Aruba Waves

Aruba Waves
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This is a video of John..he's our friend from NY...He made it back to shore safe..busted toe..but safe.


Connie said...

Hi! Welcome back! So sorry, I have been busy and just now trying to catch up on my blog friends. LOVE your Aruba pictures. The sunset is stunning and my son and I both liked the hummingbird one! How cool is that! The natural bridge is cool too. What a beautiful place. Thank you for commenting on Nick's blog. That made him smile!

Lulu said...

Hi! It's me! I'm FINALLY getting over here to check out your Aruba trip that I'm just green with envy about.

Before I saw the video and read your clip, I thought that you were insinuating that the guy fell off the rock and swam back to shore, but only with a busted toe!! Dang, you scared me.