makin myself at home

Hey peeps, Biddy again. i gotta tell ya, i like this blogsitting thing.

i found this on the door this morning.

sheesh, talk about trust...

so, i've jumped on all the beds, rummaged through the medicine cabinet (nothing but a half empty tube of toothpaste and some vizine), and found three of jack's toys hiding in the sofa...oh wait, that one might be MP's hehe
i was going to raid the liquor cabinet, but dangitt, MP apparently felt the need to lock it. i'll have to brush up on my lock picking skills.

unfortunately, i'm in a bit of a funk today, so i think i'm going to go drink myself into oblivion take a shower and use all the hot water, then hit the hay. i promise a better post tomorrow!

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Lulu said...

Um, Biddy...I'm the next house guest, so ya better leave some of that hot water for me, thank you very much. And maybe you could clean up the joint a bit while you're at it. My dog, Bindi, and me---we like a clean house.