Bossy's Coming Tomorrow

15 women or so that I've never met in person are all getting together to meet a woman in a borrowed Saturn..who is driving across country to meet other women she never met..
Most of us don't know each others real names yet we talk about it on the internet to anyone who wants to read.

It sounds kinda funny that way doesn't it?

Well I hope to take lots of pictures...and I'll recap you Monday!!


Biddy said...

bossy freakin rocks...

and you so need my "i heart bossy" shirt haha

if your group is anything like bossy has already experienced, half of them will drop out before the even ever gets underway. but the ones that are left? you'll feel like you've known them forever after just a few minutes. bloggers rock like that

i so wish i could go with y'all!!!

this summer? i'm totally coming to see you. and probably moosh too.


the mama bird diaries said...

That sounds cool. Have fun!

Biddy said...

you're meeting bossy today! yay!!

have a blast, doll and make sure you take lots and lots of pictures!!

and try not to drool on her ;-)

Jason said...

I must hear every detail.