24 hours of fame

I think for almost 24 straight hours I felt a little famous!!

I had 188 people look at my blog yesterday..122 the day before. And I looked...it ws due to direct links from bloggers cooler than me that had my link on their blog...including Bossy.

Normally I have about 30..12-24 returning vistors and the rest just fell here looking for wierd things on google searches.

Well that was alot of fun!! Speaking of fun..I am sleepy today cause I was up last night playing w/ the damn Twitter thing. Does anyone know how to make twitter tweet an automatic thing when I update my blog? I see where wordpress has a widget thing but there isn't one for blogger..and what I did find had that openid thing..which said they couldn't FIND my blog..and then I gave 9 gallons of blood and my kidney to set up an open id account and I realize.. WTF was that for?? It didn't do anything for me? 3 hours I think I messed around on the computer trying to figure that stuff out.
THEN I had to watch NCIS.. Cause come on.. Mark Harmon... hmmmm ssssiiiggghhhh
I have to record it cause we watch American Idol together.. I think my girl Brooke may be leaving tonight...live TV you really can't do, "Oh..I'm sorry, can we start that over please?"...

I'm tired..I wore my old glasses, even though it's the same script..my focusing is out of wack. I blame ALL of this on BRI.. and the Twitter thing. ... cause I can.


Angie said...

That Bossy. Her name preceeds her.

yes, Gavin's cast is red because of the CARDS! St. Louis will never leave our hearts.


Jean said...

I need to figure out where you get the code to show Tweets on the blog. It seems like when signing up Twitter asks for your url. Wonder why it couldn't find yours.

Kristi Mantoni said...

I wish I could help you with the Twitter thing but I don't have that and now, I don't think I want it!

I'm still thinking that Brooke will be safe tonight but we shall see!

Sandy C. said...

Congrats on all the blog hits! :) I don't know how to get twitter to tweet from blogger :( Sorry, I suck.

Grandy said...

Hey! You're getting famous, and will soon be a blog snob...to big for the rest of us I'm sure. ;)

But I've made an award for my blogging buddies...come get it while it's still hot. ;)

Tempered Woman said...

did you figure out the twitter thing? I can send you the html for your sidebar if you need it~ let me know goofball!

Lulu said...

You are like soooo famous now! I saw you over at Bossy's! But just so you know, I thought that you were famous way before that!

Bri said...

What?! You're NOT famous?! What am I hanging around with you for? lol

That's fine, blame it on me, I can take it! I did find a yahoo widget that puts twitter updates on your desktop. Let me know if you want it. Mwah!