I Heart Jason Castro

I have an unhealthy sick...old lady love for this guy..and this performance..


Tara R. said...

Now, I feel bad that I haven't been watching Idol all season... I have the Israel Kamakawiwo'ole version (which the the one Jason just sang) on my iPod... I think Jason did a better job.

Kristi Mantoni said...

I love to watch him sing. His mouth does this little crooked thing that is precious!

Melissa said...

Cute. Looks a little like a girl, but hey. (And I don't mean the hair. He has soft features too.) Really really great and perfect performance, though it bugged me to not have the right words! Lol!

And SIMON???? -Made me cry at the end.

Great guy. Hope he does well in his career.

Gina said...

He's my favorite too! Love his eyes. He's so sweet!