News and Reviews

First off, movies:
As I mentioned last week, Daddy Day Camp was HORRIBLE. Poor Cuba Gooding Jr.
Underdog on the other hand was FUN! It had a talking dog, a lesson, bad guys, good guys. Very fun!
Rush Hour 3: Fun movie..good guys, bad guys, special effects, FUNNY! Not so good for the 8 year old. Potty mouth humor went over his head which was good..LOTS of action. S word was said quite a few times, luckily Drew knows we don't repeat that word. I wish we would have done a little more researching before we took him... I still find it hard to believe we have a child that will sit through an hour and a half of a movie that doesn't have talking animals in it..

I finished 19 Minutes. WOW WOW. What an awesome book. The basis of the book is that you have a group of characters that are all effected when there is a school shooting. Sort of like Columbine, but not really. 19 minutes was the amount of time that the shooting took place. Unbeliveable book.
I'm reading The Judas Strain right now. It's a bit like DaVinci Code...not as much religion but there are groups of people all trying to figure out the biological stain of a rouge bacteria..they must find the origin and a cure..for the world's sake. It takes place in Washington DC, The Vatican, Turkey, Christmas Island.. In this mix you have the good guys, bad guys, people in between..and a bit of Marco Polo thrown in the mix. I can't wait to finish it!

The 4400 is getting really good this season. I love that show. Just the right mix of soap opera and sci fi.
Big Brother: SO Dick and Danielle...throw in a power of veto...hmm. Can't wait for Thursday's show! We missed last week since we were at AI. We'll have to record this week too since I have a hair cut plus I need to take mom to pick up her new styling glasses..pix to come!

News: Wow we had a duzie of a storm last night. The ground really needed the rain, too bad it didn't cool off the temps. I think it's supposed to hit 99 today..then back up for the work week. :-( Poor little buddy has soccer again Tuesday night.
Back to the storm; At 1:30 am the winds started, we're talking 60MPH. We didn't know this was coming since last night J was playing XBox then I read and watched 4400..Who knew it was going to storm??
SO I went to bed. J woke me up "Ummm, I think it's going to storm or we're going to have a tornado, maybe you want to get up".
Damn straight I want to get up! I didn't want to miss this. I padded downstairs and outside..Man it was windy, they didn't exaggerate that 60mph winds. We lost a dead part of the tree and patio furniture was all over the place. I checked out the internet and found out we were NOT having a tornado. I went back to bed...then the rains came. Thunder woke me up a few times. Bummer I wasn't able to get a good nights sleep..Oh well. I am glad J woke me up for the show though!!

...more to come later today. Back to work!
...I'm back...
One of the girls is back from vacation and the other had to take her little guy to the doctor..and hospital since he has strept throat. Joy..selfish me wants to wine a bit about having way too much on my plate...STILL!

All the other brilliant things I was going to post today are just going to have to wait!


Biddy said...

60 mph?? that's just a light breeze here in west texas!!

i love storms...except when the bastards wake me up instead of knock me out..

Pumpkin said...

Hi There.
First, thanks for visiting my blog!

I've not read any of Khaled Hosseini's other books before I read 'The Kite Runner' and I loved it....so I don't think you have to have read any of his previous work to read and enjoy this one!!!

I'm always awful at putting books down...the bloody things capture me and don't let go until my eyes are burning from sleep deprivation, so I know how you feel!

I noticed you're also reading 'Two Little Girls in Blue'....would that be the book by Mary Higgins Clark? If it is, then I've also read it and have to say, you have damn good taste in reading material!
Thanks for the suggestion of another book to read...it is so cool to hear about books that I might not come across otherwise!

The Kite Runner is a fantastic book and if you do get a chance to read it, let me know what you think of it.

Please feel free to visit my site anytime!!!

slouching mom said...

Did you like Kitchen Confidential?

Anonymous said...

After your exuberant posts about the whole Harry Potter thing I thought I should catch up....I had only read the first 3...last week bff was away on holidays with her man so I took the opportunity to read the other 4. LOVED THEM! I think I'm going to check out The Judas Strain on your recommend...since I loved The Davinci code.
Glad you had a good time at AI.
I'm loving BB8. This is the first time I've ever watched and I'm in LOVE with Evil Dick! He is probably the reason I'm watching...he loves to stir things up but he's always told the truth! I'm going to be sad if he goes home this week!
Have a great week my far away friend!! {{HUGS}}