Everyone is doing such a great job, I feel sort of superfluous. (don't you just love big words?) I started a new job this week and had been away from the internet for waaaayyy too long. I was all worried that I had let MP down, but you girls are hilarious!

As far as an intervention goes, my first thought was "Time share? Is she crazy?" My second thought was, "Time share in Aruba? How many bedrooms? Hmm..." lol

MP and I haven't met in real life, yet, though we live a matter of blocks from each other, but we "met" through our blogs when we both signed up for Bossy's Excellent Road Trip. If you haven't checked out Bossy before, now is the time. She is chronicling her road trip as she travels about the country, meeting bloggers.

Check out her main page here.
Or follow the first few days of the road trip...
Day One
Day Two
Day Two and Some of Three
Day Three thru Three and a half
Day Four-ish
Day Five
Day Six

If you're not too exhausted from that little trek and you'd like to read more of my nonsense, you may visit me here: Under the Arch

Now, I have a thunderstorm to drive through if I'm going to make it to class tonight!


Since we're here all together...

Possibly with a drink or two? Please?

First, let me introduce myself. In the blogworld, I'm known as Lucky. I'm a 28 year old mostly stay at home mommy of my 14 month old sweetheart, Lovey.
I'm so corny, I had my hubby take that picture this morning. That and I had Lovey's hair pulled up in a ponytail, and I wanted a picture of that.
So, before we stage an intervention for a certain someone lounging around Aruba, for heaven's sake, I think I need one! Or two or five. Whatever. Someone has to shop, right?
My dilemma? I don't know what I want to be. I love being able to stay home five days a week and experience all of Lovey. Sometimes, I envy those who have a career. I went to college. I got a Bachelor's degree, in Psychology, but a degree nonetheless. I tried working in the field but wasn't crazy(...haha, no pun intended) about it. I decided to go back to school taking pre-req's for pharmacy school. It's been a struggle. I absolutely hate science. I hate, hate, hate chemistry. I love people. Some days, I don't even think I want to go to pharmacy school. I feel like I haven't accomplished anything. I've moaned and groaned about this on my own blog before. Honestly, I get tired of hearing "You should be proud of yourself" or "Don't give up, you can do it". But, what. What can I do? Some days I want to work more. Some days I don't want to work at all. Some days I'm jealous of people and their new cars. Other days, I'm so thankful that the only debt we have is our home and my student loan. No car notes, no credit card bills. If I were to work more, maybe my hubby could get that Hummer he wants (the vehicle, get your head out of the gutter!)
So my question. How do you figure out what to do with your life? Do you look for a full time job in which you can build a career on? Would I regret that decision tomorrow? Would it benefit me and Lovey or would I miss too much? How do I find my happy medium?
Now, you need a drink, huh? Let's just all go to Aruba and surprise MP!! Meet you there at 8:00!

Did I just hear the phrase 'Time Share'??????

Okay, sorry I'm late ladies, but this commute to MPs house is a bit of a bi......trial. However I'm here and I brought some wine and snacks........I did consider the stripping firemen, but didn't want to frighten you all on our first get together.


What'd I miss???????


This Just In...

Quick! Need to establish an intervention for MP when she gets back from Aruba!

Grandy got an email from her tonight. I'll have to read it to you like a telegram, in order for it to make sense. Seriously...what's the drink of choice in Aruba? ALL OF THEM??

We got our luggage the next day (STOP!)

We bought a time share (STOP IT!)

We're crazy (DUH!) (STOP!)

I have tons of great pictures (STOP!)

We have done more in three days than we did in a
week last year (Timeshare?) (STOP!)

Biddy...you get the glasses...Melissa's got the snacks covered...Everyone else, meet us in the living room. We have to plan this intervention together!

A time share? This I gotta see!!!!


I'm Melting...

Lucky, I just saw the pictures of your daughter and she's gorgeous. How could you ever be scared of anything when you have such a powerful weapon. Just point her at anything you're afraid of and they'll instantly wither into a little puddle with a big smoking pointy hat.

As for myself, I was going to post several times, but then I just decided to rifle through the kitchen. We are seriously in need of some food in here. -Anyone got MP's credit card?


I'm scared!

You ladies are doing a swell job blogsitting. I've been trying to think about what to post here, and y'all are just cracking me up!


gawd i love guest blogging!

why? i'm not sure. i guess i just like going through other people's stuff being a complete and total spaz on someone else's bloggy. oh wait, i do that on my blog too....crap


why, thank you! i wasn't sure the chair on the ceiling was going to work, but i think it REALLY compliments the ceiling fan :-) I added a seat belt so you don't have to worry about falling anymore. Also? Did you notice I completely got rid of that damn toe-breaking table? i had to call the movers to come help with it because my back is still giving me hell. I hope MP and J like the new TV Trays I bought with the money from selling the dining room table. These are much more economical (i still have $$ leftover!), it really opens the space up, AND they fold up and go in the closet, so no one loses a toe! I. Am. Brilliant.

Now, as for this whole 400 posts thing. The last time
I blogsat (which lead to a terrible experience i would much rather forget), we celebrated her 100th post (which really wasn't her 100th post because this is her SECOND blog. the first one is locked away, but trust me, it was a good one). Anyway, we celebrated her 100th post, over here, Sesame Street Style. So, we need to figure something out...hmmm

i like the 400 facts about MP, but gah that sounds like an awful lot of work, and well, i much prefer hanging out in my room with what's left of the liquor cabinet. That, and I think
Rimmy is coming over to get started on our baby making. y'all might want to sleep downstairs tonight :-D

let's see...400 posts...what could we do? i will possibly spend the next 400 days cleaning my house, but that's not exactly a celebration. It's more like hoping my house isn't condemned. hmm i suppose we could give her $400, but i would probably just steal it. the plaza apparently saw this awesome milestone coming up and opened its doors a few days early after being closed for 3 years and spending $400 million renovating. wow, do you see how much The Plaza loves you, MP?

well, i'm all out of (attainable) celebration ideas. so, i'm going to go to Whataburger and have a 400 calorie taquito with orgasmic whataburger ketchup on it. it should get me in just the right mood for Rimmy...

SNAP, CRACKLE, & POP! i JUST figured out how we can celebrate! everyone make a list of what you would buy if someone gave you $400!

i'll start (and yes, i was a total dork and opened up excel so i could calculate tax. shut up):

freakin adorable wedges from Target: $22.99
also adorable duvet cover and shams from Target (because my $300 tommy hilfiger comforter was ruined in the wash) $79.99

black satin pumps from Nine West *sigh* aren't they pretty!? on sale for $49.99

much needed sunglasses, also from Target (are you seeing a trend?) $19.99
this GAW-JUS (say it out loud folks, i'm from the south) green amethyst and black diamond ring from ice.com

black shirt dress from Lane Bryant $39.50and then i'd use the last $50 on sushi, cheesecake, and prosecco. mmmm

or, i guess i could be sensible and spend the $400 on something i seriously need: but where's the fun in that?? ok, it's a fun couch and gosh it's purty...but i can't wear it out of the house and show it off...that and the mice might eat it...

Formula 401 (409's Kid Sister)

So...story of my life...I'm so busy working on my 100th post over at Functional Shmunctional that I completely overlooked the 400th post here at MP's site.

Whew! Thank goodness for Jean catching that!!

400 posts? 400?? I am truly humbled. I only recently met MP, maybe through Melissa, but can already tell by following your posts and comments, that you kids know how to party!! But seriously, 400 posts?? I'm in utter awe!!

How should we help commemorate this huge milestone? Should we post 400 questions MP should have to answer when she gets her lazy a$$ back from Aruba? I don't think I could come up with 400 questions, but we could have fun trying.

Oooohhh I KNOW!! How bout we make up 400 random things about MP and she could answer each one with a true or false??

Maybe just a surprise welcome home party?

What do you crazy cats think? You've been here longer than I have. Do you have a formula on what we should do to honor MP for her 400th milestone??

Oh, and Biddy, I love what you've done with the place while MP has been gone. I hadn't thought of arranging the furniture quite. like. that. You are a creative soul indeed, I can tell.

I LIKE IT!! ;)


Psst Hi It's Me Again ..Jean

Hi I hope you guys have recovered from that crazy Etsy post. Yeah I realize now that maybe it was to off kilter for a guest post, but I guess I can't turn back time now.
Anyways I noticed things were a bit to quiet over here so I thought I'd make some noise by saying that this is MP's 400th post!! Where's the confetti and cake? I hope she wasn't planning on something big. Oh right, she's celebrated by going to Aruba. She goes all out don't she?
Now here's my question to you guys her faithful flock. You're probably going to think it's a silly question but MP and I just hooked up back in Feb in a blind date Valentine kind of way. Anyway the question is; on the blog does she go by MP..Mary Pat...Mary..or it doesn't matter? I'd just hate to think that I'm silly and am calling her by something that she doesn't go by. I'm paranoid and weird like that, in case you haven't noticed.
Ok that's all...I'm just going to hang out and blast the stereo really loud to annoy her neighbors.


&$@!^#* Airlines!

so, MP apparently has hidden cameras set up and someone checking in on us, cause she definitely left us this note on the fridge:
"flight cancelled..yeah Delta..I used my charm and got moved to american..we made our connection in altanta..but guess what, our luggage didn't...I just bought $100 pair of shorts..I was desparate for something cute...we went to the grocery store..I haven't slept except for an hour and a half..but hey..I'm in ARUBA>> :-)I may leave a message again..Fridge is empty..you guys want to eat you will have to go shopping. XOX"

stupid airlines! and seriously, Mary Pat? A HUNDRED DOLLARS for a pair of shorts!? I could have overnighted you an entire wardrobe for less than that!

it's probably a good thing i'm not catholic...

otherwise, i'd be reciting 1499 Hail Marys (whatever those are) and 71 Our Fathers (i'm assuming that's The Lord's Prayer?)

oh, and i'd be fasting for 9 weeks. looking at my waistline, i could stand to fast for 9 weeks. just let my body feed off itself. hmmm

anyway, i have a few (thousand) questions for you catholic peeps. oh, and before we go ANY FURTHER...please know that i am in NO WAY trying to disrespect your beliefs. k? ok...

so, i went to this site and did an online confessional because i thought it would be kind of funny to see what my penance would be. (ok, maybe that was a little disrespectful. sorry). anyway, i'm going through the 10 mile long list of sins and i'm wondering:

  1. does putting a certain sin in my "shopping cart" once cover all the times it's happened, or do i have to have one for every single time i've comitted that sin? like, seriously, do i have to account for everyday of my life for the past one..two...nine years of my life that i've taken birth control?

  2. why is birth control a sin? i have a whole post about this one coming up...

  3. what exactly is felching?

  4. who decides the severity of the sin? in my church, sin is sin. but apparently in the catholic church there are different degrees. kind of like a class c misdemeanor.

  5. so, i know that having sex when you're not married is a sin. and i know having sex with someone else's spouse is a sin. what if you're having premarital sex with someone else's spouse but you don't know they're married? is that a double whammy?

shew! it's exhausting getting all serious...

i'm going to go raid the liquor cabinet and retire to my room. shhhhhh don't tell Mary Pat, but uh, I took the plastic sheets off my bed and put the 900 thread count ones i found in the linen closet on there. ohhhh man! they feel goooood

Odd Things On Etsy

Howdy Ya’ll, I’m Jean from Working Momma247 and I’m here today to raid MP’s fridge and snoop through her medicine cabinets post some random stuff on her blog. I thought I'd go ahead and get things started as I'm sure she would hate to have dead blog air of any kind.
While I was racking my brain to come up with something half way mediocre for posting, I came across the oddest thing I’ve ever seen on Etsy. If you’re like MP and have no clue what Etsy is than you need to get clicking over there right now. It’s only the best website for all things crafty and homemade. I’m here to bring you the most craziest things I’ve seen on Etsy. Just to be warned these things are odd like body parts and feminine hygiene kind of odd, just so you know. Nothing gross, just odd.

First off, is the fallopian tube earrings. All I can say is, well I have no words to say.
Second A Knitted Dissected Frog. At least I'd know where to go when my kid has biology homework.

Third A Lego Octopus Necklace Where has this been all my life?

Who doesn't want to be reminded of their college days with a Ramen Noodle Coin Purse ? These are actually kind of cute in their odd kind of way.

The last but not least one just makes me go ewww !
Don’t get me wrong on Etsy, most of their stuff is totally awesome and beautiful and all handcrafted primarily by moms trying to make a little extra income from their talent.


Is she gone...?

I don't see anything....

Ouch! Table.... &^%$#!

Where the heck's the light switch?


OK...I think I'm ready

I have been SOOO busy since 11am this morning. OMG...

I have my airline and accomadations stuff printed out.

Emergency numbers emailed to the cousins...

LuLu..you there? I'll be in Atlanta by 8am tomorrow morning then Aruba by 2:30...
DVR is set to record my shows...

Liquor cabinet is open...Party at MP's blog.
2:41 am.... Hi, I've slept for 2 hours. We're all packed and ready to go. I bought 2 new pair of shoes last night and a new swimsuit.
Cab coming at 3:30am...
I am So ready to go...

Meme - My life

Biddy tagged me.. It's 9:21 am and I'm leaving by 4am..I'm in the office and have to go to Target (new memory card for camera and huge ass zip lock bags).. and do laundry, go to the tanny spa one more time, pack, shave, shower... sleep and be ready to go by 3:30am.

So sure, I have time for a meme..

It is to sum up your life in 6 words.... that's it. You can do a bunch of them.

* Low Mantinence Easy Going Woman
* Imaginative, Entertaining, Talkative, adoped only child.

OK..your turn..
I don't feel like giving linky love OR telling you..So if you read your name, give it a shot.

Jean.. Bri...Melissa


I'm sure I'll come up with something else...


Urban Nest

Urban Nest
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
Instead of packing and stuff I was in the yard taking care of our newest pet..that we don't have to worry about. She's right outside my bedroom window. Every year new birdies take over the nest, this year it's a dove.

both ends...

OK..now I've got feelings of puke and poops...and sweats...and lightheaded...OMFG is this the flu or nerves of not getting everything done on time...or is it Dominos from last night?
Update to say I've eaten lunch, drank about 65 glasses of water, ate 38 tums and an imodium...and I'm doing a little better.
I'm working about an hour more...then off to get Rocky and Patches to the Vet for their shots..this is going to be fun.
FYI..American Idol is the year the kids were born.. David Archeletta was born in 1990..does that make anyone else feel like they need to get their AARP card?

Ummm and if you think YOU are having a bad day, read this. I had to read it a couple of times until it sank in.

Power of the Internet

I'm sad today. You know I have 3 on line lives. My blog friends, my TV Guide Blog friends and my Flickr Friends.

Yesterday I was reading all of the birth stories..a little thing Lotus started. I read a few strangers stories and some other girls that I know. It was so exciting. There were natural births, C Sections..drugs, no drugs... Emergencies.. kids just popping out.. I laughed, cried..and totally enjoyed reading the stories.

In the meantime, one my fickr friends was having her twins. I met her first at fickr cause she had really cute dogs and took awesome pictures.. Then she became pregnant with twins. I followed her journey..then clicked this morning to read the update. Baby Boy (Issac) died. Her daugheter (Elise) is beautiful...but I just can't imagine. I'm SO sad and happy for her at the same time. How do you do that? How do you grieve and be overjoyed at the same time?

One of my TV buddies went through some trauma lately...I am shaking my head thinking about it. She and her husband live in NYC..the live through 9/11..lost many friends. She then gets diagnosed w/ cancer... she, her husband and son battle as a family...then she loses her father..while still in remission her husband of 20 years tells her he's been having an on going affair and is leaving her.. WTF??

I know those are two different stories..but please..internet friends are real people with real shit happening to them. Are you following Crystal's journey after her suicide attempt?

I don't know.. I guess getting off the computer for 10 days and getting some fresh Ocean air will do me good. I promise I won't leave you all depressed...
I'm leaving work early today to get the cat's to the vet.... I washed all J's Tshirts last night.
Drew goes back to mommy's tonight. We'll start packing tonight.
Deep breath..wipe the tears before someone sees me..


Aruba 2007

This is the place where we are staying Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday...
I hope I can find those shorts. Look how short my hair was..

Dear Guest Bloggers

I've had a few questions regarding the guest blogging. The rules are there are no rules.

You can cuss if you want..I would prefer nothing gross..you know, use your judgement.

You can tell stories about yourself, do a meme, link You Tube Videos, pictures of your friends and family. You can talk about me and how great I am and how much you love me.. You can pimp your own site so that everyone that ever leaves me a comment (all 10 people or so) will leave YOU a comment. OR bring your readers here. Whatever and however you want to do it.

I know Dawn said she would come by on the 5th..she's traveling.

Other than that...if you want a day all to yourself then you can either leave a post and say..I want Monday!! or just come on over when the spirit moves you.

There should be a total of 9 people leaving a guest post... I rock!
I'll have SO much reading to catch up on when I get home. We leave Thursday morning at the crack ass of 4am ish..and return late on Sat the 5th...midnightish.

If you are thinking about me...here is are the pictures from last year's Aruba trip.

Jean and Melissa both mentioned needing a topic.

Here are some topics that I think would be fun:

Post pictures of you at one of your favorite school ages. Talk about your favorite subject in school and how that has effected you as an adult.

Post pictures of your first celebrity crush..can be a girl or boy crush...and what they look like now. How far did you go? A fan club? Letters?

Create an MP meme...See who can knows the most about me...I think Biddy and Linda are the only two that used to read the First Journal.

Those are 3 ideas...you can do whatever you want..
FYI..check out the countdown...
vet appointment for kitties - check!
shopping spree - check!
manicure and pedicure - check!

I still need to wash clothes and try on summer outfits from last year to make sure they fit. Yeah I know...too many girl scout cookies.


Have you seen this?

I love this...this was the talk at Easter dinner. Everyone was doing their best Harry impression. Too cute. You have to love the accent.

OK..and this one kills me too...

Holy Cow..did I leave the door unlocked

Biddy did her testing..it still works. Yes..she did make a mess the last time.

It's nice to have a little musical action going on in the old blog. I love Meet Me In St Louis..The movie, not the stage version. I cry EVERY time.

So, this is Easter.. Snow, Hail, Sleet and Rain. Mom and Dad stayed home and I went w/ J and Drew to my MIL's house. They had a house-full 'o people. We ate, talked and watched basketball. I think my brakets are a mess.

Yesterday we did power shopping at the mall. Went to Chico's and got some nice denim capri's and some white jeans and brown shorts. Went to Lucky Jeans..love that store and some Clinique stuff at Macy's. We also went to see College Road Trip..CUTE movie.

OK..I am so tired and it's only 8:15. I think I have everything I need for the trip. We just have to pack.

Tomorrow is work..funeral parlor. Tuesday is work, cat's to the vet..FIL in town from Arizona and dinner out.

Wed is cats to the boarder..work..pack..

Thursday crack of dawn cab picks us up and we're off.

Tomorrow I'll send "keys" to the blog to all that have volunteered. You must send me an email. bbmp6685 at gmail.com

y'all don't mind me....

heh, key still works!

MP, J, and all the animals are asleep right now, so i'm going to have to tippy toe around. I was getting tired of abilene, so i decided to head on up to St. Louis Louis (name that musical) to help hold down Fort MP.

Let's see...if I remember correctly my room is *ouch! shit!* sorry, stubbed my toe. is that table new? i don't remember it being there last time...

anyway, as i was saying, i think my room is up the stairs and one, two doors *aaack!* wrong room! sorry MP! I didn't see a thing. honest...

ok, here's my room! look, she even put fresh sheets on the bed for me. how sweet! what's this?
argh...i guess she's still bitter about the purple mystery stain. it wasn't completely my fault! and the couch smelled looked like the au jus finally came out...
well, i'm exhausted and a little queasy from the boat ride over here (have you seen the water surrounding this place!?) so I guess i'll crawl into my plastic sheets and call it a night. hopefully my snoring won't disturb the party down the hall...not that i saw anything. honest!

see y'all soon...


To Be A Guest Blogger....

Please EMAIL me at bbmp6685 AT Gmail.com

You will then get an email with the link to log into my blog and visit. Last time I did this Biddy made a MESS..She needs to come clean it up. :-)

Biddy, did you realize you are still an author? You too LuLu..I'll send the invite again.

The Easter Post - Still not ready for vacation..

Happy Easter...
Coming next week...
MP begging her readers (all 10 of you) to guest blog while I'm on vacation.
I know Dolce, Biddy, LuLu and Pumkin will for sure.
Would you like me to assign a topic, for instance, "What was your favorite subject in school, and why?"
"What comes on the radio and you just cannot keep your booty still"? (and no, this has nothing to do w/ walking past Dolce's door seeing her chair dance to Uptown Girl)
"Would you give up the internet forever..for a million dollars?"
Have a Happy Easter, I'm hoping we'll get out of work early. As I told Dolce, Jesus died at 3pm so we should leave work then. I realized in talking to my coworkers only Catholic's were told that, everyone else looked at me like I had 5 heads.
I tanned last night..I still need a pedicure and manicure...BUT the window on the Jeep won't roll up so we have to deal with that AND a coworkers dad died so I'll have the wake Monday night and my FIL is coming in town from Arizona and we're going out to dinner with him on Tuesday night. You think I need a vacation for my vacation?

Water Water Everywhere

I've mentioned before that I live and work surrounded by water..and bridges.
If we were hit by the big Earthquake..or MAJOR floods..I would be living on an island. The Mississippi, Missouri and Meremac Rivers surround me. I can only drive 5 minutes one direction..and furthest is maybe 30 minutes before hitting a bridge and water. This concerns me why? Because water is the most powerful thing that nature as to offer.
Fire..tornado's..earthquakes..they all pale in comparison of what water can do. You doubt me? Take a look at the Grand Canyon. What did that? Water.

So we are in the middle of flood season again. I saw the floods in the 80's and 90's... it really screws peoples lives and work up. Yet people keep building..living and working in the flood planes. Why? Cause when it's not flooded it's pretty durn nice I guess. I'm not talking about your creek rising..I'm talking about a car dealership next to a levee..yeah, we have that stuff. Oh well, to each his own.

The floods aren't really effecting me personally. My drive to and from work, my home, my parents..all fine and dandy. My basement is flooded a little..but it's an old house. I just opened the window, it will dry.

If you want to see what's going on in my neck of the woods you can go here. www.ksdk.com

In other news..that little girl who's intestines were sucked into the pool drain died. OMG can you believe that?

Easter is Sunday. I'm in charge of potato salad, deviled eggs and buns. I guess I better get on that.

Last night I gave my sweetie a kiss good night and said, "Next Thursday night we'll be going to sleep in Aruba"


Brilliant Writing..

My friend Dolce is in a 20-something blog group and this is one of her peeps that she reads. This morning she sent me an email with the link thinking it was something I would appreciate and damn straight...

Brilliant writing, thought provolking and honest. Don't you think this is something that could be published? Read Tipp's post 5 Years Ago


This is wild!

OMG...this is hysterical.. Check this out.

I'm Zook-Tastic!

Check out my new bling!! Melinda over at Musings by Melinda Zook gave me a cool little award..just cause she like me :-)
I need to stick this over on the side bar!
Miss Melinda said that all the winners should "people who deserve a little pink smooch for their awesome blogging" I HATE this cause to me it's as painful as being in charge of having to choose my dogeball team...and EVERYONE is my friend...that never happens in real life though cause I'm never good enough to be the capitan.
OK..back to the awards:
I'd like to award Jean for her recent birthin story which was edge of your seat..to be continued stuff.
My friend Miss Biddy for her really funny blogging. You had some crap going on but have broken out of your bloggy shell and are rocking!
Kate makes me laugh out loud everyday. She introduced me to Stuff White People Like..and actually took a poll to see if she and her older sisters should all get their noses pierced..they did.
Canadian Kate for her awesome play by play of their driving trip to Florida! Kate you need to quit your job or something so you have more time to blog.
Dolce - You are a new blogger and have just dove in headfirst taking your demographic by storm! (and she's a real life friend too)


I interrupt rubbing Aruba in your face for another Q&A

Melissa asks:
-Most important quality(s) to you in a friend.
-What will immediately turn you off a friendship or person. (what's the deal breaker?)

  • easy to talk with
  • funny
  • similar interests
  • smart (both book and life)
  • respects my lack of love for the phone

What will turn me off? Hmm. Most importantly a "game player". I had a group of friends and there were some that would play off each other and it was so stupid. You know what I mean. Lucy says "Oh my Gahwd, did you see what Gracie had on? Can you believe how tight that was, someone should tell her" Then Gracie says the next day "Lucy is such a bitch, I can't believe you invited her out last night, all she did was flirt with Jeff". These people...I don't care much about..but I think at the time I did. I played the game.

I also hate stupid people too. I can't be friends with someone that is SO opinionated that they can't see that there are 2 sides. You don't have to believe or agree to be friends just respect that there is more than 1 way to skin a cat. Not that I would EVER suggest skinning a cat. But I think you know what I mean.
I also can't stand to be with a person that bitches and moans about things that are either beyond their control..or that they won't control. You know the one, "Oh my GAWD the political commercials and debates are driving me crazy. Can you believe what XYZ politician did on the news and now they say the gas prices are going up and It's hard to fill the tank and blah blah blah".. It's like... Vote..and suck it up, that is life. Bitching about it doesn't change it. You can have the SAME conversation in a more civilized way without bitching.
Am I being petty? I think Melissa opened a can of worms.

My dad's cousin's wife used to call my mom every day on the phone. She would complain about EVERYTHING to my mother...from the weather, the mailman, the pastor to the kid who cuts her grass. She complained just to hear herself talk I think. Mom would play along..I would get so frustrated. Complaining about the weather does NOTHING... and I'm not talking about "ooo it's cold"...I'm talking about weather patterns and the angle of the rain... Anyway when she died the priest said that he was SURE that she was in heaven, telling God that she didn't care for her space in heaven and he had to move her closer to his house..and that the St Gabriel plays the harp too loud. Well...it wasn't that word for word..but it was close and we all knew that it was true.
You know what, she was my mom's friend...and I'm sure my mom has a separate list of what IS and IS NOT acceptable behaviour to be her friend.

That answer your question Melissa?



(said in my fake German Hogan's Hero's yell)

NINE days until my trip.

Tanning Spa - TWICE

Patches and Rocky appointment for bording - CHECK

Haircut, Color and Eyebrow Wax Appoint - Wednesday eve

.....and that's it.

I need to get my manicure and pedicure.
Need to get both cats in for shots
Make sure mom and dad have all the groceries they need.
J needs to stop the mail.

Need to wash and clean the clothes we are taking and then pack..
Print out information.
Leave emergency numbers with 9834 relatives.
Make sure I set my DRV to record my new shows that start while we're gone. Although I know that we'll watch American Idol while we're there. They get NY stations.

But before all that we have 7 days w/ Drew...which will include movies, Rockband..still have to work...a couple soccer games.

OK..NINE..can you tell I'm getting really excited.

SO glad I'm not 25

Today is St Patrick's Day. Used to be this was automatically a day off work...the 18th as well. I would go to the Hybernian Parade and begin drinking by 9am-ish.
Today...Oh yeah, there is a parade. There is also a hail storm going on.
If I were 25 I would be smooshed in a smoky bar..already have broken that seal and drinking my breakfast and lunch..followed my drinking my dinner...followed by at least one bad decision..followed by a wasted day of a hangover.
I would have had a HELL of a good time...most of which I wouldn't remember.
Yes..I'm SO glad I'm not 25 anymore.
My friend Dolce is still wasting a day... and my dear friend it gets harder... but once you cut back or stop you will realize how beautiful it is to wake up on a Saturday or Sunday and not feel like puking..not have cotton mouth..and actually get motivated to go shopping..to the movies..OR just lounge on the bed watching chick flicks..and NOT crave french fries.
What makes you stop..when do you "grow up"??

Some never do. You can be one of those partying parents that has a baby sitter every weekend and deals with it. I see soccer dad's at a Tuesday practice bring a cooler w/ long necks.

You will some day have a child and realize you can't balance a hangover and a kid.

OR...God forbid you do one of those bad choice things and have to stop.

Most people I know are the every once in a blue moon partiers. They tie one on once or twice a year...have a hangover for 3 days, vowing to never do it again...or they learn to not drink to excess...just a couple drinks socially and not have a hangover.
I have actually learned to do that. Go out to dinner and have 2 glasses of wine. Have 1 beer.. I still have my once a year 3 day hangover...but I don't like it...never did...but now if I do I also feel guilty for wasting a day.

How We Met

My friend LuLu wanted to know how J and I met.

It was just one of those things..right place, right time. It was Good Friday 7 years ago. I had gone to a hockey game then was hanging with some people. My friend's friend wanted to go to an after hours bar..I said, "OK". My friends friend knew a friend of J's. We sat down and started talking. We should have met years ago. We were both away at college..the same small college at the same time. I knew some of his friends and he knew some of mine. I'm glad we never met..back then we wouldn't have liked each other I don't think.

But we sat at the bar and talked for hours...and we're still talking to this day.


Happy Early St Patrick's Day

Jack the Dog

Lotus at Sarcastic Mom asked me to talk about Jack!

Before I go on and on about Jack...you can click here and go shopping for kid stuff, and in return you can help out Lotus finacially. Slum Lord..Mold..NOT pretty.

OK..back to Jack:
You may remember he came to us looking like this:

This was late August..all the little guy did was eat, sleep and snuggle.. TOO cute.
Jack's mom is a bison freise and his dad is a chihuahua. He and his brothers were actually Ooop's..but we don't tell Jack, it may make him feel unwanted. The breed is sometimes known as Chi Chon.

Jack is half assed potty trained and LOVES people food (thanks mom).
He now eats, sleeps, goes potty and PLAYS like a mad man. He LOVES to run and he thinks that the cats are there for his amusement. They like to inform him occasionally w/ a swat that he is mistaken.

Jack sleeps with me every night, he usually starts at my side..makes his ways under the covers and wakes me up by sitting on my pillow biting my hair.

The thing that makes my heart melt is when he jumps up on J's lap and they have a special father/son bonding time.

Jack "knows" things. He loves to ride in the car and is very aware when we go to my parents..he also freaks if we drive past the vets'. Petsmart is also very evil..he doesn't like it since we tried puppy classes..which he was too shy to participate.

hi there

J and Jack

Here Jack

Something FUN to do....

I was going to give you 8 million links..but Go HERE...
Then click on Kate's links... The Hillary one is a blast..but I also LOVE the blog with the "stuff white people like".. Brilliant way to pass the afternoon!

My 15 Year Old Self...

Rimshot asked me: If you could go back to visit your 15 year old self, but could only pass on one bit of advice, what would it be?

Well, I think I would sit Little MP down for a little "come to Jesus" talk as my MIL would say. First off at 15 I was in high school...a Sophmore. This was 26 years ago. 1982. Technically since my birthday is in November this could have also been my Freshman Year.
I was a good kid, kinda of. Here are some things I would share with little mp...

Start some good study habits now. Skating by on B's with out doing your homework will not prepare you for college.

Going out with a boy in college is NOT a good idea. Don't do it. Girls that don't drive should be dating boys that do drive.

Do not allow half of the city to get drunk in your parents basement.

You are NOT fat. Just because your best friend is 90 lbs and a size 0 doesn't mean that your size 10 is fat. Watch what you eat. Fast food is your enemy.

Learn to walk in heels. You are short dork...

Exercise. Even though you are a clutz ride your bike. When your dad asks you if you want to go riding at the park go with him...get your head out of the book.

Partying is not the most important thing in the world. These people will never remain your friends, they are not that important. See more movies, read more books. Stay home more.

Treat college with respect. It is a privilage and treat it as so. It's not "camp" with free booze. These people too will not remain your friends, do not invest so much time in them. Study. Ask for help.

Travel EVERY chance that you get. Don't for get to stop, take a deep breath and make a memory. Take more pictures.

Do NOT purchase the first 2 housees that your real estate agent shows you. Get one that doesn't need so much work.

There is 15 years worth of advice.


Another answer.. 2 parter

Mama Bird asks this two parter:

If you could change one thing about your life... what would it be?

I think I would like to be less of a procratinator and take more control over things. I wait until the last minute to do things sometimes...well alot of the times. I start things and don't finish them. This is from weight watchers to preparing for Aruba. It's silly really...sometimes someone needs to light a fire under my butt.. You know what I mean?

If you had a free afternoon and had to hang out with Laverne or Shirley... who would you choose?

So we're talking about Laverne and Shirley..not Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams. BUT either way I would choose Laverne (or Penny Marshall).
Laverne was Italian..and I was raised Italian. I actually think, being an old sole I would have been a bit like her back in the day. She was loud, funny and willing to take a chance. She put up with Shirley and her silly girly ways. They were an awesome team. Laverne loved the boys and would be great to hang out with on the docks. I can also picture sitting around having Pepsi and Milk watching TV..It's a great drink if you haven't tried it!

attnention people w/ a good story

GO HERE for a chance to win $100. All you have to do is post a story where you totally embarrased yourself.

I can't think of one..but I know there are a bunch of you out there w/ some beautiful stories that might win you some cash!!

(that is a great blog too..she has a fabulous post about going to the gyno..and keeping the girly regions presentable)

Answer Time.... Chapter One

OK, since it's my blog I'll answer in the order that I want to.

Yes, I have told a few bloggie friends they could come to Aruba w/ hubby and I and travel in our suitcases. So sue me. Now of course if I did let these bloggies friends travel in my suitcase I wouldn't have any place for clothes, and this would make me have to go skinny dipping.
So to answer Susie J : I do NOT plan on going skinny dipping in Aruba except for in my big soaking bathtub. I have never really gone skinny dipping. I've been sans-clothes in a hot tub before, in the dark. I don't know if that counts.
EDIT: Susie said that it DOES count as asked who with.
It was over 20 years ago, I've killed the brain cells that allow me to remember what idiot's were in the hot tub with me.

Then we have an easy one from Sandy: Sandy asked if I had to eat one meal every day for a year, what would it be? This one could go a few ways and they all involve breakfast food. I could eat cereal every day for one of my meals..with my non-fat organic milk. I like to change up my cereal but if I had to pick only one I would choose Life Cereal. My second choice would be eggs. I LOVE LOVE eggs. I could boil them, scramble them, over easy, over medium, make an omlette, fry them, poach them and make deviled eggs. Did I leave anything out of all the wonders that are the egg?

Again to answer my lovely picture taking Wisconsin friend...(she wanted to know about my undies) I have a pair of boxers that I sleep in, thank you very much. I've tried the girl boxers and hate the material riding on my legs. I have both granny undies and hipster undies. They must be cotton and come in a value pack mixed with white and pretty colors.

OK..there are a couple, more than likely I'll come back later today to answer more.
It's not too late to ADD QUESTIONS.


One More Question Needed

One more question needed and I will begin answering.....

OK..I know you are on pins and needles..So I'll give you a teaser.

Bri: We are going to go out to dinner after I get back from Aruba...beginning of April. We will sit at dinner and I'll bore you with stories of the ocean and beach and horseback riding and seafood dinners :-)


Must Read Posts & Q and A

Below are a few posts that have stuck out in my mind recently. In my opionion all worth of a click over and read.

Biddy's Belt Story
In my opionion one of the best she has ever written

Poem Linda Posted

Sunday 2/28 story about the people that took advantage of Widelawns parents

2/11 post at Slouching Mom

Teens and Sex by LuckyGem

2/27 Funny funny post from Poop and Boogies

What the bathroom is like at my office

Check out what the slum lord allowed at Sarcastic Mom's

Today is Friday, I will not be blogging for a couple days.
Leave me your comments it's Q&A time. You get to ask the questions and next week I'll provide the answers. I will not blog again until I have at least 10 comments asking questions.


I'm all about STUFF - link to giveaway at the end

You know: I don't have anything to post about, I will give you randomness.. about me and the news.

American Idol: 4 going home today. I would like it to be Danny, Luke, Kady and Kristy Lee. I don't think that is going to happen though.

I have to go grocery shopping tonight.

I still need to make my hair - nail - cat appointments and I haven't tanned either.

My watch-band matches my sweater today. I fell like 1983..I used to wear a sweater this color to HS..and I used to have matching socks and watches. (it's lavender)

Drew has a birthday party this weekend. I used to know his BF's dad. Small world. Don't worry I won't lead off w/ "Hi Drew's friend's dad, you remember me?"...Drew will go to school with this kid for a LONG time. I'm kind of embarrassed cause I had a crush on him cause he looked like Rick Springfield..and had a girlfriend.

Most of the snow on the roads has melted..thank god.

I am going grocery shopping tonight. I really need to get food that is better for me. I've eaten too much fast food. I think I've gained 10 lbs..I'm scared of the scale. My clothes still fit. I have to try the summer clothes on though.

I am SO tired I could fall asleep at my desk, and I went to bed earlier last night.

Anyone watch Jericho? OMG I finally watched last night. I hope Mimi is going to be OK!

Did you hear about the woman who almost let her kids drown cause she was watching idol?

How about that bomb going off in NYC? On a bike? Terrorist, prank, gang..hmmm.

Did you hear about Patrick Swayze?

I heard on the radio today that Matt Laurer and his wife are getting divorced. One thing was she was petrified that her husband was cheating on her. That can't be a good way to live.

One more thing..senseless crimes, you know the ones when you just can't believe such stupid stuff can happen in real life. Read THIS story.

For a VERY cool give away go Visit An Island Life. She has a $300 Gift Certif for Mommy Tags..which are very cool and not totally Mommy...Go look.


Bossy is doing St Louis

Unlike Texas; it only took St Louis around 16 emails to decide that we're going to hang with Bossy at The Chocolate Bar.

Brilliant idea..I believe that came from The Tempered Woman. Take a looky see at all the goodies on HER blog.

Bossy...new bloggie friends...chocolate martinis...revived area of the city = FUN!! This will be on Sunday April 20th!


5 Things Meme

Kim tagged me w/ a MEME! You know how I LOVE these.

5 Random or Wierd Things About Me (trying to dig deep here since I've done so many of these already)

1. I look at stuff before I throw it away..I'm talking gross stuff. I look at the toilet paper..eye buggers, kleenex. I don't know what I expect to find, I guess I am making sure there is nothing unexpected.

2. I get pissed when you interrupt me. No I'm not talking about in converstaion. I'm taking about if I'm watching TV, a movie, reading a book or reading blogs on the internet. I hate to get distracted. If I'm reading or watching TV I will be in the mood of whatever I was watching.

3. I have to drive. I hate being a passanger. I guess that makes me a control freek.

4. I'm scared of being in a car accident. I am always watching the idiot's around me hoping they don't hit me.

5. I can't skate. Rollerblade, Rollerskate or IceSkate. I have such weak ankles and no balance. Bums me out cause it looks so fun.
5 Places I want to see again or see

1. I'd like to see Bimini again. This is a little Island not far from Florida. I went when I was 16 and would love to see it again. It was not commercial at all back then, no fast food...hotels or anything. White sandy beaches and HUGE sea shells.

2. I'd like to see Tuscany again. I love Northern Italy. I'd like to go back to Lago D'Iseo, Florence, Pisa etc.

3. I'd like to go back to Germany. I would like to crusie along the Rhine and visit the countryside. This time I'd like to see the camps.

4. I'd like to go back to Aruba..and I am in 21 days!

5. I would like to go Africa. Before I die I hope to see Victoria Falls and Lake Victoria.

I'm tagging 5 of you: Kate , Jean , Bri , Tasina and Melissa.

Update..cause I know you care

Last night I got some laundry done. And that's about it.

The sleet ended up freezing the cars but driving was OK. This morning it was doing something but we didn't get the snow that was supposed to start at 3am..what we have now is a Thundersnow warning until 6pm, they are still saying we could have 7 inches. All I know is that I did fill the wiper fluid in the car and if we go home early I can continue my laundry and watch TV.

I will make my hair appointment today. I forgot to mention that. I have at least an inch and a half of growth..meaning the brown/gray roots thing going on. I will make an appointment for next week.

I'm going to wait until the weekend of the 15th to go get my nails and toes done.

I'm going to go on line and schedule the kitty boarding. Tomorrow I'll make the kitty vet appointment. More than likey for that same 15th weekend. It's a non-Drew weekend and easier to get things done.

I may pick that weekend to do a little clothes shopping too. I'm not going to worry about reading until I get on the plane.

I emptied out some of my DVR last night during laundry time. I watched a Without A Trace episode from January as well as a L&O SUV..then Anthony Bourdain in Hawaii. I'm saving Medium for later.

80's night tonight on American Idol. I sure hope no one signs Whitney, Gloria Estafan or Celien Dion...cause those chickies really shouldn't be copied. I love the 80's.

I am SO far behind on my blog reading. I keep reading the first few on my list in favorites on my browser. I expect to be busy again today so I'm going to start at the bottom and work my way up..although I cheated cause I already read about Pioneer Woman and her pond and DGM and his movie review of that Diving Bell movie.

Just cause I care I will update you later on the snow.


SO behind

My life is behind right now, it would be easy to just jump off and quit..but I'll be back in the swing of things.

Starting tonight I'm going to get my laundry back on track.

I have totally neglected my flickr account and picture taking, I'm not sure why.

I need to visit the tanning bed. No I'm not a big fake baker and I believe that in access it is really bad for you. I do know though that if I don't go a few times my naked white skin will burn, even with sunscreen.

If you look to the side you will see the Aruba countdown. I need to start tyring on all my clothes from last year to make sure I don't need to buy anything. I did get one pair of capri's from Target..really cute w/ a material belt.

I haven't picked up my book in at least a week, I haven't felt like reading.

On the other hand hubby and I have been hanging out in front of the boob tube alot lately. We have been watching recorded episodes of 60 mintues, 48 hours, 20/20..which will love and discuss. We also watched some awesome movies this weekend. The Brave One and Mr Brooks being two of them. Yes..Kevin Costner was awesome.

I need to schedule an updated visit for Patches and Rocky to go to the vet..since they will be boarded.

I need to get a pedicure and manicure.

25 days... We do throw Easter in there..plus the sleet that is coming down today plus the potential of 7 inches of snow. ******EDITED TO SAY OMG 23 DAYS*******

God I am the best procratinator that I know.


the weather

If you don't like the weather..just wait a day...

my scout

my scout
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
Tomorrow is the Blue and Gold dinner. Roast Beef, tons of boys scouts and entertainment by Balabalo. I have a feeling I may have something to blog about.