The Great Bossy Adventure

I'm HOME!! We had a great time. There were around 11 of us that got together at The Chocolate Bar. Martini's, Mohito's, Cheese Platters, Desserts..and LOTS of conversation. We must have talked about everything ..pumping, blowjobs (in referernce to the Clinton's), The Fonz (my Clinton story), the public education system in our country..especially St Louis, Georgia's middle name..the special guest blogger at Bossy's tomorrow...the Saturns...how great of a gathering we had...how funky the music was (Bluegrass versions of Prince Classics..and Johnny Cash singing Tom Petty..)
Here are a few pictures...Georgia you know..MP and Bri.. Raquita, Heather and Georgia..I have more..
Georgia's gracious host has an awesome food blog..I won't show her picture but I must tell you I allowed her to lick me..cause I'm a republican too..Oh yes..there were two of us..but of course I respect the Barak O'Boyfriend since he more than likely going to be our next pres..but I digress..
A great time was had by all.. I will give linky love tomorrow!!


Jason said...

I love it. Sounds like it was a great time. Of course. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for passing on the juicy tidbits in your comment tonight. I'm savoring them, and so is Giancarlo. . .so I guess I have no other choice than forgive you for being a republican. :) :) :)

Bri said...

We had such a blast, didn't we? I was thinking on the way home that someone had written a twitter 101 post that made more sense than the crap that was coming out of my mouth tonight. And guess what? I found it! Greeblemonkey explains twitter much better than me.

It was fantastic to meet you tonight, we'll have to do it again sometime!

Biddy said...

hahahaha bossy does have stretch armstrong arms! i noticed that right off the bat!

and she's so skinny...

lucky bitch :-D

Heather said...

I'm impressed! The only thing I could do after the evening was crawl into bed. It was great to meet you and everyone.

lisa marie said...

Sounds like a great time! I would think Bossy would be getting a little tired by now. But what an adventure she's had! Thanx for sharing!