to change my blogger profile so when I leave blogger comments it goes to the new place.


Red Swing

Red Swing
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I liked this....my family looks at me like I'm nuts when I am taking the picture though...like, "hello we're NOT ON THE SWING...look over here"..but I see the picture. The red baby swin and the big kid swing which leads to the adult bench..get it? That was my story with this photo.

drews first fish

drews first fish
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Here it is! The first fish. He was so proud and excited!

iTunes Winner

Hi...I'm having an issue..we picked a winner and I don't know who she is??

AMYT..HELLO, you out there?

When you click on your name it says blogger profile can't be found. I need to find you!!

I have pictures and everything...


First Things First..and my moving response

The $50 iTunes Giveaway is Sunday. Did you enter? If not get your booty over there and enter!!

I'm thinking that moving from Blogger to Wordpress is my progression to my own domain and hosting my own site.

I really like the clean .. crispnessiness of their layout. (new word, you like it?)

Dee-Dee, and Danielle did that answer your questions?

Connie.. Wordpress and Typepad are two different things :-)

I need to pick a moving date. I have decided to move. I have decided to keep My Second Journal. (although like Biddy said, Third Time's A Charm was REALLY cute)
I am not going to get my domain and self hosting for a couple months, I'm thinking maybe Augusty (another new word). I figure since I don't own a laptop my entire time in South Carolina in July I won't be blogging and it's easier to just use my same ole girls as guest bloggers.

My issue with all this is I hate change, but I want to change and I have to gradually do it, that's why I didn't just do it today. I think that I'm going to do it sometime next week.
Hotfessional and Psychicgeek were very helpful w/ suggestions. Well Physicgeek said, "Ask Hotfessional, she just moved"..

Other things of interest:

We got a new toilet, it's Awesome and flushes quick and good. I think it has a low flow thingy. Can I write that off on my taxes? Isn't it sad that I am excited about a toilet.

We MAY go fishing tomorrow. I will be with 2 fickle boys and I have a feeling 7am is going to be VERY early tomorrow. I want to fish though and I especially want to take some pictures. I haven't been taking any lately cause I just haven't gone anywhere. I hope I can walk OK in the wilderness. I'm giving myself until June 14th. If the SOB doesn't feel better by then I'm going to the doctor.

I am also having a very big movie issue. Tomorrow night we plan on going to see new Narnia movie. It looks AWESOME. But hello people, I have not seen the first one!! "Why not?" you ask.. well cause when the first one came out Drew thought it looked to scary so we didn't go. I figured I would wait until it was on cable. Now the 2nd part is out...BEFORE the first one is on cable. Why would they do that to me. Drew ended up seeing the first one on DVD..but not with me. The nerve of that kid. So now I have to figure out how to see Narnia tonight.

OK.. I am SO behind on reading blogs I gotta go.. Oh yeah, and work too.


New Name? New URL?

I was thinking Wordpress IS pretty cool.. AND I was thinking of having someone host my site and stuff..

So does My Second Journal MEAN anything to you?

Like I know when I go to Biddy's.. It's Biddy's World..and that should never be changed. LuLu's laundry, Pioneer Woman, DadGoneMad, Dooce, Iambossy, workingmama247, parachuting w/out a net.. These all mean something to me.

If and when you think of me... am I bbmpsecondjournal.blogspot.com or am I My Second Journal and you click a link.. or am I MP's Blog?

Should I change my name?
Should I go back to MP's Journal.. That was my first blog that I shut down, that is why this one is called My Second Journal. Should the new one be Third Time's A Charm or something cute like that?

What do you think? Will I just do whatever I want anyway? :-)

Kinda throwing it out there..playing around on the template at wordpress too..added one of my pictures...it CROPS it for you and everthing. I also love that snap shot thing when you hover over a link..


No, not to another city...but over to wordpress...

One by one people are moving...

What do you think?

Is there like tons of things that you can do..what are the benefits?

If you read, make sure to pick up The Year of Fog

Wow...I can't put this book down! I had to stop and write a little review and I'm not even finished with the book.

Even though I was in the middle of a book and my eyes are hurting I couldn't put the book down. I started it yesterday when we were at Dave and Busters w/ Drew. I got home and read until American Idol.. (Syesha was robbed) and then I read until I went to bed. Well I'll take that back, I read until J said, "You know you are going to be really crabby and tired if you don't get to bed.

I was SO into this book I didn't even watch Criminal Minds and CSI NY last night.
I brought the book to work today and plan on reading at lunch..and I usually don't take lunch.

Here is what happens in the first 2 pages..and you will see this if you click the link. Abby is going to get married to Jake. Jake has a 6 year old daughter Emma. Emma's mom is totally out of the picture. Jake goes of on a guys weekend and Emma and Abby are at the beach in San Francisco..searching for sand dollars and taking pictures. In a matter of minutes Emma just disappears into the fog. She isn't anywhere to be found. You feel what Emma is feeling, she's scared, angry and sad. I highly recommend this. $12 at Target and it's marked for the 20% off book club right now.


Breakdown of body and sole.. otherwise known as getting older.

Don't forget about the giveaway:

And in other news my female parts are falling out of my body and sucking all the smiles and laughter out of my being. Anyone else get that? Geeze Louise as I get older the smallest things just get me all out of sorts both in my body and in my head.

I could easily just crawl into bed and stay there for the rest of the week. I can't grasp the reason why that isn't an option for me. I went through waves of motivation and any life at all yesterday. Things that I normally enjoy weren't even tempting for me.

J bought a new art program and screensaver for the computer. I chose to put a chair together. WTF is up with that?

J accused me of being crabby this morning. I wasn't crabby, well yes I guess I was, it's just that it wasn't towards him. It was that my fricking ankle still hurts and that is stupid. I am sick and tired of Weight Watchers frozen lunches. I'm sick and tired of having to work for a living. I'm sick and tired of feeling sorry for myself 2 days in a row when there are Chinese people..who by law can only have one kid..are searching for that one kid in a pile of rubble.

Do you do this too? Is this just me? I am SO ready to be retired and sitting on the beach w/ a camera, book, cool drink.. It really can't happen soon enough.

Edit: THIS made me smile..alot..
I read it over at Kim's.

(w/ the link it was a porn site..opps)


Pulling in the Big Bucks - Again w/ the Mommy Blogger

Heather (as in MY Heather) gave me a tip about putting an Amazon add on my site, she made $25 in 8 months! That's $25 more than me.

Ad's could be a pain in the butt if you can't fit them correct, god knows what would happen to my layout of I though something new in.


Heather said she was going to be on Nightline over at Dooce... So I went to their website and there was a story..and it's supposed to be on tonight. Why do they still insist on calling her a mommy blogger....GGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH This is one of those things that I am just totally hung up on .

OK, I feel better: I went to the ABC site and commented this:

The term "mommy blogger" should be retired. Heather Armstrong is a woman, wife and mother who happens to have a blog. A "mommy blogger" would be a woman that blogs about parenting, pregnancy, motherhood and super household tips. Heather Armstrong clearly isn't one of these and neither are the thousands of women out there with witty, intelligent blogs. The media needs to quit lumping everyone together in that neat little package.

It's like the time they opened a grocery store near my house, they advertised it saying it was "On the Hill"... and the point was, that it WASN'T on the Hill. (the Hill is a neighborhood)..
So I'd scream at the TV, Radio, Newspaper, Back of the church book..wherever there was advertising.. IT'S NOT ON THE HILL.. It's very close but it's on the border, if you get out the map you will see. It's been at least 25 years that I've had this issue..I can't let it go. I think I'm going to be the same about the Mommy Blogging thing.

.... Although with her ad income (HELLO $40,000 a MONTH) I will consider going by MP Mommy Blogger, get another dog and adopt a kid..or two.


$50 iTunes Giveaway!! - CONTEST OVER

OK...now I have to make little scraps of paper and will annouce the winner late this afternoon.

Yes! You heard correct. We are having a little Giveaway! It is officially Sunday as I type this. The contest will run until next Sunday.

I was going to do the "random" computer thing..but instead I thought I'd do a good ole fashion "out of the hat" kind of contest.

This is how it will work. You can leave a comment..that will be a chance to win. I also think it would be fun if you would share what you would download. A movie? Music? TV show?

If you take the code for the button..(designed by my lovely husband J) then you'll get another chance to win!
(email me for the code OR be kind enough to tell me how I can type it so you can grab it!)

On Sunday May 18th at 1pm CST Drew will draw the winning name...I'll photograph the little man picking the winner out of a hat! It's that easy!

I will post the winner's name, then all you have to do is give me your email address and I'll email you the iTunes code! Gotta love instant gratification.

(Apple/iTunes is not affiliated with this giveaway)


Get ready for a giveaway...

NO..it's not going to be a camera or a mixer...but I think it's worth entering. Before I have to go bother Melinda to learn how to create a badge/button for you to put on your blog..I'm trying to figure it out on my own...once I do we'll be ready to announce.

I realize people blog for fun. There are at least 11 of you that comment on a semi-regular basis.

Here are my blogging problems. When I get lazy I don't use spellcheck. Does that bother you?

I ask because I submitted my blog to a company where you sign up to get ads for your blogs..adds and reviews. They denied me, they said I didn't write clearly and had spelling mistakes.

I don't plan on getting a book published or write screenplays for a living. I am having fun and thought it would be great to get $25 bucks a month or something w/ some ads. I was a bit embarrased and didn't tell J for a day...I mean that's me.. I write the way I think, spelling errors and all.

Well J's helping me w/ a button...he can draw!!

Here we go!


Bloggers Guild, Resturants, Injuries

OK.. Thanks to everyone who commented on my rant and rave. As I mentioned J decided that he would like to blog now. He would occasionally come here and read what I write and thought it was more of a diary of sorts. After Georgia/Bossy came through town he realized it is much more than that..then he watched Dooce on the Today Show. I told him about the men that I read who are similar to him. He's very interested.

He and I are both going to go Sat to a Bloggers Guild Meeting. I'm going to see if this is something for me. I know that Bri is going and there are other bloggers that I read that are already members.

Saturday evening J and I are going to take his mom out to dinner. Before noon today I'm going to pick a place and make reservations. She lives about 25 miles to the West of us, I don't want to make her drive into the city..so I'm out of my element trying to pick a place. One of the girls in the office recommended Granite City Brewery. I'm wondering if that might be TOO casual. Then I was looking at this nice place called iFrattelini The prices don't look too nuts but it looks nicer..but do we want nicer? Oh I don't know.

Sunday we'll get carry-out and bring it to my mom and dad's. The dogs can play, it will be nice.

SO going backwards. Looks like I messed up my picture a day in May.. :-( Oh well.

Yesterday I took dad to get his orthotics . OMG..it was like pulling teeth. He didn't want another pair of shoes and I kept trying to explain he was wearing the wrong size shoe that is why he kept getting the painful corns. He ended up w/ a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of brown shoes, they are both very nice. NOW he is working on breaking in the orthotics. While I was there I told the doctor about my ankle. Yes, I know I wasn't his patient but before I take MORE time off work I wanted to see if he thought I should make an appointment with the doctor for XRays. Do you remember on this post I talked about losing range of motion. (I'll wait while you go back and read that)........
So yeah, that was April 25th..and it STILL hurts. So the guy touches my hairy ankles and says, "How did you do this?"...I said, "I woke up and I lost range of motion". He says, "You tore a ligament in your sleep".. WHO DOES THAT? Me, That's Who! He suggested wrapping it in an ace bandage to stabilize it. So last night (we haven't gotten to the hell that was last night yet)..when I stopped at the grocery store I picked up a bandage. I wore it to bed, I guess I shouldn't have because the PAIN woke me up. OMG it hurt, it wasn't even wrapped tight. Believe me I know how to wrap an ankle. So I am very tired today. Do I get to sit here at work and zone and sleep.. NO because I have to take my mom to a retina specialist after lunch to get dye shot in her arm. Mom wanted to know how the dye knew to go to her eye. :-)

SO..backing up to yesterday. I came to work. I realized that I had J's cell phone. I left work, dropped J off his phone. Ordered flowers for my husband's stepmom for Mother's Day. I ordered flowers for my friend's dad's wake out of town. I drove to dad's and took him to the foot doctor. I took dad home then drove and met J and Drew at Dave and Busters. After we ate J took Drew home and I went to the grocery store for the ace bandage and J's prescription..and cat food. (cat's need to eat too). I got home at 7:30..figured I'd relax, play on the Internet then retire to my bedroom to watch Survivor, CSI and Without a Trace. (yes I am a CBS addict too)
5 minutes later J comes in...big sigh..tired. He drags in all his crap from the Jeep..I'm all hanging out on Twitter then J says. "OMG we have to go back to Drew's.". .. My jaw dropped and I said, "WHY??". He said, "I forgot his school bag in the backseat".
I called Drew's mom..she offered to meet us half way..but that was silly w/ 2 kids. So we packed up Jack for our hour drive..there and back.

I didn't have time to watch all of my shows but I did watch STOOPED Erick give up the immunity necklace. OMG...Poor boy. I bet Ozzy wanted to reach over and slap him. Cirie REALLY needs to win that show this year. She is quite the manipulator..from day one!

Ooo Just got an email that one of our reps from Utah has bought catered lunch for us today. That means I don't have to eat my Weight Watchers meal. Yeah!!
I sure hope it doesn't rain this afternoon though...trying to get mom's wheelchair in and out of the trunk is a bitch when it's not raining.

I'll let you know how the bloggers guild and resturant choice go.. and Happy Mother's Day to you mom's out there.
Update: Mother In Law picked The Chocolate Bar
Yep, the place we went with Bossy!!
Thank you oh food goddess Tempered Woman for your offer... J and my MIL have never been..and I was all "hella yeah"!!


I hate "mommy-bloggers"

You saw that was in quotes, right...it's not the people I hate, it's the term.. I can hate it since I'm not hating a person...and not go to hell.

I just got finished watching the clip of Heather Armstrong on the Today Show. Kathy Lee should be banned from television interviews..for life. I can't believe Heather was able to get through that without slapping her. Where is Matt Lauer when you need him?

The media wants to group people together as mommy-bloggers.. I feel I am as much a blogger as these other women but I'm no "mommy-blogger".. I'm nobodies mother.
There are a great number of blogs that I love..and they are written but women and men that aren't "mommy's".. IE: Rimshot, Bri, Biddy, Dolce.. and I read my own blog every once and a while.

I think there are parent support blogs..the whole Q&A to what diaper cream to use and how to get your kid to stop wetting the bed. In my opinion they are mommy blogs, and mommy bloggers that write them. There are many blogs that I enjoy that are written by mom's. Heather, Linda, Sarah, Lotus, Pumkin.. I do NOT consider these mommy blogs..although occasionally they through out some useful parenting ideas.

Blogs are written by PEOPLE that want an outlet to throw out pieces of themselves and form communities of on line friendships or support systems. Blogs are written to make people laugh, show off your art, brag about your family. There are some people that do it as an additional or sole income.

Sorry to be on my soapbox it's just that calling Dooce a mommy blogger pissed me off. I read her because I enjoy her stories about GEORGE..the dogs, her parents, her travels. I really enjoy Heather's creative writing skills..her letters to Leta are hysterical. I do NOT read Dooce for parenting or life skills...I would go to a MOMMY BLOG for that.

Am I totally blowing this out of proportion? I was going to have J watch that story from the Today show, now I'm not cause it will only cause him to look at me funny, knowing I don't have a "mommy blog"..

Holy cow..I wish I had a $1 for every grammer and spelling error in this post..I was hot.
PS...J wants to start his own blog..he now realizes how many people do it..he said "ooo I can talk about stocks or cars or my history of how I was a miracle baby...."
Yep..looks like we'll be setting J up this weekend.


BiState Blogger Alert - Fun Support...Fundraiser

Kim comes here and leaves some snarky comments here and there..cause she's funny like that. You can go read her blog. She talks about her daughter, her honey, work..working out..fixing up the house... but there is more. Kim's older daughters were both killed in a horrible accident. Blogging has been one way for Kim to through her thoughs and feelings out there...and we..the bloggers that we are leave comments..and they are like little hugs and kisses.. they are good.
BUT..there is something more. There is a new blog now and a fundraiser coming up!!
If you are in the area you must go and show your support...for a mom, a blogger...one of us. I plan on being there for sure!

Summer Lovin

Pumpkin made me a summer header..and I couldn't wait for summer, I had to switch it up now..she did this using my humming bird picture!! Isn't she creative?

I am so ready for summer...I've been talking about summer TV..our trip to Hilton Head..then at work they are talking about a trade show that is right around the corner..it's in September for crying out loud, let me have my summer first, don't remind me that September is 4 months away..

The commenter's at Dad Gone Mad have made a list of all the commenter's from the day that Danny asked everyone to pimp themselves..they are in a race to visit and comment on everyone..so you may see strangers coming by and leaving a message. Hi people...
I may try going through the list myself..but for now I'll just comment back on the folks that come by here..and add to my favorites the ones that seem a fit. Here is the list.
Speaking of Danny Evans, I saw on Twitter where he was laid off via phone..NICE..that SHOULD add to his wonderful stories..I would think he'd have even more blog material now.

Good TV tonight.. Did you hear someone on NCIS is gonna die.. I thought i heard that too and the preview show Zeva shot...so that must mean it's the director..or Ducky..no not Ducky!! I think this may be the season finale.
They brought Shark back too.. Yeah. Love Jimmy Woods. I also like him on the celebrity Texas Hold 'em shows..he's an awesome poker player.
Tonight is also American Idol. I LOVE Jason Castro...but I have a feeling his time is almost up although I truly hope David A totally screws up and gets canned this week..I am SO tired of hearing the SAME Up With People performance week after week.

OK..I'm a little embarrassed. Am I the ONLY person in the world that had never been to a Qdoba?
Last night J didn't want a sandwich but wanted something, I thought of Mexican but we didn't want Taco Bell and didn't want to deal w/ the Cinco De Mayo drunks at a sit down place. OMG Qdoba is awesome. I got this chicken burrito that was to DIE FOR!! Wow...

OK..need to get re caught up with work. While blogging I'm so sorry.. I missed Dolce's SOS email because our warehouse stalker guy was hanging out in her office.. Opps.

Day 6 - Best Buddies

Framed Justin and Drew
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
Here is a picture from last year's Mizzou football game. Every year we go w/ J's family.. we tailgate in a major way then go to the game. Drew's cousin lives in KC and this is an awesome opportunity to play.
Drew has annouced that this year he's going to pay more attention to the game and less on playing, he LOVES football now and is all about the stats.
This year we hope to go to 2 games, once w/ J's dad the other w/ his mom.


my Monday....

So I wake up this morning and start the same old routine..
hurry and pee..then get Jack outside before he goes on the bathroom floor..flip on the coffee on the way outside.
Bring my undies in the bathroom and start my shower..jump in. Lather rinse condition rinse..body wash, towel dry..little mousse..undergarments on...
I go to the bedroom to get dressed and J says..."Ummm, we had an earthquake while you were in the shower".. WTF, how did I not feel it? This time it was a 2.7 approx 10 miles from my house.
I get dressed, pack lunch, drive to work...I hear on the radio about where the epicenter is..so I decide to call J.. OOPPPSS..I dialed 911 instead. Police/dick show up at the office..not even a phone call first to make sure...since I didn't know that I dialed 911 I just figured I didn't dial enough numbers..you have to dial 9 to get out...
So the day goes by pretty busy..no time to read everyones blogs..Before I left I get an email from a gal in the PR department for TNT/TBS asking if I would be interested in a summer preview..she knew I was a fan of The Closer and Saving Grace..and HOW did she know. She found my blog...MY little old blog. Funny thing is I don't recall it on my stat report.
So I have no idea what this package is but I'll be blogging about it for sure.
Anyone else watch those summer shows besides me?

DAY 5 - Assume the position

Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
Here we are..I took this back in September..well I guess technically J took it.. I edited all the little comments, how Bossy of me.

THIS is a good day. I have a book, my princess kittie Patches and the dog. Rocky..the other cat is too "macho" or something for this cuddleness and loveydoveyness.

These are my bed partners every night too.. When I wake up sometimes they are both ontop of my legs or feet..ocassionaly a face.

Patches is Jack's girlfriend..he licks her ears and occasionally her booty..it's an odd love affair. She just lays on her back and purrs...

I actually took pictures this weekend..I just need to get them in the computer. I have a whole month of this though...

...more to come, another earthquake and my prank call to 911...


Day 4

jack warhol
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
This is my Jack Warhol composition...:-)

We're off to Six Flags..and I took lots of pictures yesterday so new photos to come!



Go to Jean's blog and follow the link and go vote for her...come ON..it will take like 2 seconds!!

Iron Man - Family Movie?

Well last night after work I met J and Drew at the theater. There was a mix of people in the theater. There were families, older people, couples and a lot of "boys".. You know the 19 year olds that have been reading the comic books their entire life.

As an FYI I didn't have any background information on Ironman going into the movie. I knew he was a Marvel superhero and that was about it.

My opinion was that it was a great movie.. not Oscar quality by any means but it could hold it's ground next to Spiderman. Jeff Bridges, Gwyneth Paltrow and Terrance Howard were a great supporting cast. Robert Downey Jr was funny as well as a believable character. Ironman for dummies : Tony Stark is the brilliant son who took over his father's business, Stark Industries. Stark manufactures weapons..They are the #1 government contractor. Paltrow is his assistant who does everything for him, Bridges is his partner, and was his dad's partner as well. Howard plays Tony's very good friend who is in the armed forces in charge of weapons development.

Tony gets captured by evil arms dealers in the middle east who want him to build them the latest and greatest weapon....he pretends to agree to their demands yet instead creates a iron suite that will help him escape.

The movie is a bit anti-gun yet it doesn't shove it in your face. As I mentioned I really enjoyed it as well as J and Drew.

Warning: Drew said that it was really good but the first part was not OK for kids, but it starts off the story (meaning you can't really just show up late).
Drew didn't elaborate on what he means but I can tell you that there is some violence...kind of realistic war stuff...soldiers that are real people end up getting attacked, and may or may not be killed. It was a battle scene more like Saving Private Ryan than a Marvel movie.
Then there are the scenes where Tony Stark is a bit of a "pig"....you don't see naked people or anything but you kind of know what was happening. Cutting that could have brought this from a PG13 to PG. I think there is one cuss word..at least that I can recall..I think it was shit.

All in all, I wouldn't suggest bringing children under Drew's age.. 2nd grade or older... it's a shame they are merchandising all the Ironman stuff all over Target.. So your 5 year old can have the Ironman figure but can't go to the movie. I guess they figure they would lose viewers if they made it PG..I don't know.

If you can wait..stay until the end...that means you have to wait through 5 minutes of credits. It's not AWESOME.....but I'm glad we waited!
Of course I told the 19 year old boys next to it that I heard on twitter we have to stay..and I may as well of said that Robert Downey Jr told me to stay..they sat.

2 Month Old Jack - Day 3

Here Jack
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
Here is Jack when he was just a baby...look at those ears :-)

Iron Man review later today!


Can't do a thing but play

The phones don't work. The conspiracy nuts in the office figure the govt bugged the phones due to the fact that the prez is visiting down the street from my office today..he's going to a "minority owned" technology business to talk about the economy.

I saw a bumper sticker today: How to piss off a liberal; work hard and be happy.


We are going to have a HUGE storm this morning. It's supposed to bring a cold front. Why is it every weekend has been chilly? I hate that.

We're going to see Ironman tonight, I'm meeting the boys at a theater by the office for the rush hour show. Mmmm Popcorn for dinner. Saturday Drew has 2 soccer games, one is at 8am..I'm thinking that we may skip that and only go to the afternoon ones..that is EARLY, especially when you have to get there by 7:45..and it takes us 30 miles to get there. One of these days we'll move closer to my work and Drew... Just not yet.

Anyone else watching Survivor? Loving that Amanda used the idol...LOVED IT!!

Day 2

So far I was asked for Jack, Aruba and my fridge.. I didn't take any pictures last night so I dug out Aruba 2007.
At one point in time Goats roamed free throughout Aruba. People would both own them and they would also be wild. You would always find goats taking free range over the Island. As in most places the government stepped in and made people "lock up there goats". Now there aren't many goats left on the island. We were on a jeep tour last year and went through more residential areas near the National Park. Here we came upon these guys.. No shepard, just hanging out.


Photo A Day for May - Day One

MP and our first tree
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
Christmas 2005. This was my first REAL Christmas Tree ever, and the first "full size" tree J and I purchased.

I still wear that coat. I don't change coats every often..and that was shortly after I got my Jeep.. OUR Jeep..sorry J.

I have on my LOVELY Green sweatpants that have the wholes in the knee. I have to tell you, last weekend when I did my "clean up" in the basement, they went to the throw away pile.

I think I was about 11 lbs heavier in this photo. It was also taken with our crappy camera. So to get it to look half way normal I changed it to sepia.

As I mentioned in the previous post I will be doing a photo a day..although with my other dribble and dravel (is that a word?)..

So unless I hear requests I will be posting whatever the hell I dig out of flicrk.

I will NOT photograph myself sansclothes..other than that... request away!!

Photo A Day

Rebecca has decided to take this challange...and she has links to two other bloggers doing the same.. Someone should make the linky love thing..

Anyway.. For the Month of May, starting today: Post a photo a day. I didn't hear "rules" or if there were any I didn't read them.

I'm going to dig into my flick account and pull out some photos that haven't been seen..unlike the hummingbird photo which you have seen a million times. :-)

Anyone else.. If so link back to me..which will link back to Rebecca etc...

I got nothing...

You know who DOES have somethin?

Rimmy.. Go over HERE and read this. Brilliant!!

First thing today that entertained me..
Well..I did like Bossy's compairsons of McDonalds breakfast sandwhich's..but this is better.