I Got Nothin

OK..I have blogging block and don't have anything to say. I was going to tell you a story but they all seem pretty boring.

I've done the Q&A..showed you pretty pictures.
You can see the entire Aruba set HERE . It is a work in progress.

I am very sleepy today, we're having thunderstorms..mom wants me to go shopping for her tonight, she's out of her activa yogurt..

Tonight is also American Idol..I think it's inspirational songs.. I sure hope I don't have to hear someone sing Candle in the Wind or a Celine Dion song..
I'll be recording NCIS in the bedroom.. I LOVE Mark Harmon.

I was slammed at work yesterday, today not so much. I could REALLY take a nap. I mean if I close my eyes for more than 30 seconds I'm afraid I would nod off.
I'm typing right now to stay awake.

I'm still thinking about this resturant.. Damn this was good eats. This was where I got some of those great pictures of the sunsets.

You got something for me? A meme? Q&A... help me here..


Biddy said...

you never answered MY question on the Q & A!

i'm starting to feel very unloved here

Lulu said...

I don't know if that restaurant was there when I was there in 2001!! I don't remember it.

Lulu said...

You're pictures are awesome! Looks like you had a fabulous time! I can't believe that you got a time share and now you can go back all the time!!

Can you believe that GR was scared of the wild goats?! We were walking to a restaurant one night, and a herd of them started walking toward us. He made us go all the way around a building to avoid them!! Ha-ha!