Party like a rock star!!...errrr or a tween??

So last night was the big American Idol Concert. We had awesome seats. J got off the internet. Seems there was no one to the right of us all the way down the row..SO...Something I normally don't do is suggest we move down to the other end. I wanted to do that before someone else snuck down into them. This brought us a whole section closer to the stage. If we were at a hockey game we would have been up on the plexie glass..that good.
Anyway here is the quick review of the show itself in no particular order:
Phil Stacy: I always liked him, we did even during Hollywood week. Phil did a great job.
Haley Scarnato: I didn't know the songs she sang but she did a good job. When you have a loud band behind you and super loud microphone it helps. Her face is round and full, kind of a baby face but the rest of her is SUPPER SKINNY..she is ALL legs. The extra pounds TV gives you made her legs look sexy, in real life not so much. I think she should be on Broadway.
Chris Sligh: I loved him on the show but on stage I didn't like him as much. He had a bit of attitude after he played his song. He played guitar and did that alternative song he did during the top 24 time...you know right after Hollywood. Simon told him it was a poor song choice then..the problem was I enjoyed the song OK but the crowd wasn't into it. There were too many 7-12 year olds there that didn't know what the hell he was signing.
Melinda Doolittle: WOW, wow, wow..she is as awesome on stage as on the show. She doesn't look as much like Shrek in person either.
Jordin Sparks: She has lost some weight. I'm thinking the Lane Bryant deal is off. She is very light skinned. If you didn't look at her face you would swear it was Katherine McPhee up there. Her speaking voice is cute and you can tell that she loves performing. She did an acoustic Jewel song as she played the guitar..WOW...and the lame AI song This is My Now..was actually awesome.
Gina Glockson: no that isn't her last name but I don't feel like looking it up. Gina has always been one of my favorites. She wasn't far from home being in St Louis and her family was there. She was awesome. You can tell she belongs on stage. I look at her and think Heart, Pat Benatar. She has either hair extentions or something I don't care for.
Blake Lewis: The Beat Boxing was super. All his songs were excellent and you could tell he was a fan favorite. My ears are still ringing from the little girls that screamed through all of his songs. Drew was about to have a meltdown. Drew's favorite saying when he isn't getting his way is "I'm gonna scream like a little girl"...I told him...THAT was a screaming little girl...to which he replied, "I don't think I can do that"..
Chris Richardson: What the hell? This guy is great. He and Blake did a duet and it rocked the house, they were meant to be on stage. While messing around time killing they did a little Sexy Back and it was awesome. I couldn't stand him...no I believe I would buy his CD..well not really but at least download a song.
Sanjaya: His sister walked right in front of us!! He has pretty hair. He's very skinny. He made fun of himself. OK.....yeah I guess that is it.
LaKisha: Holy Pipes Batman! Goosebumps, tears in my eyes. This girl has everything, the right tone, control in her voice. She belted her songs and really did a phenominal job. When she sang it was like we were at a KiKi Concert. That was a performance that I won't forget soon. Blew Mandisa out of the water from last year.

One of my favorite parts of the concert was when the boys were their own band.
Phil on keyboard, Chris R on drums, Sanjaya on the tamberine or some thing..Blake and Chris S on guitar. They played Hey Jude and one other song that escapes me right now. They make a great band!

So..next Saturday J and I are driving to Sedelia to the MO State Fair. We're going to see the concert again, this time for free AND we're going to have a meet and greet to get autographs! Why do I feel like such a dork?


Emily said...

So I wouldn't tell anybody in "real life" this, but I wouldn't mind seeing the show myself. Thanks for the run-down, quite interesting......Glad you'll had fun!

Mary Alice said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, that is "home" not a post card at all, though I am flattered that you accused me of it! Northern California is beautiful. So is the Midwest - in its own way (I lived in Nebraska for three years)

About your quote: “The extra pounds TV gives you made her legs look sexy, in real life not so much. SUPPER SKINNY..she is ALL legs” That is exactly what my sister said about Ellen DeGeneres after being at her show…actually my sister said, “you know how Ellen looks great and healthy on TV? Well in real life she is SOOOO skinny and I wonder if maybe she was also a little drunk or maybe it was the lights in eyes…I dunno maybe drunk..maybe not….but definitely ridiculously skinny…like a stick.”

slouching mom said...

I am a HUGE Idol fan. My favorites from this past season were Gina and Melinda. I'm glad the concert lived up to expectations!

Biddy said...

i am incredibly jealous.

i hate you...in a very i love you sort of way ;-)