Recap Yet Again??

Are you sick and tired of updates on our Sunday night out with Bossy?
Well if you are then don't go here...
Bossy did her recap today..
She seems to be doing a bit of zig sagging. I would be pooped if I were her.

Nothing else really exciting is going on here...except Bri sat on me and forced me to start using Twitter.. Oh my GAWHD it's like internet crack. I knew it would be. My twitter tweet thingy is on the right sidebar under "what you are saying"... I'm following a billion people and like 7 are following me.. Well really, what do I have to say.

No Earthquake last night...Just in case you want to know what to do and not to do during an Earthquake you can take this QUIZ.

Tonight is American Idol. I LOVE Andrew Lloyd Weber....but what the heck are these people going to sing? Some of those songs are just WAY to big for the contestants. Brooke and Jason..two of my fav's are just not big singers...I mean I can't picture Brooke doing "Don't Cry for Me Argentina".. We shall see.

I love the dvr..we have to run to Best Buy tonight..we'll get home then speed through the commercials. I don't trust Dial Idol anymore though. Last week they said Kristi Lee was safe, and she wasn't. I didn't want her to be but the thought of Brooke going home gave me heart palpitations.

WHY am I going to Best Buy? Well we are getting a new stereo installed in the Jeep! Yeah! The CD player didn't work, AM didn't work (and I love Frank OPionion for my drive home)
They are also going to install the XM Radio correctly..I had it gerryrigged..

Spring Showers today..and the lawn mower is busted..we have our own botanical garden in our backyard! Sweet..we'll if the new battery doesn't get here soon we're going to have to start charging admission.


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Make that 8 people.

Kristi Mantoni said...

I have no CLUE what the kids are going to sing tonight. I thought Mariah Carey Night was a bad idea but this one might win by a nose. We shall see! As long as David C. and Jason do good, I'm good.

Lacey is an excellent dancer! I know I can't make you watch another show but how about a clip from So You Think You Can Dance?


MP said...

ok Kristi..that was cool and a little freaky ala Michael Jackson

MP said...

YEAH for me 8 people...if you people don't know the blogess..please read today's post..hysterical!!

Heather said...

I'm staying far away from Twitter. But I do love my DVR. We are really tech geeks over here, and hooked up an external hard drive to ours to expand our memory and store tons of movies.

Amanda (Shamelessly Sassy) said...

I can't wait to see American Idol tonight. And I looove twitter.

Sandy C. said...

I'm so bummed I missed AI last week. Can't wait to watch tonight tough :)

Good luck with the new stereo!