RIP my childhood memories from my heart

Why, oh why??
Southtown Famous Barr went by way of the bulldozer a few years ago. This was our major department store that was near the house. I bought all of my grade school uniforms here. In 1968 or so I WAS the baby in the photograph that advertised the studio. Yes, I was THAT cute as a baby! What did they do..bulldoze for progress. In it's place is a strip mall area w/ a Quizno's, Verizon Wireless, Pet store, Starbucks, Cold Stone Creamery and an EB Games. We occasionally visit this strip mall...I still want to call it Southtown.

NOW they've really gone and done it! They have annouced they are closing Dillards in Crestwood.
Oh yes, you heard correctly.
This place was orignially Stix Baer and Fuller..
This is the place where I got ALL of my Stride Rite Shoes..this is where mom, Nana and I went to lunch..in the Tea Room. They had models showing the latests fashions, circa 1971. I ate my first parsely here. I was a strange child. I would order the peanut butter and grape jelly on white bread. It came with a side of chips and was garnished w/ fresh parsely. I thought they were "little trees". I would eat them and annouce that I was eating a tree! Dessert was a hot fudge sundae. No nuts, whip cream or cherries..please.

Dillards is the store I just went to. I've been thrilled now that I can wear normal clothes (my word for non plus size). I go to their petite section and totally have at it. It's never super busy and the little white haired sales lady is a doll! She is honest when I say, "how does this look?". Closed...I have until October before the shut the doors for good. This means I'll have to go to a different mall :-(
I think my entire Crestwood Mall is going to close. They have lots of empty real estate as you wander through the mall. They just aren't going to make it. This was the mall that I remember being an outdoor strip center...then it became a covered mall..then it expanded..now it's empty.
Don't get me wrong, I LIKE the new fancy mall's...it's just I don't like all the people..and parking lot traffic...and punk ass teenagers.

I wonder if the tea room is still open, I think I should check and bring mom for lunch.


Biddy said...

i've been to department stores with a tea room, but never a dillards! how cute...

i too hate changes like that...but such is life in 2007 right?

we have 2 dillards here...you can come visit and we'll shop till we drop ;-)

Beware: Social Worker on the edge said...

oh sad. I hate when good things change.