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Well. Here we are, the end of summer, technically it will be on Sunday.
I plan on being in some type of bar and grill w/ some food and football...right smack dab in the middle of Chicago.
Every year I go to Chicago at the end of September, it's a work thing. This year I'm brining my husband. We're going on Friday - Wednesday night. We're going to get a little play and then work.
I'll take pictures, don't worry...I have to, it's been FOREVER since I've really "been" to Chicago. For years it was a drunkfest for Cards/Cubs..then it was a girls weekend for Cards/Cubs..equally a drunkfest..then it was just work. So this will be nice. J and I have never been together...which is equally stupid since it's a $50, 30min plane ride.

Anyway this post is about TV and stuff.
Stuff out of the way first:
OJ is in jail (snicker)...if you can't get him for murder, maybe they can get robbery to stick. I must say for 60 he doesn't look that bad..not that I would touch that w/ a ten foot pole...sicko
Emmy's..did you watch them? I didn't, it was opposite my shows. I didn't watch anything that won...except for Starter Wife....I think that was it.

The Closer finished out the season last week, it was AWESOME. I'm so excited they are going to have a Christmas show this year. Yeah, I don't have to wait a whole season for Brenda Leigh!
The 4400 finished for the season and I'm not 100% thrilled w/ the finale..but how many really do wrap everything up?
The Dead Zone left more questions than answers, thanks alot...and I'm pissed Stillman is a bad guy again.
I did not watch the Saving Grace finale last night. I stupidly had to read a whole book in a night and now I'm tired, I have a headache and I missed my show. I read Shopoholic and a Sister. It was cute..fast good read.

Tonight is the finale of Big Brother. Dick and Dani...the Donato's....yeah, who cares. It's like the year that the final two were Alison and Jun...YUCK. It really is like a team made it to the end. If Dani wins then the split the money, if Dick wins they split the money. I REALLY wanted to see something like Dani and Jess...or Dani and Janelle...Dick and Zach...Eric and Dick. Now I really don't care what happens. I'll watch though, especially because I want to see the reaction when they annouce that Eric was America's Player. Dani SHOULD win...she won alot of stuff.

We're doing the McDonalds, Creve Coeur Park, Soccer practice tonight...so we'll be home late..then we'll watch the show.

I have way to much to do...I need to figure one what clothes to pack, buy a new suit, get my roots dyed...what you thought this was natural?

...but I have time to watch big brother :-)
Next Tuesday (set your recorder)...is the start of The Amazing Race!!! YEAH!!!

I need to sit and figure out what I'm going to watch this year...cause believe you me..I'm watchin some tv!


slouching mom said...

I used to live in Chicago. I hope you have fun there. Such an awesome city.

Linda said...

Sounds like a very fun trip!!! Have a great time! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Lulu said...

I've never been to Chicago, but I hear it's a wonderful place. I definitely need to visit there one day...but only if it involves a drunkfest.

As for TV, most of my shows start this week and next: Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor (I know!), Ugly Betty, and Grey's Anatomy. My TiVO is warmed up and ready to go!