Borning Life? Anyone?

Friday night I went to a fundraiser at Drew's school. It was loads of fun. It was a silent auction for women...and the only thing to bid on are purses! I got 2!
Anyway J's ex was there, her mom, my mil, j's aunt and grandma. We ate, drank wine, laughed alot and bought purses.
After the party I went back to J's mom's. We sat in the yard, drank wine...talked ALOT. She's had a very shitty year, her husband died. A couple months later her BIL died..these are women in their early 60's..young..
She mentioned how wonderful it would be to just have a boring, normal life. Amid the white wine I tried to convey that I don't know anybody that has a normal boring life. Everyone has their own amount of crap to deal with on a daily level..although I know that I do enjoy the few days of boringness...
This weekend I had the fundraiser..then up the next morning to travel to God's country..Old Monroe for a soccer game..then home...then mom and dad's...home depot...parish picnic..grocery store...mom's..home...sleep...church..take my cousin to the ER...soccer...home...mom and dads...grocery store...mom and dads...chat w/ the neighbors...fix dinner..then came the only relaxing point I think of the whole weekend: I watch the season finale's of The 4400 and Dead Zone. Yeah!
My cousin (who is around 70) tripped over a little board in my mom and dad's house. She was bringing mom communion. I took her to the ER. 6 stitches on one leg, hemotoma on the other.
J looked at me and said: It's always something.
Do you know anyone w/ an average boring life that doesn't have drama...I sure don't.

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Hannah said...

My life's pretty boring when you get past all of it's crap. . . that's the best I got for ya ;)