Shake Rattle and Roll

Yeah, I need to get ready for work.. But OMG we had an EARTHQUAKE...It felt really weird!!

Who else felt it??

Damage was done REALLY close to our house..partial bridge collapse..remember me talking about this? It wasn't even the New Madrid..it was in So Ill.

More later.

OK I'm at work now. The quake hit at 4:30ish. J was up and sitting on the couch. He felt it and was freaked out, so in order to not freak alone he screams...MARYPAT WE'RE HAVING AN EARTHQUAKE ARE YOU UP??
I woke up and was about to say, WHAT? ..but I didn't need to cause OMG the bed was shaking. I knew I wasn't possessed by the devil so it had to have been an earthquake. Of course we're pretty much earthquake virgins but we knew that had to be it. We checked the internets but there was nothing and I realized I still had an hour and a half of sleep left so I went back to bed..but like being on a boat I thought the bed was still moving. I eventually fell back to sleep.

News reports in our area include a gas main break and a partial bridge collapse.
Now...Do we all remember THIS post that I wrote about back in March...how about this one from December? Again in August I made mention... You think I'm a bit obsessed? I think it has to do with my love of all things disaster..tornado's, thunderstorms etc.. Now of course this was only around 5.2 on the scale so it wasn't the big one, it wasn't centered in New Madrid either..that is the one we're going to have to worry about..the one that can destroy everything from Memphis to St Louis. You can read about the history HERE. Back in the 1800's the quake made the river run backwards..THAT is some powerful stuff cause we all know how powerful water is.

If you didn't feel this morning's Earthquake tell me if you have EVER been in one?

10:21 am
J called me as one of my coworkers yelled.. EARTHQUAKE get in a doorway...
Well I didn't..I answered the phone instead..it was my J saying this time the mirrors on the wall rattled.
Aftershock was a 4.5
Hopefully the quakes won't scare Bossy away from visiting..


Melissa said...

I felt one once. I'd felt a massive explosion (that was miles away) years earlier, so when I felt the earthquake I thought that's what it was. Another explosion. Glad you're ok.

Anonymous said...

Hey, my friend near St. Louis felt that quake this morning, too. I'm petrified of 'the big one'. Remember, I'm in the Memphis area, the New Madrid thingie scares the hell outta me! Seriously. When they predicted the big one back in 90 (I think), my mom let me stay home from school that day. It didn't happen. I used to have an earthquake emergency bag. I think I'll make another one!

Lisa said...

I remember the bed shaking at 4 something this morning but figured it was my hubby moving around in bed. (I have to sleep with ear plugs cause he's a snorer so I seem to be sensitive to any movement.) But I didn't even clue in to what was going on. (I guess that Ambien is working pretty well!)

Yes, was interested in any Bossy meet-up info.

Nice to meet you. Where are you in St.L area?

MP said...

I'm in SW City..

Nice to meet you too Lisa..
I left it on your blog too..we are going to Baily's Chocolate Bar at 6pm on Sunday.

Please join us..we have around 15 people coming...
Thank goodness that we're getting these Earthquakes out of the way now..I can just picture a bunch of women having Chocolate Martini's and the whole building would shake.. LOL ...it may anyway..

Hi! I'm Kim said...

I didn't know it was an earthquake until I got to work. I didn't feel the aftershock either.

I did call and make sure I had earthquake insurance though!

Crabby McSlacker said...

We just moved from a house that was about 1/4 mile from the hayward fault in the SF bay area. It's supposed to blow any time now and it was freaking us out--we kept having little tremblors right on our part of the fault so we got the heck out.

Was in SF for the '89 (I think) one that caused a big mess, so I know how scary they are to be in. Hope it calms down soon!

(And I'm quite jealous you're getting a Bossy visit!)

Dolce said...

It scared the bajeezus out of me!!! Oh, you just walked into my office and are spreading the Dark Chocolate Peanut butter on your english muffin...and you just called me gay.

MP said...

In regards to Dolce's comment...It was a Weight Watchers English Muffin and 170 calorie spread..HEY better than hitting the candy closet in "Mindy's" office.
And you WERE Gay for leaving a comment on my blog while I was standing there talking to you..

Heather said...

The quake woke me up from my deep slumber in my nice bed in St. Louis. I think they are a way of announcing to the midwest that Bossy is arriving.

lisa marie said...

It's so weird and something I never thought I would ever feel and while I still haven't I'm just amazed in Missouri. You don't think of earthquake and Missouri or even Illinois together.

susiej said...

Oh yes, my husband said he woke up, house was shaking... I didn't even budge from my slumber.

amanda said...

Found your blog through a comment you left on Bill and Jill. I live in Lexington, KY and we felt the quake here too. It's crazy that it can be felt so far away! Hopefully there won't be anymore!