Oh Yeah..the gods have shined down on me!

Yes, you see correctly. Today I was driving down Watson Road, a mere 3 miles from my house and in front of the construction I see the sign "Coming Soon! Lion's Choice!"
We have been saying for 7 years, "Man I wish there would be a Lions Choice closer to the house". We have to go out of our way for a Lion's Choice..so it is more of a treat or event. Now..No biggie, it's even closer than Blockbuster!
When I was in High School there was a Lion's Choice in South County by my friend Dina's house. She turned me on to this meaty wonder. I still to this day order like she does, "Roast Beef w/ Cheese, Well Done". I get small fries and a Diet Dr Pepper. My friends that is GOOD EATS!

Confession and a Meme

I lurk and stalk people all over blogland. I have a heavy reading list which I plan on updating. While I was sitting here reading lunch I was going to where Meme's go to die. www.suburbanturmoil.blogspot.com has a special place.
I decided I'd been tagged, since Lindsy said...if you are reading this you are tagged!

Here goes nothing:

4 things you have done that were a complete waste of time:

1. Tap and Ballet lessons when I was around 12 years old. I did a singing in the rain routine at nursing homes, other than that I don't remember anything, I really don't have rythm at all.

2. Spent all those years having major crushes on boys. The heart ache of watching them like other girls at a party then worrying about it. I became a MUCH happier person when I learned to just "let things go"...if you can't change what is going on around you then quit worrying about it, you will make yourself sick!

3. Wasting so much time in bars. OK..the majority of time was fun but there was a lot of time that I wasted both time and money. Can't get that back now can I?

4. Trying to learn how to drive a stick. I practiced in the parking lots and I tried on my friends and my dad's car. I don't get it...I don't worry about it anymore. I used to dream about it.

4 Things I'd like to do with every Meme Ever Written

1. Just like Post Secret they should all be compiled into a book and then sold. I'll get rich!

2. www.oldmeme.com ???

3. Everyone should have a link on their blogs. It's more telling than the Who I am thing.

4. Make like a huge ass family tree and follow them from start to finish then post on the internet..hmmm not enough time for something like that.

4 embarrassing physical traits I don't like people to know about

1. I have age spots..or skin cancer or wierd moles on my hand. (yeah, guess I should get that looked at)

2. My upper arms are really fat. But you would no that if you have ever seen me in a sleevless shirt or swim suite.

3. I have this bump thing on my nose and it's not a zit but it dosen't look like a mole either.

4. I vary rarely shave my upper legs since hair doesn't grow there very often. I can count the hairs and get them off when I need to.

4 Reasons I dislike Meme's

1. I get stuck.

2. Sometimes I read too much information.

3. Sometimes I give too much information.

4. They take up too much room on the page and people miss the good stuff you wrote a week ago.

4 Celebrities I'd like to Prank Call

1. First off I haven't prank called in FOREVER!. I'd call George Clooney..and listen to him breath.

2. I'd call Bill Clinton and ask him if he had King Albert in a Can.

3. I'd call Dominos and order a bajillion pizza's for the Olson Twins and have it delivered to their house.

4. Meryl Streep..and pretend like I was a long lost friend and invite myself for dinner.

4 Reasons 1 or 2 people might not like me.

1. I'm loud. Not all the time but I can be very loud.

2. I have a million stories and I forget not everyone once to hear them.

3. I'm cuter, funnier and smarter then everyone else. (LOL, ROTFL)... so I guess what that means is that I think I'm funnier than I am.

4. I forget to keep my opionions to myself sometimes and don't listen enough.

4 People I would like to tag:
Biddy www.biddysworld.blogspot.com
Linda www.humblingmoments.blogspot.com
And anyone that lurks...that doesn't ever comment.. I like comments :-) as long as you log in, I hate Anonymous .

What's Hot..What's Not

HOT - Bad girl, great music
NOT- Hoosier, redneck..why does she have children? Music isn't good either.
Of course McDonalds is HOT..but not in our house anymore except for when Drew is over. I do NOT need the fries, Big Mac or Double Cheeseburger!!!
HOT...they have a Weight Watchers section on the menu!! Smaller portions, better ingrediants. Even with food Friday at work which included the cake...3 beers after work...Mcdonalds Friday night... I was able to lose 1.6 lbs this week. FYI..we had Applebees on Saturday!

My blog, my opinion!


Go see this comic: church tales by Adriana Yugovich


That's a real link. Being the Catholic Girl I found this hysterical! Especially the part about figuring out what alter boys are going to be saying mass!!

Monday Monday...

Whew..weekend finished. Busy one at that. Drew man was over, we played the Wii, Stratego??, watched a horrible movie called Thunderpants then winded the weekend with a little party at Grandma Prill's.

Today the new marketing chick started, I didn't feel like introducing myself yet..hope that doesn't make me the "bitch in the white shirt"...I just am watching her getting fed what I'm SURE is incorrect information....this wouldn't bother me if it wasn't so close to my office. Oh well, life goes on.

The girls around the internet are returning from Blogher, I'd like to go one year. It looks like loads of fun. You can learn all kinds of nifty things too. I think there were close to 1000 people there if I read correctly.

My reading list has drastically changed since they had to reformat my computer. I lost all my saved links and I forgot who I read!

Speaking of reading lists, I still haven't finshed Kitchen Confidential..but then we went w/ Drew to Boarders and I got a couple books. One I finished was good. Up Close and Personal. Now I'm reading John Grisham's Tort...something or another. It's good..not great..I'm reading away and will finish that tonight; I would have finished last night but I made myself stop to watch 4400 and Dead Zone..then stop again for sleep. Unlike Harry Potter it wasn't worth sleep depravation.

Drew has learned Nuts...While playing boxing on the Wii he proclaimed, "Look Daddy, I hit him in nuts"...nice. I guess I better tell his mother about that one.


Let them eat cake!

Today was my bosses last day. Well I hear officially he's here through Tuesday but that is a formality. I think I'm better off with him gone. He's kind of old school. He is though the nicest man in the world. He showed up for my fatherinlaw's funeral which was very touching.
We had a cake for him that looks like the above. I ate a piece and I stole a chocolate covered strawberry. NOT on the diet at all. Man I am SO full right now. The lunch we had was great. Chicken, salad, green beans and mashed potatoes. I think we should all have a nap. Happy Hour is in 3 hours. I am going to make an appearance then get out of there.
Yesterday I took a vacation day and took dad to the doctor, get new glasses and the post office then J, Drew and I went to Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags. Al, Bradie, Carol, Mitch and Blake were out there. It was fun. I like the rides :-)
Sunday we're having Drew's bday party at Grandma Prill's. That should be fun too. Mom and Dad are coming. I'm sure that will cause some stress but I'll live.
I have work I don't want to do and am procrastinating. I guess I better get to it.


Today is the day of thanks

For the last 7 years of my life July 25th has always been a special day. It's Drew's birthday. I'm picking him up after work. He is going to be SO excited when he sees the new Nintendo Wii! We have the new Pokemon game which I am also excited about.
8 Years old. WOW. I forget at times he's "only" 8. He seems very grown up at times.

Today is also the anniversary of the day that Jim died. Jim was one of my best friends and I miss him very much. It's been 4 years today. www.alsa.org What a horrible disease.

Thank you for allowing Jim in my life for those 10 years and for giving J such a great little boy, I'm greatful he's in my life.


Love the Scanner

MP and Santa. Hmmm, I'm thinking 1969??

Renee ,Randy, MP, Jim and Chris. I'm thinking Milo's but I'm not sure of the occasion. I think Renee was in a wedding if I'm not mistaken. If I had to guess I would say 1997 or so.

Ramdom Tuesday Thougts

1. Summer TV is pretty good. We watch Big Brother together. Then Sunday I watch The 4400 and Dead Zone. Monday I watch The Closer and Saving Grace.
Just enough TV for summer.

2. If magic was real, and I could do a protonus spell I think mine would be a cat.

3. How much sperm does it take to artificially inseminate a Rhino?

4. What happened to that darling little Lindsy Lohan from the remake of Parent Trap?

5. How do you think that you are going to get away with killing someone when you stuff their dead body in your closet...and you still live w/ mom and dad. (idio in florida)

Weird, I know. I'm still "by myself". The girl came back from vacation yesterday then left by noon puking her guts out. Flu..and she's pregnant. Fun.


In the swing of things...

...which is what I'm not.
I still want to put up the links of all the blogs I read.
I have pictures in the camera I need to download to the computer at home.

Drew's 8th bday is Wednesday. I need to get him a gift from my mom and dad. Maybe I'll just take him to Target Thursday and let him pick something out.
Sunday is going to be his party at Grandma Prill's. I'm thinking of cooking some briskets. Hmmm, I have to come up with a menu.

Oh wow, it's 4:17 and I just remembered I need to do a presentation...not type on my blogger.
Woooo, maybe I need a vacation!

Deathly Hallows - Brilliant!

It took around 10 hours and I finished the book. WOW. Friday night we went to see Chuck and Larry. J was going to go with me at midnight to get the book at Target but I was pooped and went to bed. I got up Saturday and got my presale card and headed over around 1:30. I got there and there were at least 30 or more copies on the shelf. I got home and read for 2 hours before going to church. When I got home we did some running around and went to dinner w/ friends. We got home around 11 and I read til 5am. I just couldn't put it down. I finished yesterday afternoon around 4pm. I laughed, I cried..it was my favorite book by far. I want to re-read the book. JK Rowling is amazing. She really has an awesome imagination and her details to that fictional world make it so real.
The two girls in the office that were reading are both out this week. I haven't found anyone to compare notes as of yet. I'm itching to talk about it. I wouldn't dare blog about it. It's similar to when The Usual Suspects came out or the "I see dead people" movie..you just don't tell.


My Friday Five

Five Places that I would rather be than sitting here in my office in front of my computer:

1. Aruba..duh

2. JJill taking advantage of that 60% off retail sale. I really don't have very many clothes that fit me. I could really use more pants.

3. Driving around w/ the windows down. It's BEAUTIFUL outside.

4. Six Flags. I'm in the mood for a roller coaster!

5. Hammock. I'd love to be in the backyard with a book. The hammock or the couch..feet up. I'd like to finish Kitchen Confidential SINCE HARRY POTTER IS COMING OUT THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have a great weekend!


Ad's From Back In The Day

The email was forwarded to me today, there are quite a few good ones.

No Puppy :-(

Mom called last night, very despressed. All 4 puppies have no been spoken for. She actually argued w/ the old lady upset that some in-law was taking 2 dogs. Can you believe someone would be so selfish to take 2 puppies when my mom's precious daughter wanted one!! I know, there was LOTS of drama. Of course I just shrugged and said, "I guess it wasn't meant to be". I'm sure the cats were relieved.

Speaking of cats. I think this morning Rocky was watching porn..or maybe it was just his version of the NFL.
Every morning before I leave for work I have a routine. I get up, get my clothes and shoes..get in the shower. Get out, put on my clothes. Fill up the cat bowl. Open the door to the basement and the front door so the cats, wherever they were will come eat. I then go in the bathroom, dry my hair, use my calirifying stuff and lotion. I then go in the kitchen and pack up my lunch. I put Patches in the basement then go to the foyer and open the blinds. Rocky comes outside with me.
By this time Gloria from next door and Molly (her dog) are out for a walk. Her front lawn is sprinkled with day old bread crumbs and it's a feeding frenzy. This morning Rocky ran in front of me, down the steps and laid out; paws in front of him on the sidewalk watching/stalking the feeding frenzy. There were 3 or 5 squirrels, 2 pidgeons, 3 robins and a few little sparrows. Rocky just watched, I thought, "This must be what it's like for a man in a strip club"...thinking "I really want to go after them, I mean look at them, they are asking for it...down on my level, on the grass!!! I just want to touch one...slap it around with my paw a little." We'll see what happens. If I get home and find a little present on the front steps I'll know.


Random Humpday Thoughts

Things that make me smile:
Driving home after work down Lindbergh seeing the girl at the bus stop just jamming out to whatever is playing on her MP3 player. She always where scrubs and she is always REALLY moving and has a big ole smile on her face, no matter WHAT the temperature is.

Things that confuse me:
Right Wing, Left Wing.
It's that time again as we gear up for the Presidential elections. Pundents scream about Left Wing and Right Wing and for the life of me I can never remember which is which, I find this quite embarrasing.
When we were younger I know that when a boy wore an earring it was "right is wrong and left is right"...or something like that. Maybe I'm confused about that too.

No real news on the puppy front. There are only 4 and I can't believe they are giving them away. These puppies retail around $1500.00
I wonder what the cats would think about a half brother or sister that is their size or smaller. I bet they would be OK.


I need free pretties

If anyone knows anywone that will do free graphic email thingies so I can make mine look pretty I'm open to it!! Lemme know!

Also, mom called freaking out today. She has a FREE PUPPY for us. She couldn't figure out why I couldn't make a decision without talking it over w/ my husband. Mom's friend's sister has Chi-Chon's. At least I think that is it. Her frisky little Bichon got together with her sons's Chihauhau and made babies. They have 4 and they are GIVING THEM AWAY! Do you think someone should tell them they retail for over $1000??? They are thinking they are just mistakes. Anyway, she wants us to have a puppy and has promised to baby sit whenever we go out. The lack of somewhere to put the dog when we're gone is the main reason we haven't gotten one.

We'll see what happens, I'll keep you posted.

Gimme A Hug

Oh Shit, I am SO sorry about the rug.
I didn't mean to nip at the baby!
I will NEVER eat a shoe again!
Did YOU want that plate of food that was on the coffee table? Oh, MY BAD!
If you have a better quote please share. Personally I think he's adorable. I'm not quite sure where I found that picture but I would LOVE to pick that puppy up and snuggle him and smell his little puppy breath and let him lick me, then go play in the yard. Then I would let his parents take him home and I'd go to bed. He could come over and play again the next day!

If you pray..then take a minute and pray...

I received the following email from a friend of mine this morning.
Mary Ann - The person in this story is an aquantince, someone I used to know but haven't seen in a million years.

Hi guys – just wanted to fill you in…….bad news……sorry. I didn’t find out until Friday evening…Paul left a message on the voice mail at home. Mary Ann R was in a serious car accident on Thursday afternoon on HWY 270 near Graham Road. Apparently, an SUV cut her off to get on 170…when that happened obviously she hit her brakes and then she remembers seeing an 18 wheeler, but after that the next thing she remembers was being stuck in the car and people were outside telling her to hold on and that help was on the way. The paramedics/firefighters had to cut her out of the vehicle.

She is in DePaul Hospital. She has a broken right wrist, a broken right arm, something in the shoulder socket is broken or fractured in the same arm. She fractured her skull and her neck…don’t know if that is an actual break of fracture. She had such a serious concussion that it caused bleeding in her ears which made her unable to hear at all. I don’t think they are positive on anything below the waste yet. (remember she was hit by a car when she was crossing a street when she was in high school and she was injured badly…..she still sustains some of those injuries daily from that…crushed pelvis, injured back, etc…..) They were able to clean out her ears a bit, but now she has blood clots in them. She can hear a bit better out of the left ear, but you have to almost scream.

Mary Ann has to wear a halo for 8-12 weeks. It weighs 35-40 pounds and goes all the way around her head and neck and down her back. It prevents her from being able to move her head/neck in any way. She can’t turn at all and it’s very restraining. George and I stopped in the hospital after Mass on Sunday and visited with her briefly. Her parents were there and a friends from her work and another friend from her church. They asked for no visitors other than family until Sunday. She was having major back spasms and also having several panic attacks. It must be terrifying to be in the halo and not able to move. They were trying to up her valium since she is conscious now, etc. She was sort of reliving the accident and talking a little about what happened….only she doesn’t remember much. She was extremely upset, which is completely normal. It was very hard to see her in such bad shape.

The doctor ordered a hospital bed for her parents house and said when she is releases she would need to go there for 8-12 weeks. However, I talked to Paul again last night and he said they aren’t sure she will go directly there. He said the doctor is trying to get her into a rehab program at St. Mary’s Hospital in Clayton. He wasn’t sure how soon any of this would even take place. Their parents are older and although they take care of themselves, being able to take care of her when she can basically do nothing, is another story. Maybe after some time in rehab, etc. she will be able to go with them and do more on her own….not sure.

One other big thing that is still a HUGE concern right now….she was diagnosed with MS maybe two years ago. Well, even though she takes shots and treatments and doesn’t have noticeable MS symptoms, anytime you have major trauma to your body and you have MS, this supposedly triggers more symptoms to come to the surface. I know they are trying to schedule an MRI, but with everything they have her hooked up to….not sure how and when that will take place.

She needs prayers.


Change Change Change

Oh how I HATE change.

I hate starting over from scratch too. Pretty bufly's all gone :-(

I had stuff to talk about and was all excited..before I realized I had to move. It was time.

One think I saw today was that The Princess Bride is 20 years old today. How can that be? On www.abc.com they had the pictures of some of the actors; what they looked like then and now. Pretty wild.
Speaking of that Mandy Patinken has left Criminal Minds. Bummer, he was one of the main reasons I liked that show.

It's HOT. Africa Hot this week. My inlaws are in town from Arizona. I hate when they bring their weather with them :-)

We're supposed to go to PF Chang's with them tomorrow night. I don't care what you say, it doesn't matter that it's a chain resturant. It's darn good eatin.

We saw Transformers this weekend. It really wasn't a bad movie. I liked it. Dman has seen it now 3 times.

We're going to be busy at work this week. Lot's of vacations.

My friend just called me.
ME: Hello
HER: Yeah, what is Wilma Flinstone's maiden name?
ME: Slaghoople

I cheated: Google which lead me to Wikipedia.
I think you could ask me anything and if I had the internet in front of me I could find an answer.

Coworker came in: Do you know who Elliot Yamin is?
Coworker: I haven't watched American Idol since Justin and Kelly.

I'm ready Kitchen Confidential. I love Anthony Bourdain. His humor is right up my alley. I love the shows on the Travel Channel.

New Blog

Time to move on. I'll share with friends where I've moved to. It was time for a change. Now I just have to remember my new passwords etc.