Good afternoon folks

I just thought that now I've finally arrived and am settled in my room (MP's house is lovely by the way), it might be nice if I introduced myself......I do try to be polite on occasion.

Alrighty then, what interesting facts can I tell you about wee me, just so you know what you'Re dealing with (forewarned is fore-armed after all).

The name's Pumpkin and my blog is in mps link list if you fancy a wee look.

I'm Scottish.

I have a son (Gozar) and a husband (no nickname as yet......any suggestions feel free!)

I'm studying a Phd in Psychology......this is purely to ensure that when I do eventually go insane, I can counsel myself and let my other voices join in.......it's only fair, y'know?

Friday night is 'Red Wine'night in my household, although only for me ofcourse......Gozar and husband prefer beer.

My son is 3 and 3/4, so I was only kidding about that last one............no self respecting mother would let her child drink beer at that age................he's almost a man and that means WHISKEY!!!

Oh, and you won't find a picture of my son anywhere on my site, we're a wee tad paranoid y'see and so all I can tell you is he has BIG blue eyes, blonde-red-brown hair and enough charm to weazle a 3rd packet of gummi bears out of the kind lady across the road.

Let's see, what else......

I ADORE MP's photography, that girl has an amazing eye for gorgeous scenes to photograph. She was also lovely enough to guest for me a wee while back, so she rocks as far as I'm concerned.

I'm a big fan of Janet Evanovich, Dean Koontz and pretty much any other auther that writes well....I LOVE to read. I also love music and You Tube and stripping firemen and sunsets and mountains and Christian Bale movies and buying perfume and animals and stripping firemen and the Muppets and stripping firmen and The Pioneer Woman, Big boobs and Dr Pepper, Stripping firemen..............yep....the stripping firemen feature ALOT in my 'if I won the lottery what would I buy' fantasy.

Anyways, I think I may be sucking your will to live by now so I shall stop and get a wine refill.

Hope you're all having a lovely week so far!!!!

Oh, and as I love You Tube and as I love music.................here's a wee clip that is of the song which can make my ass get out of bed and boogie whilst I try and click my fingers in the morning......enjoy!


MP said...

hi kids...just booked our snorkle trip and a horseback riding trip..j talked me into it again..it's always sunny here but believe it or not i'm sunburt...look up The Aruban..that is where our place for next year will be..I can't wait to read everything you guys have been posting..thanks for chiming in today pumpkin!!

Rimshot said...

P'kin: I though your husband's nickname WAS 'Husband'! Also, I wasn't aware we were assigned rooms, I've been dozing under the kitchen sink.

MP: Kind of you to take a moment from paradise to rub it in! Glad you're having fun!