what the hell!?

WHO dumped their drink in the sink and didn't rinse it out and dry up the water spots!?

for the love of GAWD, people! i've been scrubbing this place top to bottom so the stains won't be so noticable the house will be nice and clean for MP and J when they get home.
it took me a full day just to wash all the sheets (ok, so some of them i just burned and replaced because dayum) I don't even wanna know what some of y'all were doing! At least Rimmy & I left the plastic sheets on ;-)

on a different note, is Bossy coming to your town? would you like me to make you an "I Heart Bossy" shirt? If so, head on over to my place for details!

now, if you will excuse me, i need to figure out how to vacuum the crumbs out of the ceiling chair...

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Rimshot said...

I figured we'd just flip the couch cushions and open a few windows to air out the place. I know none of the dirty drinking glasses are mine as I drank directly from the jug/bottle/container.