Why I'm having a good day!

1. I have been like a kid in the candy store today. The new iPods were unveiled today. Am I a techie..NO..will I get one..soon.
I sell the flipping things, that's why I care!

The coolest things are the purple shuffle...VERY CUTE... and the nano's are little fatties...lol They also have video capabilities! Then there is a 160gb iPod classic. NICE... and the iTouch..forgettaboutit! That thing is the ultimate. It's like an iPhone w/out the service.

2. Tomorrow night is a double eviction night on Big Brother 8. I can't WAIT to see who wins HOH and who gets evicted. Very fun!

3. Jack did NOT wake up at 3am which allowed me to sleep all night.

4. When I woke up this morning I was actually a little chilled in the yard in my jammies. That means this horrible heat is going away. I can't wait though for a freeze to kill the mosquito's.

I can't figure out why else... Just a good day!


Biddy said...

i honestly can not stand janelle....

i hope jameka and danielle go! yep, that's what i'm hoping for! I like danielle, but i don't want her to win. and with her gone, dick will soon be gone and we can all sing praises for that!

MP said...

I LOVE Janelle..and Howie..and Dr Will. I miss Kaysar..I wonder what is up w/ him!?