Rock the Vote

You remember that hummingbird photo? I think everyone liked it..right?
Well just click HERE and then scroll to MP and vote for me.
Now here is the kicker, Lisa and Jean also entered....and they come visit me. They have VERY nice photos in there too..but they really aren't moving birds.. WHAT? I never won a contest before.

Thank you all for voting.. I have no chance in hell..there are some uber popular people out there w/ something like 17 votes already...I've don't think 17 different people have commented on my blog in any given day...but vote often (kidding you can only vote once..I tried...) and thank you

What else is going on.. My eye..the right one actually. It is very blurry..and it's kinda scary. Last night we were in Sonic drive thru and I was looking at the Home Depot behind me..closing my left eye to just look with my right..and if I didn't know the big orange letters said lumber..I wouldn't have a clue. SO I'm taking mom and dad to the eye doc today anyway and they are going to squeeze me in. I just had my eyes tested and got these glasses about 6-7 months ago..so I figured this was above and beyond the glasses store doctor..I'm going to the guy that diagosed my Adies.. and did my dad's surgery. Wish me luck, I'm a little nervous.


Kristi Mantoni said...

I voted for you!

Good luck with your eyes. I hope it's nothing and that you just need to rest it. OH! Maybe you'll have to wear an eye patch for awhile! Then you can do Capt. Jack Sparrow imitations all day!

Jean said...

Your so sweet to even mention the competition. :)
I voted for you anyway.

Pumpkin said...

I LOVE that photograph, so I've voted!

Bri said...

Good Luck! Hope everything turns out ok!

(I was going to try voting again, but I guess that would be a no go. Boo.)

Oh, and the hair stuff is the stuff PW recommended. It makes my hair smooth and super soft. I bought it to use with the flat iron, but I've been using it everyday to help with frizziness. It's expensive, though, I think I threw up a little in my mouth when I took it off the shelf at Target.

lisa marie said...

Cool, I forgot this was happening now. :) I was surprised to see a couple with 20 votes.

Good luck with your eye! *hugs*

Amanda said...

Voted! I hope everything goes well at the eye doctor today. Good luck!

Melissa said...

Did I finally get caught up and reach the top? Yes I DID! :)

Hope your eye is ok.