We've Only Got A Few More Hours!!!

Hello people!!! She's coming home tonight and this place isn't NEARLY ready!!!!

Jean! Stereo off! Well... wait... ON until we're finished. Then off! And get those Fallopian Tube Earrings out of here!

Biddy... Biddy??? Oh great, where'd she go??? BIDDY GET OFF THE CEILING!

Grandy! Grandy? Oh... Ok, you can stay in the recliner. Tell you what. You be look out!

Pumpkin, I believe the stripping firemen were your idea?

It's been fun guys but ya gotta go!

Well... maybe...

No! All firemen OUT!

Lucky Gem -Are you still here?

Biddy! What are you still doing on the ceiling? What??? I'm having a hard time hearing you over the stereo. Lucky's kid is stuck in what? -Nevermind... I don't want to know.

Ok one fireman stay to get the baby unstuck. THEN out!

What's that Grandy? SHE'S HERE??!!! Oh wait... she's NOT here? Then who are those people on the lawn? The what??? The "Amish Defamation League?" DAWN!!!!!

Bri! What are you doing! Homework can wait! We've got work to do! Work! Work! Work!

Everybody else... er... just look busy! Do something non-destructive! And leave a comment and let us know what it is so we don't double up on stuff! We need this place to look exactly the way MP left it! Well... minus one table. Oh, and make sure you finish up all the food. She didn't leave us any!

Speaking of which... Rimshot, all those containers you drank out of? You can keep them. Seriously, take 'em with you. It's a gift. From me.

Ok... now where did this Christmas tree come from...?


Jean said...

Awe man the earrings were a welcome home present. Was there any booze left...mmm maybe not. Is it to late to admit my nerdiness by mentioning that I love that the New Kids are back together? Maybe some other time. WELCOME HOME MP!!!

Melissa said...

"Awe man the earrings were a welcome home present"

Oh! I'm sorry. I didn't realize. (But then what were they doing in the guacamole?)

Rimshot said...

Um..I MAY have had something to do with the earrings in the guacamole. (I lost a bet, then lost the earrings. Thanks for finding them!)

I brought my kick-ass vacuum, so I'll do rugs.

Bri said...

You should know that I don't clean. I know you said the place is a mess, but I don't see it. (And the left over booze didn't go to my house, I swear. But the earrings in the guacamole? That was totally me.)

Anonymous said...

Me and my Clorox GreenWorks...ooops, am I too late? Welcome home MP! You've got some crazy friends.
It wasn't my kid, I swear!

klasieprof said...

WElcome HOME!!!! WELCOME BACK WHOO HOOO...and really
Isn't it just lovely to crap in your own toidy????

Biddy said...

i told you i was vacuuming the crumbs out of the ceiling chair! and then me and rimmy got busy making our 492nd baby...sorry

but if it makes you feel any better, i totally flipped all the cushions over to the "clean" side (well, except the one with the pink stain from the last time i blogsat)

Grandy said...

Way to keep us focused, Melissa. Now...you have to let all the firemen out of your apartment now.