things you find on old cameras

This was in a camera that was under my desk..

I think I've gained some weight since this..it's a good inspiration photo..my hair is longer. Depress..or inspire..hmm.

OH...Mariah Carey day on Idol. I don't like her..she screeches more than sings. I have a feeling Carly and Seyesha are going to oversing and yell whatever song they pick.

How is my boy Jason and my girl Brooke gonna pull this one off? Hmm.


lisa marie said...

You look great!

the mama bird diaries said...

how is mariah carey still famous?

i don't get it.

Sandy C. said...

Are you holding a cup o' joe? My kinda gal ;)

Did you watch tonight!?!

I'm a bit scared for Brooke :( Could Kristy please go home already though?

it's me, Val said...

Ditto to what Sandy said about AI!

I have never liked Mariah. Uck.

I like that picture. Fabulous, MP.