The Joys of Eldery Parents and other ramblings


First things first. My friend Grady gave me some bling today...Ain't it purty? I feel so special!

Next..this is fun. It's a Birthday Calculator!! There are 200 day's until my next birthday.

And now the reason for my pounding headache..my parents. They are cuter than anything but sometimes I think there goal in life is to drive me nuts. My mother is a blog post all by itself. Right now it boils down to this: The woman NEEDS to go to a real doctor to be diagnosed for whatever is going on and get treatment. Either for the symptoms or cause..something. She will not. What she WILL do is complain, self diagnose and self medicate...and then continue to complain. Oy Vay. Today though we will talk about dad. Dad is a very frugal person, he always will be. He grew up during the depression and knows how to pinch a penny better than anyone. He will wear the same shirt until it literally falls apart. He doesn't care about his appearance or what other people thing. His own family would give him trouble about his "cheese cloth" T-Shirts that he wears that are dated 1983 Moonlight Ramble. Today I had to take dad to the foot doctor. He has been getting very painful corns on the bottom of his feet. His doctor shaved the corn last week and today we went to get him fit for orthotics. The key thing ends up he was wearing the wrong sized shoe. The man was wearing size 8's and he should have been wearing a 9 1/2. He acted as though we were on a shopping expedition ..he says, "I already have too many pair of shoes"..to which I reply "but they are the wrong size, they won't fit you".. to which he replies "I haven't' even wore some of them".. (cause the other ones haven't totally fallen apart yet).

DEEEPPP BREATH.... After over an hour of this back and forth..it STILL didn't get through to him. I have to call mom and explain so maybe she can explain better to him. He needs to donate those shoes to good will and move on. Basically he will now have 1 pair of shoes. He wonders why he falls. He thought the office was ugly and was pissed that they wouldn't accept Medicare. Medicare only accepts the claim if the patient has diabetes. Dad doesn't. He made me promise to visit him in the poor house.


In reality TV news..did you see Carly get the boot last night? Wow..I didn't expect that. I am totally psyched for Neil Diamond night.

In fun news we are going to Hilton Head in July. My MIL and her sisters have rented a house by the beach. We're driving. It will take 13 hours.

Well back to work..Drew has a soccer game tonight..if it stops raining.


the mama bird diaries said...

Good luck with your parents! Those 'rents can drive you mad. I get it.

And thanks for the recent shout out. Very sweet of you.

Jean said...

I understand how you feel on the parents. Mine are pretty much the same way. God love 'em.

Connie said...

This is too funny! Sounds familiar!

Emily said...

Hey! Just getting caught up over here.....I saw your picture on bossy's site...it's like you're famous! The story about your dad...hilarious. The hummingbird pic? Awesome. Ok, I think I'm all caught up now!

Kori said...

I have the same problem with my Dad. He is so tight with money his tail end squeks when he walks. But there is nothing better than dear old Dad's. Thanks for your comment by the way. And I love the hummingbird picture. Totally awesome!

Grandy said...

You slay me lady! Did you know that even my minister that married us called us Grady? ;)