Back to Normal

I finally FEEL back to normal. I took Wednesday and slept til almost 1pm..I was still all out of wack for losing a day of sleep.

Tomorrow morning is Drew's First Communion..I am So excited..

Jack got his hair buzzed..J thinks he looks like a sissy..they kept his mohawk..I'll take pictures, don't worry..

If you see another boy comment it's Jason.. From The Jason Show.. Bossy just went to visit with him on the left coast. He is a hoot. I spent at least an hour reading his blog today. His story is so open and honest..wow.

Remember my cousin who went to jail? Well she's out. I went to pick up carry out the other day and she was at the bar..drunk w/ the guy that used to beat her. Nice.. I don't know the particulars.

We may go see Nim's Island this weekend. I think I want to see it as much as Drew. Drew also called and said that there is a new Zoey 101 this weekend and that he was SURE that I would want to see it with him. (he's right!)

When do zits stop? I'm 41 for crying out loud. Bleh..

Guess what? It might SNOW here this weekend. Chance of Rain VS 32 degrees at night = flurries. When is the next flight back to Aruba?

I think today was the first day in a long time I read all the new posts from everyone..

Michael Johns and Eliza were voted off American Idol and Survivor.
I was OK with both of them..Eliza needed a Ding Dong and Michael..like Daughtry is better off not winning..He'll do fine.
I forgot to record CSI last night..bummer. I finally watched CSI NY from the other day.. I really like that one better than the original. I'm glad TV is getting back to normal, just in time for my TNT shows Saving Grace and The Closer to start up this summer... am I pushing the summer thing? I guess a little.

Have a great weekend!!


dawn224 said...

yay for normal!

oh and 147= one forty seven :)

Kristi Mantoni said...

I don't think zits ever stop! I'm going through a VERY bad time with them right now. Worse than I can remember. It sucks.

Mt. Rushmore is awesome! I like South Dakota in general but the Black Hills have a little more to offer. Crazy Horse is very impressive too. When you decide to go, let me know and I can tell you what you won't want to miss!

Grandy said...

Grandy loves Gary Sinise and CSI NY. Glad you're feeling as "normal" as you were before. Is there such a thing??

klasieprof said...

I know. Stupid people continue to do stupid things. (Your Cousin). We want to shake them, beat them, blind them...just get them to DO RIGHT. They simply CAN. NOT. Period.
They will choose squalor over a mansion, a junker over a vette.
But..The BEST we can do..is live the best lives we can, with all of our infirmities and without bitterness or being "hoity toity"

the mama bird diaries said...

i'm so happy new tv is back!

Christie said...

Yes, new t.v. is much better than tired, old t.v.

Oh, and Accutane. Accutane stops zits. It also produces alien-looking children but you can always double/triple up on the protection to avoid any pregnancies.

Thanks for stopping by. How'd you find me? (I'm always curious to know how folks get to my blog.)

lisa marie said...

I'm glad tv is back too and glad you're feeling better! I love the Closer but after a few episodes of Grace decided it wasn't for me. Love all the CSIs!

Biddy said...

haha we read jason's story right about the same time, and i was definitely over an hour late for work because i couldn't stop reading!

MP said...

Christie..I can't remember where I found you...It's usually cause I see a comment on someone elses blog that I read..I've been scratching my head..I dunno!!

Jason said...

Thanks for the very nice plug! Really, am I the only boy that ever comments? Couldn't be. How did chocolate martinis go? Or has that happened yet?

MP said...

Rimmy is my other boy :-) You are the 2nd..feel special, you should.

SUNDAY is Bossy day..