Water Water Everywhere

I've mentioned before that I live and work surrounded by water..and bridges.
If we were hit by the big Earthquake..or MAJOR floods..I would be living on an island. The Mississippi, Missouri and Meremac Rivers surround me. I can only drive 5 minutes one direction..and furthest is maybe 30 minutes before hitting a bridge and water. This concerns me why? Because water is the most powerful thing that nature as to offer.
Fire..tornado's..earthquakes..they all pale in comparison of what water can do. You doubt me? Take a look at the Grand Canyon. What did that? Water.

So we are in the middle of flood season again. I saw the floods in the 80's and 90's... it really screws peoples lives and work up. Yet people keep building..living and working in the flood planes. Why? Cause when it's not flooded it's pretty durn nice I guess. I'm not talking about your creek rising..I'm talking about a car dealership next to a levee..yeah, we have that stuff. Oh well, to each his own.

The floods aren't really effecting me personally. My drive to and from work, my home, my parents..all fine and dandy. My basement is flooded a little..but it's an old house. I just opened the window, it will dry.

If you want to see what's going on in my neck of the woods you can go here. www.ksdk.com

In other news..that little girl who's intestines were sucked into the pool drain died. OMG can you believe that?

Easter is Sunday. I'm in charge of potato salad, deviled eggs and buns. I guess I better get on that.

Last night I gave my sweetie a kiss good night and said, "Next Thursday night we'll be going to sleep in Aruba"


Sandy C. said...

Goodness! That sounds terrifying. Water can indeed be quite destructive. Less than 1 week til Aruba? Start packing the bathing suits!

Jean said...

I was wondering if you were near any flooding.
I can't wait to see what I get in Aruba...a shot glass maybe? :)

lisa marie said...

I love deviled eggs and how you can mix vacationing, flooding and a pool death together and never lose a beat. I wanna watch news when you are the anchor. :)

I remember the floods of the early 90s, I lost a bunch of stuff to basement floding. Our section of Interstate was shut down for a few days too. This was in Carthage MO.

dawn224 said...

Yeah, we're driving next week and the MODOT transportation map is a hoot - or would be if it wasn't so scary.

Biddy said...

what little girl? did i miss something???

it's me, Val said...

How did the potato salad turn out? Sounds yummy. Everyone seems to make it differently so I'd like to try yours.