Vacation Highlights

(this is what our time share is going to look like..they are just starting construction now)

Do you really want to hear ALL about my vacation? No..I didn't think so. I'll give you some bullets....

Aruba is in a constant state of summer. It is around 88 degrees and sunny..ALLTHETIME...and windy. You can get sunburt looking out the window.

We stayed a couple days at Tropical Haven then moved to the Marriott. At Tropical Haven J and I met John and Paula from NY..they will be our friends forever.

We purchased a Time Share at The Aruban. 1 week set every other year and 3 floating weeks for wherever in the world..for life.

We ate the BEST food everyday, I ate enough seafood for good health for at least a decade.

We went snorkeling where I fell on the boat..nice bruise. Horeback riding was OK..my horses name was Barney..he was the horse for the kids..that worked out well.

We rented a Jeep and did tons of exploring. We actually went w/ John and Paula to an abandoned well searching for Natalee..John actually emailed Nancy Grace wondering if anyone else looked there...I have pictures..we didn't find her.

There was a 2 point Earthquake while we were on the island but we didn't know it...we were eating lunch in San Nicolas at Charlie's Bar...I have pictures..

I read 3 books and watched some TV and relaxed...I won and lost in the casinos. I missed my bloggy friends very much and am so greatful for the huge ass party you had while I was gone.

OK..back to catching up. You want anymore details you are going to have to ask..


Biddy said...

so when are WE going to aruba??

missed you, doll!

Grandy said...

So lemme guess...you've got pics, right?

Sounds like a great trip!! Sorry you didn't find Natalee...maybe next time.

Tara R. said...

Seriously jealous! I really need this kind of vacation.